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The Staff of the enterprise – this is not that other, as a set of staff with practical experience, necessary training, working on a professional basis. The organization can work from many different people. The number of possible positions is large.

The Staff of the company and its structure

The company can not work only those people with whom the employment contract is signed, but those who agreed to cooperate, based on the provisions of the contract (i.e. temporary contract). The personnel of the enterprise – its most important resource. If it is bad, then the organization's work will leave much to be desired, competitiveness will be reduced.

The Efficiency of any company primarily depends on the teamwork of the staff, the professionalism of its members, their desire to work for the common good.

The Labor collective – employees who take an active part in any business enterprise. The basis of this relationship – of course, the contract of employment. In order to help enterprises to achieve your goals, every member of the staff must conscientiously perform the assigned task. Everyone should have the motivation to work. How to achieve high motivation? Ways different, but now not about it.

The personnel of an enterprise include the leaders of different levels. What kind of workers? They occupied positions in the structural units of the organization. Governors considered and their deputies. Head – it Director, head, chief specialist, Manager, Manager and so on.


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

Personnel Assessment allows you to identify how competent the employees involved in the enterprise, and it is the performance of their work – the most significant factor affecting the efficiency of the company. To clarify the impact of performa...

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How to start your own business: important aspects.

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business activities. its essence and basic functions

Business activities. its essence and basic functions

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Experts call individuals who are on duty should perform economic, engineering and other works. These include agronomists, engineers, lawyers and so on.

The company's staff includes employees. These workers usually only perform technical activities involved with management, accounting, control it, and so on.

Under the workers understand that the category of persons whose members are involved in the process of making new products, provide production services, perform various kinds of activities. We are talking about janitors, security guards, specialists for comprehensive services, the cloakroom attendants, couriers and so on. The personnel of the enterprise can be divided into two groups. The first will include those workers who carry out the technical operations necessary for the manufacture of new products. The second group includes those employees who perform various support work. That is involved in the maintenance of primary production.

The Staff can be shared and by other criteria. Talking about professions and occupations.

Under the occupation refers to the kind of work that requires certain skills, knowledge, and skills.

Under the specialty refers to the type of labor activity (meaning within a particular profession), which in its essence is specific. Specialty can differentiate between the types of employment possible within the same profession.

Workers in any field can also be divided into groups. In this case, the classification will be based on individual abilities, the degree of tolerance, responsibility, ability to perform complex activities, and so on.

Under qualifications refers to that combination of skills, knowledge, on the basis of which is determined by the sort of work within the specialization a person can be charged. Skills can always be improved.

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