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Milk, oddly enough, is a seasonal product. Milk yields begin to rise in the spring, peak in summer and winter is significantly reduced. You can bypass dozens of shops in search of the "real" or "live," or, as expressed by technologists, "raw" milk, but did not find it. Instead, dairy departments will show off the bags from different manufacturers with a mysterious label: "normalized milk" or "pasteurized milk". We, ordinary citizens, this is puzzling: what does that sign say?

And really simple. Standardized milk is milk that has passed the treatment. The purpose of technology on the dairies is reduced to the solution of problem number one: not to allow the milk to turn sour as long as possible. And methods such enough. The toughest and most common — sterilization (multiple bring to a boil). Second way — pasteurization. The method has a more gentle 30 minute milk is aged at a temperature of 65-70 degrees. Labeling (icon) says about UHT high-temperature treatments are: rapid heating (in just a few seconds - 135 degrees), and then — instant cooling.

But pasteurization — business as usual for the world. But the "revival" of the milk powder was questionable. And the phrase "standardized milk" is often lurking just pseudomonal. How can you explain this technology?

Normalized milk can be of two types.

1. Whole fresh milk in accordance with the specific technology is communicated to fat established by the standard.

2. Normalized milk (or reconstituted, or restored), prepared from powder. I remember the old commercial juices "Invite" with a funny phrase, "just add water". Here the same principle: the manufacturer adds powdered milk to the water. But somehow forgets to inform the buyer. Or not forget?


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The Presence of powder in the purchased fluid may show a spectral analysis. Traditional analysis fails. Here we need only special examination. But those who know the taste of natural milk, recognize it, and taste without analysis: normalized, powder milk has a sweet peculiar taste peculiar to milk powder.

A Strange thing — it would seem that the milk to spill is beneficial to all: manufacturer, buyer, sellers. Dairy farms are constantly donate fresh milk to the stores, the buyer knows exactly what real milk (whole), and the stores are getting (would get) a percentage of sales more than you get with packaged milk.

But the problem really is.

First, the milk refers to the perishable products. So, it may turn sour before he could reach the counter. It — a loss. Direct.

Second, the milk is not thermally treated, can present surprises in the form of salmonellosis and tuberculosis. And if the suspicion will fall on at least one animal will have to stop sending the goods. Handling these issues takes.

Third, for trade in milk on the street (in the markets) need to get a lot of different references and certificates. And for each party. Permission from the veterinary services to SES, which confirm product safety. It's worth the money. All depends on the availability of time and Finance. And the milk "wait" will not. Here the timing is hard. Therefore, the peasant is forced to take the milk to the first buyer on the proposed knowingly low price.

The losers are the milk suppliers (the farmers) and consumers are deprived of choice. So, as in Russian fairy tales: mustache seems to be tech, Yes in a mouth has not got.

The only hope for decency and not to forget to carefully read the labels (especially those with small print), with the hope that the milk is normalized, which is before us on the shelf, refers to "form No. 1" — whole and fresh.

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