The small boats. The right to control small vessels


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Small boats represent the swimming facilities, which are equipped with engines less than 75 horsepower. This category includes sailing and self-propelled units, the capacity of which is regulated by the register units. They should be no more than 80 tons with a gross tonnage of less than 10 registers (in tons). In addition, this area includes kayaks, rowing boats, and inflatable vessels with the capacity 100-225 pounds.

small vessels

General information

Small boats – the engineering structures focused on the transportation of a certain number of passengers or cargo. Consider the options designed for Hiking, fishing and sports competitions. Often such boats are used in areas of the economy, especially in Siberia and the Volga region.

On vehicles used on-Board, hinged or stationary powertrains. Sailing yachts can also be operated by a motor in need of towing in difficult climatic conditions. The basic rules apply to all vessels, is referred to the class of fixtures with mechanical propulsion systems.


Small boats can be divided into the following categories:

  • Displacement options. They are supported afloat through arhimedova law, which is based on the maintenance due to the weight of water equal to the volume displaced by the swimming tool. The rate of such instances below peers, despite a decent indicator of seaworthiness.
  • Airboats. These small vessels in a stationary state kept afloat due to the supporting forces and displacement. As the speed increases, a planing models perform maneuvers due to the dynamic lifting force, which is formed in the flat bottoms of the compartments. Planing begins at the moment of at the bottom at an angle of attack of the order of 3-6 degrees. This rate is also affected by the workload of the swimming facilities and the available equipment.

right to control small vessels


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Management of small boats of a different type

To this class belong all categories of motor boats, pleasure craft, handmade copies with a lower end hinged or stationary engines, planing in displacement mode movement.

Boats represent a small craft, equipped with a power unit is fixed. Swimming facilities are used for walking, as well as of special machines. Models with a high measure of seaworthiness is equipped with deck, cockpit and superstructure. These designs have a length of not more than 8 metres, are operated mainly in the open water and the mouths of large rivers, are equipped with boat lines. Such mechanisms are also called bots. In addition to the stationary motor, they can have sailing equipment. Swimming facilities of this type are divided into commercial, rescue and pilot category.

management of small size vessels

Boats and yachts

Let's Consider a few types of small vessels, skippers of which is managed with the help of motors or sails:

  1. Boat. This category refers to the type of rowing boats with the ability to use outboard motors. They are used to rescue people, perform transport tasks and special missions. Depending on the purpose of the boat is referred to a rescue worker, transportation, walking class.
  2. Yachts – mainly sailing or motor-sailing vessels, which have different displacement and is designed for recreation, tourism or sport.
  3. Gliders – motor boats, equipped with transverse steps in the form of ledges on the bottom. Single models of this category are also called scooters. A motor boat with wings is often referred to as a hydrofoil.

navigation of small size vessels

The Right to control small vessels

The Exploitation of these categories of swimming facilities shall be allowed only after their registration in the ship book with the application of registration plates and inspection. The examination allows to determine the maximum capacity of the boat, its displacement, draught, capacity and core purpose. The Board shall be provided with all necessary safety features including fire-fighting equipment, signal lights and navigation equipment.

State registration performed by the relevant control authorities. Manage small boats can persons who have passed examinations for the right to drive this category of transport. Water bodies without navigational uses in the transport direction of the given right-hand traffic (left sides).

The nominal traffic speed within settlements, as well as a place for ships regulated by the Inspectorate for small vessels, in accordance with the regulations and applicable law.


The Right to control small boats can operate the unit for its intended purpose. In any case, it is prohibited in the operation and maintenance of such funds the following:

  • Use the ship, nothaving the state registration.
  • To Convert the transport without a special permit.
  • To Manage the boat or the boat in a condition of narcotic or alcoholic intoxication.
  • To Transfer control to the person without right to drive small sized vessels.
  • Exceed the rated speed limit.
  • Cause damage to other boards or identification signs technical.
  • Enter restricted swimming areas without proper authorization.
  • Maneuver in the waters of the beaches and a mass congestion of people.

rights of small size vessels

The Malfunction prohibiting the operation of the "small fry"

Operation and navigation of small vessels is prohibited under the following conditions:

  • The Emergence of through-holes in the hull.
  • Decompression of the air cases or compartments.
  • Absence of elements of fastening of the steering column or damage affecting the reliability of this node.
  • Monitoring of fuel leaks, excessive vibration, defective muffler or reverse gear.
  • Standards specifications and equipment specified in the ship ticket.
  • The Fault or lack of signal lights and rescue equipment.

skippers of small vessels

Responsibilities of the skipper

This list includes several key provisions, namely:

  • The implementation of the requirements of the rules of the state sample.
  • Check the vessel before each sailing.
  • Conduct a briefing to passengers about the behaviour at a swimming facility, as well as ensuring their safety.
  • The Presence of documentary confirmation of the right to small boats and their management.
  • Fulfillment of requirements of inspection bodies and authorized entities.

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