Direct sales: what is the secret?


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To order this product was in demand, manufacturers spend a lot of money. Advertising, promotion of goods by other methods is not always effective. One of the options – direct sales, which began to develop actively and the early nineties.

It was during these turbulent years in the post-Soviet space began to appear the first company of this type. What stands out this activity? First and foremost direct sales – direct contact producers and consumers. Indeed, thanks to the distributor who directly represents the trading company, the product gets to the buyer. It does not need to go to a special shop or on the market, because distributors work mainly at the place of residence or employment of the consumer.

Despite the fact that direct selling is often confused with the pyramid, they don't have anything to do with them. Because the company engaged in this activity, distribute real goods and not unfounded action.

Basically, the direct selling model used in the cosmetic activities, as well as companies household chemistry. Thanks to the method of direct sales success achieved by such famous firms as Avon, Oriflame, Amway and several others.

A Distinctive feature, which is endowed with direct sales is the ability of each person to realize themselves in business. In particular, this applies to distributors. A person who is engaged in direct sales can easily combine this work with basic, and earn considerable income.


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For consumers, the main advantage of direct sales – quality service, personal communication with a representative of the company also guarantee that if the goods are not satisfied, it is possible to exchange or return.

Direct sales not only promote the active distribution of goods, but also provide the opportunity to be realized. Most of the representatives of these companies – women. This gives them the opportunity to not only work, but also to achieve new heights in his career.

The Basic principle of direct sales: the more you work – the more you will achieve. If hard to achieve my goals, from a regular distributor it is possible to go to a branch Director, and it significantly increases labor costs.

Employment is not necessary to go through a long interview and training, because direct sales do not require special expertise. However, you can take courses, attend training and classes that are held directly by companies, and often at their expense. Thus, a specialists who are proficient in certain knowledge in this sphere, in particular – psychology of consumption.

Often a woman from the job distributor finds no support from the family, but, as practice shows, in the future this situation changes. After all, income is growing and, therefore, gives a measure of independence, particularly financial. There are cases when family members join these activities and it becomes their business.

If we talk about the cons of direct sales, they are the same as in all the other activities are, but not so much. In particular, people involved in direct sales, needs to clearly execute the marketing plan and sell products for a certain amount.

There is Also a downside is attributed the fact that the work mainly is based on the civil contract and not on labor. This means that the company not provide their employees a package of social guarantees.

But, nevertheless, every day segment, where the use of direct sales increases. It is not only cosmetics, but also hygiene products, crockery, dietary supplements and many other products.


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