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This scientific discipline as the merchandise, are currently actively developing, there are more specialists in this field. Let's talk about the basics of this science.

Theoretical foundations of commodity science include two main concepts: production and sales, and the practical part directly connects these two words, that is “sells”. Goods are divided into food and nonfood. Commodity food products (according to experts) is the most difficult to explore a topic, consider it.

Food products – goods which are United by several common characteristics: that for which they were intended, the materials from which they are made, and the functions that must be performed.

There are two classifications of non-food items:

1. In relation to the level of the industry:

  • The products related to light industry – footwear, fabrics, knitwear, fur;
  • Goods cultural-a household (this does not apply to products of light industry) – tableware, electrical appliances, furniture, tools, toys, machines.

2. By the presence of products of common features:

  • Household goods: tools, utensils, glass and ceramics, plastic products, household chemistry;
  • Oil and oil products;
  • Clothing and footwear: textiles, fur, knitwear;
  • Perfumery and cosmetics: hygienic and decorative;
  • Electrical goods: lamps, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators;
  • Cultural-household: televisions, video equipment, cameras, books, toys;
  • Jewelry: ornaments of gold;
  • Products related to art crafts

Commodity food products involves various tests, confirming the high quality of products. Consider some of them, the basis for example going to be the expertise of furniture products.


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So, folks, examining furniture, act in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. Is the study of documents and visual inspection of goods in the presence of defects, completeness and so on.
  2. In specialized testing laboratories investigating the physical–chemical properties of wood structure.
  3. If the furniture is in contact with the body of the people, water or food, produce sanitation procedures.

Commodity food products involves the evaluation of aesthetic properties, that is, the ability of goods to satisfy the spiritual needs of the buyer. For examination of this kind use sociological methods (production is estimated by the designers).

Packaging products – one of the main themes, which again affects commodity food products. The goal of packaging – protect the product from external shock, moisture and fading.

The Fragile products are Packed in special boxes with partitions, electronic goods – in shock-absorbing pads for clothing made of expensive fabrics needed hangers. Perfume and jewelry are Packed in artistically designed boxes. The dishes should be Packed in shrink-wrap.

Storage Conditions for most products in this group standard – compliance with certain constant humidity and temperature, distance from heating devices, direct sunlight.

Non-food goods are in constant motion. So, some of the kinds of products people already use, and they are simply removed from production and others are beginning to use demand, which leads to the expansion of their range.

Manufactured goods are used everywhere, they quickly spread across the globe.

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