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The Engines SMD - diesel engines. They were produced in 1958 at the Kharkov plant. The production of the series of this brand was intended for use in agricultural machinery - tractors, combines, etc., However in 2003, the production was discontinued, since the closed the factory.

General information

The engine range of SMD includes such engines as:

  • Four-cylinder in-line arrangement of cylinders;
  • Six-cylinder in-line;
  • Units with six-cylinder V-shaped.

It is Also important to note that any of these engines has high reliability. This option is provided by right of the adopted design solutions, which even by today's standards may provide a long life of the motor. To date, the production of this type of units was established at Belgorod engine plant.

engines SMD

Technical parameters

Technical characteristics of engines SMD the following:

  • Cylinder capacity equal to 9.15 liters.
  • Capacity of this unit is 160 HP
  • The Number of rotations of the crankshaft reaches 2000 rpm, the nominal minimum value of 800 rpm, and maximum rated equal to 2180 rpm.
  • The Number of cylinders in the engines of SMD is equal to 6.
  • The location of the cylinders in the engine V-shaped, wherein the angle is equal to 90 degrees.
  • Diameter of each cylinder is 130 mm.
  • Piston Stroke is 115 mm.
  • Cooling System the water motor, closed type and provided with forced ventilation.
  • Engine performance SMD also provides a combined lubrication system, starting system presented in the form of starting engine P-350, with remote started.

engine characteristics of SMD

The Installation of such engines is made on such types of tractors T-150, T-153, T-157.

Description engine

The Lineup of six-cylinder V-engines of SMD presented by such motors, such as SMD 60...65 and their more powerful versions is a SMD 72 and 73.

According to their design features SMD 60 four-stroke power unit with direct injection of diesel fuel. Of the main parts of this engine allocates a block of Carter. In this type of motor it is intended to merge into one solid block of cylinders and to attach the upper part of the crankcase. The necessary rigidity in that the motor is achieved due to the presence of partitions between the cylinders and end walls of the block casing.

Cooling of the engine is carried out using water. In winter, this system may be replaced with water antifreeze. The system has a centrifugal water pump provides the necessary circulation of the fluid throughout the closed-loop cooling system.

engines of SMD technical data


Maintenance of these engines is to ensure that requires constant supervision and timely maintenance works, which are written in the instruction manual for each engine. The producer to ensure that: the motor will work long and trouble-free; to maintain all of its performance indicators over the entire period of service; be of high profitability; only if it is provided with the necessary maintenance prescribed in the instruction.

repair systems

The repair of engines SMD often resorted due to the fact that there is an abnormality, and they, in turn, appear only in compliance with the rules of operation. If there was a release of crankcase oil through the exhaust pipe, the repair work takes a long time to operate the motor at low or idle rpm. If the release of oil occurred through the flywheel housing, then there are two reasons: samopoznanie the seal has been deformed, the sealing ring of the gear was sheared off. The repair required replacement of a failed part.

SMD-23, SMD-24, SMD-31A

SMD Device engines of this line is as follows:

  • Four-stroke diesel engines;
  • Direct injection is made into the chamber in the piston;
  • Has a liquid cooling system;
  • Equipped with a turbocharged and intermediate cooling of air injected into the cylinders.

Technical parameters of these engines are also fully consistent with the current requirements. Liter capacitySMD 23 equal to 19.9 kW/l and for the engine SMD-31A 18.2 kW/HP Specific metal engine data as fuel consumption, are also at a high level. Oil consumption on waste is from 0.4% to 0.5% relative to fuel consumption. The achievement of such high performance has become possible due to the fact that the system uses turbocharging air to the cylinders and the cooled charge air. In addition, these motors also sold oil-cooled pistons, the damping of torsional vibrations and advanced temperature mode of the diesel engine, by introducing a oil-water heat exchanger.

engine SMD reviews


Installation of these engines is carried out on the tractors T-150. The unit itself consists of such parts as: block crank case, a crank mechanism, two cylinder heads, cooling system and lubrication system, the gas distribution mechanism (RM).

The placement of the cylinders in this motor is made at an angle of 90 degrees or 1.53 radians. Also these cylinders are performed in a single unit with the upper part of the crankcase. To implement the cleaning process of the fuel in this engine there are two types of filters. One is intended for thin clearing of fuel, the other for coarse. To clean the air entering the cylinders, in the engine system is provided air-cleaning, which is presented in the form of paper filter elements. In order to run this engine used a single-cylinder gasoline starting engine. Rotation transmission from the engine to the flywheel SMD-62 carried by a gear with one degree.

the motor unit SMD

The Cost and reviews of engine SMD

It is Worth noting that the cost of these engines is very low. It cannot be compared with imported analogues. Low cost differ and all accessories for these units, which can be necessary when repairing. It is also worth noting that, despite the long break in the production of these models, spare parts for them very much and find them easy, as these early engines produced too much.

However, it is worth noting that the low price they not just. Reviews about STA-21, for example, is not the most pleasant. Despite the fact that major overhaul was carried out once a year, top speed was only 80 km/h while riding a roller coaster and pressed the clutch, and if not to squeeze 60 km/h. Also, the owners talked about the fact that the engine vibrations constantly spun. The only plus, which were allocated according to user reviews, is the fuel consumption, which was only 20 liters per 100 km.

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