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Our country has long gained fame as “forge arms”. However, how else can you relate to the state, which created the famous AK-47, tank-survivor T-54 and other masterpieces? And it is not surprising that the new complex “Carapace With 1” last year we experienced increasing interest from foreign customers.

Basic historical information

shell 1For the First time the concept of the new weapons were presented relatively recently, in early 1994. Only a year after the demonstration layout at the exhibition in Zhukovsky was shown a working prototype of this technology. Then, many experts have almost unanimously agreed that “Carapace With 1” is a real breakthrough in the field of land defenses.

History of this type of weapon is largely phenomenal. The development of a new zrpk was ordered Tula Bureau back in 1990, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Initially the work was top-secret, conducted under the codename “novel”. It was assumed that new equipment will be designed to effectively protect complexes s-300 and the main radar stations of air defense in the vast borders of the country.

Subsequently, from such a narrow specialization refused, and then the complex was transferred to the land forces, which it was extremely necessary for the reliable protection of the columns of military equipment on the March, advance the destruction of some types of armored vehicles a potential enemy. At the same time was ordered and the version for the Navy (she was created that effectively is operated today). Much of the success of the complex due to the fact that it was created on the basis of the famous 2К22 "Tunguska".


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It Should be noted that originally, this military equipment (photo is material) proved to be far from the best side. On tests it turned out that it is impossible to hit a target at a distance of even a few kilometers, that is, the radar system is extremely poor cope with their functions. In addition, the military had numerous complaints related to the low reliability of many systems of the installation.

Saviors of UAE

zrpk carapace with 1Surely it is not necessary to remind, what in those years was the situation in the country. Money for the defense industry was so bad that the program “Roman” were completely collapsed, further development was carried out. But at the same time understood that such technique is needed, and urgently. Whence to take money?

Strangely enough, but the situation corrected "frenemies" from the UAE. They signed an incredibly lucrative investment contract. And this despite the fact that the normal anti-aircraft missile and gun system existed at that time only in dreams developers! Whatever it was, but the money was used for the purpose: development of technology proceeded at an accelerated pace, the progress has removed many imperfections and outright technical failures.

Then it was suggested that it would be nice to create a complex and crawler. For this purpose, used the same "Tunguska". In addition, the Arabs expressed the wish that the wheel option was based on the German MAN. This is due to the fact that with this company they have signed a lot of contracts, so with spare parts for such equipment won't be a problem.

However, the conclusion of the contract is very opposed American allies of the Arabs. Pure business: over 40% of the arms market in the UAE to date belongs to companies from the States, and they do not like to lose money due to the more successful competitors.

In 2006, several complexes of a similar design had been sold to Syria. There is information that some of them at the time, the Syrian government has sent to Iran, but Tehran fervently denies any hints of it.

The Main differences from other complexes

Unlike other similar systems, which are in service with the national army, this technique was originally mounted on all-terrain chassis with the wheel formula 8x8. This allows us to use a “Shell” where such systems on their own generally won't get access. How were able to achieve such outstanding performance?

anti-aircraft missile complexFor this as the base vehicle was chosen “Ural-5323.4”, which set the engine KAMAZ-7406. The engine has undergone some modernization, the result of which its capacity was increased to 260 horsepower. For what are designers used a wheeled chassis, although it is well known that the permeability of the tracked vehicles are much higher? It's simple: since the main purpose of “Carapace With 1” - protection of convoys on the March, and a cover rear, these systems need a lot.

In these circumstances, it would be strange to do an expensive technique. And the fact that crawler tractors to such category and belong, no doubt, no one is. In addition, this technique consumes huge amount of fuel, which again is unacceptable for the complex, which has its course to follow the columns followed by the equipment.

Main features of “Shell”

Of Course, it is possible to calculate a loud advertising of the manufacturer, but “Shell-1" can do “land” any aircraft or helicopter, ballistic missile or aerial bomb with “smart” guidance, who are armed potential enemy. This complex is intended for the elimination of ground targets, it makes it a really versatile weapon in the game.

Who was the designer of the complex?

Again, it would be as pretentious as it may sound, this combination of anti-aircraft and cannon armament has more than one similar complex in the world. The Creator of this technique is an outstanding domestic designer Arkady Shipunov. He reiterated that the military equipment of the Russian army is one of the most advanced in the world.

The purposes For which it was created “Shell”?

The Main objective of this type of weapons is to protect military and civil objects from air attacks on the front lines of defense. What is the difference between Russian military equipment from their foreign counterparts? Its main distinctive quality is the ability of conducting rapid fire on the move. It is easy to imagine what prospects it opens: when accompanied by columns of armored vehicles the military has no need to stop to repel a surprise attack from the air or land.

Primary weapons systems

zrpk PantsirWhat feature zrpk “Carapace With 1”? Oh, his set of weapons is an involuntary respect even among military experts of NATO.

The Main armament of the complex is a dozen missiles missiles 57Э6 that the layout and appearance are very similar with similar shots 9M311 "Tunguska". The main shell of the missile is bikalibernoy (that is, it consists of two steps). The power plant is located in the second stage, which during the flight is separated: this decision ensured greater speed.

On the starting interval, the rocket has an extremely high speeds. In General, zrpk “Carapace With 1” can precisely destroy a target at ranges up to 12 kilometers. As for the elimination of air targets, the missile can overtake at a height of up to eight kilometers. The head part contains a set of striking elements in the form of a rod, the total weight is 20 kgs.

For maneuvering in the air is used air-dynamic steering wheel. It is reported that the complex can simultaneously lock on to three air targets, escort and (if necessary) to destroy them.

Artillery weapons

As for artillery and antiaircraft “Carapace With 1”, it is no less impressive. It is based on two 30-mm gun 2A72. As in many other instances, the tools selected single barrel. Are produced two types of shells: armor-piercing and high-explosive (including incendiary types), and the flow of the shots is produced by the selective principle of the two ammunition belts at the same time. Like other Russian military equipment, all elements of the system have increased reliability and maintainability, they rarely fail.

Design of the main combat module

The Main module is located on the roof of the carrier chassis. It includes the following weapons: first are launch canisters zour, located in two blocks of six missiles each. Next mounted artillery weapons. There is a radar which is designed for detection and management purposes, and also for targeting missile weapons. Of course, equipped is antiaircraft-a rocket complex of high-quality LMS (by fire control system).

military equipment photoIn the workspace of the body mounted on the chassis, are also available (which is logical) jobs for operators of the complex, which is responsible for its maintenance and support.

Complaints from the developer

According to the developers, this anti-missile system has a unique possibility of fire from all available on Board weapons systems, and in several directions at once. “Shell” can promptly detect and eliminate combat aircraft and helicopters of the enemy before using their own airborne weapons, and guided missiles of various classes. It is not excluded shooting light armored vehicles and concentrations of enemy manpower.

The Main advantages of the fire control system

As zrpk “Shell” should ensure the effective protection of the rear and its own military equipment in any condition, its fire control system is characterized by high resistance to various interferences. Such high performance was achieved by combining optical-electronic and radar systems into a single "conglomerate", operating in the infrared, decimeter and centimeter, centimeter and millimeter ranges.

In the standard radar mode zrpk “Shell” may at any time give a salvo of two missiles at the discovered systems goal. It should be especially noted the fact that surveillance equipment is not only outstanding durability but also can simultaneously track two dozen targets. The accuracy of the target instructions is 0.4 degrees in azimuth. At the corner, the figure is 0.7 degrees. If to speak about accuracy in normalmetric units, then the minimum target detection range is only 50 meters.

The System, if necessary, in a fully automatic mode to not only detect targets but also to provide comprehensive information on its characteristics and speed of movement. In addition, in standalone mode, this military equipment (which the photo is in the article) can choose the most suitable situation, the type of weapons and assign the desired mode of fire.

Some features

Russian military equipmentIt Should be emphasized that in 2005 the Tula masters made a big work on improvement of the complex, resulting in the Russian army military vehicles have become more reliable and sophisticated. In the field of airborne electronic systems have been made so the serious work that the modern “Shell” is in many ways a fundamentally different technique.

Today's missile forces, the technique of which is constantly modernizarea, get a new “Shells”. Their distinctive feature is the automatic distribution of functions: if multiple installations are combined into a battery, then one of the cars automatically becomes the commander. Her computer analyzes the basic data, and then transmits them to his "subordinates”.

Made it possible for effective and rapid detection and destruction of identified objectives. The command center is able to automatically not only to distribute the target between the machines in the battery, but to do it effectively. Simply put, the order to open fire is given the same machine, which is the most effective and advantageous tactical position.


The missiles some experts called “designers" and in this they are absolutely right. The fact that “Shell” is built according to the block diagram, and its part at any moment can be replaced by a more suitable situation samples. It is easy to imagine how such flexibility can be useful in real combat conditions. Assume that the control module got a splinter: if we were talking about old technology, it would have to wait for a repair team.

In the case of “Shell” his crew can replace a damaged module by yourself, without spending too much time. Thus, “the Shell 1”, which has a picture in the article, it is possible to promptly return to a state of full combat readiness.

Of Course, modular design is extremely good and in terms of further modifications. From now on, there is no need to transmit the entire complex to repair company: the unit, which is outdated, you can replace the updated model directly in the field. Everything is done in the shortest possible time, and in most cases, this operation can be overcome by one only of the crew.

military equipment of the Russian armyAs well As other Russian weapons and military equipment, “Shell” is armed not only our country but also in many countries of the Middle East. It should be noted that year by year the interest in this development, potential buyers will only increase. Currently, the test is the polar modification “Shell”, which is designed to protect the Russian Arctic bases.

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