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Will be Banal to reiterate to the reader that Saint-Petersburg is a recognized cultural capital of Russia. And besides, Peter can be called a Museum under the open sky, the gem of Russia's cultural heritage and "art Mecca" for tourists, will be sacrilegious not to mention how this "book" of the city. A significant role in the creation of such appearance played "Buckwheat" - "Krupskaya" fair, of which we will discuss in this article.

History "Cereals"

"Croup" - a book fair in Palace of culture named after Krupskaya, of course, is one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. To many, natives and tourists, it is hard to imagine that it once was. However, the history of "Krupskaya" fair has begun relatively recently - in 1992.

It is Difficult to remember or imagine a time when books in the stores it was not simple. But how greedy of books can be read people! In those sixties people were ishiwari the city far and wide in search of dealers of rare books, creating clubs of bibliophiles to share their values. The first meeting place in Leningrad began kindergarten at the Foundry. Activities, in General, were illegal, and new acquisitions have literally ruined their owners - were worth 4 or even 5 times higher than its nominal value. Not surprisingly, in the early 70's this place was closed.

Krupskaya fair

Resourceful knigolub was looking for a new shelter - garden. Marx, "Pipe", even country of the meeting. Eventually in 1984 in DK. the same Marx in the Society of bibliophiles was founded club where bibliophiles could easily share the most expensive. In a short time the alternative was the club "Vodokanal", which came knigolub not only from Petersburg but also from Moscow.


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More freedom felt in the era of perestroika, when commercial activities were permitted. Bibliophiles was already getting close to the "Vodokanal" - the choice of the new site fell on DK im. Krupskaya. As we mentioned, the move happened in 1992. Then the "Groats" was quite different than today - no repair, dim lighting... the Scribes from the beginning, put the case in a serious manner - the sale was fixed and, despite all the difficulties, the operation mode "Krupskaya" book fair was static.

At the time when the book fair was finally isolated, commercial printing has already started to take up over the state. Bibliophiles with "Cereals", educated, adventurous and modern, not remained aloof from this process. So many past and current owners of the St. Petersburg publishers - these are the scribes with the "Krupskaya" of the fair. They knew better than others what's popular among readers that they will be interested in what books will be sold like hot cakes.

Current and future "Krupskaya" book fair

The Feature of "Grits" in the fact that this is the first book fair in the country, the first market relations in publishing. Then has become a well-known Moscow "Olympic" book shops in other Russian cities. Even today "Krupskaya" fair is quite a modern book supermarket, here you can still see the Islands past - stalls with books of true bibliophiles. It's not just sellers - these are people who for a few minutes to conduct an exciting tour of the world of books.

 Krupskaya book fair mode

"Krupskaya" fair in St. Petersburg in our days are books of almost all St. Petersburg and Moscow publishing houses. Not to mention that at its basis there is a unique Union of scribes "Word". It unites publishers, but also carries out important charitable and educational mission, takes an active part in the cultural life of the city. In particular, the organization of book exhibitions, support for the "ABS prize", "the Wanderer", an institution known to many of the magazine "Peter's book".

Though appearance, and a wide range, and mode of operation "Krupskaya" book fair talks about her right down the path of modern civilized business, its creators managed to keep that wonderful unique atmosphere of a book club. For the convenience of visitors already done a lot: renovated interior spaces, expanded retail facilities, arranged free Parking in front of the club. In the near future it is planned to launch background service "Cereals", by which remotely you can learn about the presence at the fair of a publication.

"Krupskaya" the fair opening hours, address

"Krupa" located at the address: prospect Obukhovskoy Oborony, d. 105.

Hours of operation "Krupskaya" book of the fair: 10:00-18:00. Open every day besides Monday.

How to reach DK. Krupskaya

St. Petersburg centre of bookselling has a convenient location. Knowing the address Krupskaya book fair, you will easily find your way from station "Elizarovskaya" - on foot or by land transport. The first method takes less than 10 minutes:

  • Ul Elizarova collapse on Obuhovskoy defense.
  • Ul Elizarova "cut" the way through the blocks.
  • From the station to go on the street Babushkina, turn on the street of the Weavers.

Krupskaya fair SPb

Ground transportation:

  • To OST. "Street of the Weavers" on the Avenue Obukhov defense: tram No. 7 and No. 24 bus number 185.
  • To OST. "Street of the Weavers" on the street Babushkina: the bus № 95, taxis № 12, № 264, № 365.
  • To stop. "yelizarovskaya": route taxi № 31, №114, No. 253, bus No. 31, No. 114.

On the floors of the fair

On the second floor of DK is waiting for you a variety of second-hand products:

  • Rare and medical books - IP Fedorova.
  • Fiction, books on psychology, SP Ilyin.
  • Music literature, antiquarian orientation - IP Tagiltseva, SP derjaguin and so on.

Krupskaya fair opening hours

On the third floor is the following:

  • Selling Exhibition "World of gems".
  • Souvenirs.
  • Divisions of Feng Shui.
  • Stationery.
  • Educational literature, CDs, manuals.

Hits "Krupskaya" book fair

Look at what can be called the best-selling "Krupskaya" fair today:

  • "what is the talk of the town", F. Flagg. Guide to the extraordinary world of the writer, and from it invented itself. Another amazing feature in the book brought together many of the beloved characters from other works of Fannie Flagg.
  • "Zakryvaetsya Chronicles", E. Cesira. The new work of the author of the famous "Diary of a house", attended by 2 million readers in Runet.
  • Belgravia, D. Fellows. War, the battle of Waterloo, passion, intrigue, indescribable atmosphere of the "Golden" century.
  • "Little Nicolas". Life and a good book for the youngest readers, are able to teach them the most valuable - a sincere and strong friendship.
  • "Eros and magic in the Renaissance", Th. P. Culianu. Agree, intriguing title! The book is devoted to the study of the figure of the magician from a scientific point of view.
  • "Asterix and Obelix", A. Uderzo, R. Goscinny. It is not surprising that these fun and interesting comic books around the world diverge millions of copies, became favorites and Krupskaya fair.
  • "Week three-eyed", B. Akunin. Few can meet readers, which would not have been affected by the series of historical detective, story about the incredible tireless investigations Fandorin.

Krupskaya book fair hours

Hot new items

Look at the innovations that have already found a lot of fans:

  • "My future profession" tests for vocational students.
  • "special Forces "Lubyanka"", A. North, A. Kolpakidi.
  • "Beatniks", by D. haustov.
  • "Collector of bones", by D. Deaver.
  • "Biography of the six great masters of the Renaissance", by Vasari.

Useful leisure time on "Krupskaya" book fair

Do Not think that "Groats" is the only point. Here can be useful and fun for any visitor. Regularly:

  • Presentations of books.
  • Meeting women's club.
  • Master classes on felting, watercolors, porcelain painting and glass, working with acrylics, making jewelry from natural stones and more. etc.
  • Chess tournaments.
  • School of painting.
  • Courses in fashion illustration.
  • Lessons in vocal Studio.
  • Meetings with writers.
  • Open poetry readings.
  • Seminars.

 Krupskaya book fair address

"Krupskaya" fair and bookstore, and cultural center of St. Petersburg. Here you can not only find a rare edition at a very reasonable price, but also useful and fun.

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