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To effectively manage the business, you need to consistently raise the quality of work of its employees – this is the basic principle of each of the head more or less large companies. But today the high quality of manufactured products or of services does not guarantee that the company will become a leader among his own kind, after all, current customers are accustomed to the fact that quality is a necessary condition of production. However, it helps a particular rank to become a brand. Today, every serious company controls the quality, but from the point of view of a new definition of this concept. It is based on the so-called “right on the price”, that is the desire of the buyer to buy a high quality product at the lowest cost on the one hand, and the desire of the manufacturer or supplier to create a quality, competitive product with the lowest cost – from the other side.

Quality Management consists of several basic principles. In the first place is a systematic and comprehensive improvement of qualitative characteristics of products and employees of companies, factories at all stages of production. Moreover, for many firms, this system has become a way of life and way of thinking. The second principle is the so-called “80/20 rule". It operates simply. It is necessary to eliminate 20% of the significant gaps in the quality of products, and it will provide your organization receive 80% of the planned revenues. VUK (or the comprehensive quality management) is the full improvement of work of the enterprise and promotion of “bottom-up initiatives”.


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Once the principle of improving production processes and the end result is the magic phrase “Six Sigma”, which means a completely new approach that focuses not on the elimination of defects and to prevent their occurrence. Educated leaders engaged in quality management, know about the magic power of the chain "service - profit”, that is, the patterns, when increasing the level of service, the company inevitably increases the level of their income.

Exemplary in this respect is the Japanese model of quality management which provides a General quality control undertaken by each Japanese worker. The participation of each employee in improving the quality of production and service provision customer service will relate to one of the main features of the Japanese system. Other features are the training and advanced training in matters of quality improvement, implementation of activities of quality circles, inspection and assessment activities of inspectors, the use of statistical methods and the construction program quality control rank national. Today the Japanese system is subjected to careful review by professionals and business owners in other countries.

What happens if a quality system (is the unity of resources and processes required to improve goods and services) fails? At best batch of defective goods respond back to the company, as it was not just with cars «AVTOVAZ» and «Toyota», and the company incurs a huge loss at the hands of someone who was overlooked and missed the marriage. In the worst case, for example, with the same cars, such a purchase could cost the person who bought a new car, and life. Apple is not blameless in this regard. Released her party batteries for laptops had a tendency to swell after some time of use. And in many electability devices batteries and does have a tendency to explode. This should not be. And we would not know of such cases, if the producers were fine with a quality system.

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