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What determines the motivation of the staff? Today, it is assumed that it depends on exactly what methods of motivation used by managers. These methods can be tangible or intangible in nature.

In General, we note that the incentive system has its own structure. It consists of:

- indirect financial incentives;

- material incentives;

- non-material motivation.

A Direct financial motivation associated with monetary reward of the employee. Motivation is through bonus, and base salary. The basic salary refers to the portion of salary, which is fixed. The prize is something more abstract. Usually it is issued for work without violations of the existing rules, compliance with labor regulations, the implementation (or the fulfillment of the plan), the initiative, and so on. Motivation through salary is based on the fact that people in the majority of cases, selfless and ready to work hard for that sum, which he considers high. The low salary negatively affects the motivation of employees.

Stimulation of labor with the help of the award is a bit different. The fact that the employee needs to understand that at any moment to lose it. Bad work leads to the fact that the pocket is empty, and the good to the fact that it is full. Yes, money is – it is an excellent motivator.

Indirect motivation – one that is based on providing so-called social package. Also called compensation. What is it? It is the totality of benefits and compensation. We are talking about paying hospital bills, vacations, pension contributions and so on. Some organizations have incentives to work with fare to and from work, free Lunches and so on.

In this case, everything can be arranged so that the employee will regularly perform all functions assigned to it even for a small fee. Why? The reasons that people quickly get used to the good life. It can work for a pittance, knowing that soon he will be given a free ticket to a sanatorium, his children will receive gifts for New year and so on.

There is also the system of moral incentives. In this case it is understood as the totality of ways in which the stimulation of labor that is not associated with any cash payments, benefits and compensation.

This system consists of traditional and non-traditional elements.

Traditional include:

- flexible and convenient schedule (time);

- career opportunities

- the possibility of self-realization;

- provision of Parking spaces;

- carrying out of corporate parties;

- different kinds of awards, diplomas;

- the opportunity to be on the honor roll.

Unconventional ways can be the following:

- additional output;

- personal gifts from his superiors.

Motivation and incentives are closely linked with each other. Why bother to spend money to stimulate employee for conscientious execution of duties? Yes, all of this really have to spend extra money, effort, time, however, it pays off faster than you think. People are starting to work better, and the company successfully develops from that, to a new level. What can a team whose members work carelessly? It does not promote the enterprise forward, and, on the contrary, will retard it back.

Is it Possible to stimulate work with “carrot”? In principle, Yes, but such methods are better to use when the situation is an emergency and violation of discipline can be observed too often.


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