The universality of the right to social security


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In the Soviet period social insurance by the state was not available to all, and only employees and workers who signed a labor contract, but those who performed various services under civil law contracts, about social security and thought.

Time passes and things change. Every modern citizen of the Russian Federation knows that the Constitution establishes equal opportunity for all upon the occurrence of certain objective circumstances to obtain quality and timely social services, often in the form of cash assistance. The amount of such payments is not restricted by gender, nationality, race, origin, place of residence, language, religious views and beliefs or any other factors, and depends solely on the incident. The only restriction – you need to be a citizen of this country, to be able to use all the services for social assistance.

Social security – marked on the state level system, which functions for maintenance of the population being disabled. In the law it is written as a form of social policy which should be aimed at material assistance to those segments of the population who need it. This is not the only definition, because in different countries this term is interpreted in different ways. For example, in the United States of America this system has been created exclusively for pensioners in the UK under the social assistance refers to all monetary payments and benefits with health care costs, while in Poland the whole social system is based on insurance on its three principles – coercion, systematic and special purpose payments.


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In the main document of the state, – the Constitution of the Russian Federation established the principle of universality of rights such security, but this does not mean that it is correctly enshrined in other legal instruments and properly functioning at all levels. If you conduct a deep analysis of the legislation, it becomes clear that the right and social security is of immense importance to a particular group of persons, for which insurance social responsibility is a must. Sometimes theory and practice diverge, in this case means that social assistance is not so easy to obtain as we would like. First you need to pass all the necessary checks and to produce documents, and then the verdict is in, which will allow to obtain payment.

There is one aspect that unites all countries of the world, is that social security is at the center of a complex mechanism for the protection of the population, which includes also the commercial forms of insurance, charity and so on.

So in what case it is possible to count on assistance from the state? Most often this question concerns the health of the citizen, only if furnished documents that confirm the fact of illness or injury, and retirement age. If a person works, regularly pays taxes and makes other social payments, he can count on paid sick leave, and the retirement – at the appropriate regular cash payments.

Assistance from the state – it is a kind of support, which is made in cash. Its amount depends on how much people need it. In different countries of the world in their own way look at this question, but Russia is on social security can expect a wide range of citizens. To receive a subsidy, just enough to collect the necessary documents and to contact the closest social assistance, who will consider your request and decide on it.

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