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Since ancient times the capital was considered fair city. An interesting fairs are held in Moscow today. In their variety and diversity, it is easy to get lost - so our article will perform to you a kind of guide to the most noteworthy of them.

Exhibitions and fairs in Moscow

Tishinka is one of the places where are fairs in Moscow quite often. This is not just a selling point, but a very interesting events:

  • Orthodox exhibitions.
  • Exhibition of foreign real estate.
  • International fair-exhibition of designer Teddy bears and dolls.
  • Festival of healthy food.
  • Diamond Jewelry fair Show.
  • Wedding fair "Mendelssohn Show."
  • "Jewelry: from vintage to modern times".
  • Flea market.
  • Information exhibition "Treatment abroad"
  • Spring ball of dolls and so on.

fairs in Moscow

Location: Tishinskaya square, 1/1 (m. Belorusskaya).

Permanent exhibition at ENEA

Where are fairs in Moscow? Of course, at ENEA! In addition to the temporary exhibitions-sales, you always have the opportunity to visit the permanent fair:

  • Pavilion "Armenia". The works of the distinguished craftsmen and artists of the Republic.
  • Pavilion of Belarus. Permanent exhibition-sale of Belarusian goods directly from manufacturers is products, light industry, products of popular consumption.

4 seasons

Amazing handmade fair in Moscow, which most often takes place on the basis of the design centre Artplay. What you can find here:

  • Clothes and shoes from trendy talented designers;
  • Products are subject designers;
  • The author's hand;
  • Products show-rooms;
  • Vintage stuff;
  • More toys
  • Handmade jewelry is executed in a single copy;
  • Other unusual things that will occur in mass markets.

In addition, in the event regularly hosts interesting workshops, invited musical groups. On the basis of "ARTPLAY" is another such fair - "Dunyasha-market".


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"Golden autumn"

"Golden autumn" meet at the exhibition center, 69-m and 75-m pavilion. Traditionally it takes place in early October. It is the largest agricultural fair in Moscow, which provides:

  • Agricultural products from many regions of Russia and abroad.
  • Poultry and livestock.
  • Samples of agricultural machinery.
  • Veterinary, fodder for the animals.
  • Fertilizers and means of protection of plants.
  • Power and alternative energy sources.

Flea market

You don't know much about Moscow if you have never visited the flea markets. One of them is held monthly (one Sunday) in the city center - in the courtyard of the Museum of Moscow (metro station "Park Kultury"). You can come here and just enjoy the Museum of natural composition, and to acquire an exclusive piece of family silver and porcelain, rare coins, old books, collectible toys, vintage jewelry, and even items of clothing of past centuries.

The Design factory "Flacon"

The building of the former factory "Bottle" near m. Dmitrovskaya is a popular place for lovers of exclusive designer of things and stuff, and just creative people. Your trade fair design factory skillfully combines interesting festivals:

  • Craft Fair of cheese.
  • Graffiti CANS festival & FRIENDS.
  • French, Italian-culture.
  • Fair designer gifts and handmade HAPPY MARKET.
  • A Celebration of the city "Cultural mixing".

Fair in Sokolniki

Orthodox fairs in Moscow are traditionally held in the pavilions of the exhibition center "Sokolniki". It is events such as:

  • "Holy week".
  • "From a repentance to resurrection of Russia".
  • "forty by Forty".
  • "Jingle bells".
  • Orthodox festival "Artos".
  • "At the behest of Prince Daniel" and so on.

Orthodox fair in Moscow

As a rule, at the fairs is as follows:

  • Icon;
  • Orthodox literature;
  • Decorations, and other items of ecclesiastical and monastic workshops;
  • Souvenirs, gifts;
  • Agricultural products from the monastic farmsteads, etc.

Such Orthodox exhibitions are frequent and SK "Olympic". In addition to the Orthodox fairs in Sokolniki are:

  • Exhibition "Formula of needlework".
  • Antique fair flea market.
  • The selling Exhibition "Belarus-Russia" and so on.

"1000 and 1" at Novy Arbat street

"1000 and 1 thing" is fair in Moscow, which presents high-quality products from more than 140 Russian manufacturers. In particular, it:

  • Clothing and footwear;
  • Fur and leather products;
  • Jewelry and jewelry;
  • Folk art;
  • Health products;
  • Cosmetics and household chemicals;
  • The goods for the house and the infield.

Fair of honey

Where in Moscow held a fair of honey? Traditionally this is Tsaritsyno, Gostiny Dvor, Kolomenskoye. Most impressive is the exhibition and sale of bee products in the Park-Museum Kolomenskoe - products represent more than 150 beekeepers. It traditionally starts in mid-August. The honey Kolomenskoye - not only from Russia but also from CIS countries.

where in Moscow held a fair of honey

Fair at Gostiny Dvor

Gostiny Dvor is both exhibition center and monument, located in closevicinity of metro station "Kitay-Gorod". 82 thousand m2 And 13 thousand m2 of additional land (courtyard) - this is Gostiny Dvor.

 exhibition fairs in Moscow

Traditionally held here next exhibition and sale:

  • Honey Fair.
  • JQuery MosFur fair.
  • Contemporary art Fair Cosmoscow.
  • The international festival "Architecture".
  • International ski fair and Ski Build Expo.
  • Moscow fashion Week.
  • Festival "Agrokon".
  • Forum "Marine industry".
  • Charity Vienna ball.
  • Festival Breweries.
  • Forum "Health of the nation" and many others.

"Moscow seasons"

Most interesting, Most significant, the most awaited and most significant exhibition in Moscow is, undoubtedly, "Moscow seasons", arranged by order of the government of the capital. They both are 100 sites, 28 of which are located in the city center. It is not only the exhibition and sale, and a full cultural activities - constructed impressive art objects, are cultural events, master classes.

"Moscow seasons" is:

  • The Previous "Anniversary of Moscow-870".
  • "Journey to Christmas".
  • "Moscow Maslenitsa".
  • "Moscow spring".
  • "Easter gift".
  • Moscow summer.
  • The"Moscow ice".
  • "back to school".
  • "Moscow jam".
  • "Moscow autumn" and so on.

 where are fairs in Moscow

What we have listed - it's not all lush and a wide variety of Moscow fairs. Contact information on the exact dates of the trade fairs you can always get on the official websites of the organizers.

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