Corporate norms: characteristics and main actors


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At the end of the twentieth century, Russia began a period when there was a deregulation of the economy. As a result, there has been a constant development of new organizational and legal forms of economy, a considerable liberalization of social relations. These trends serve as objective reasons in order to drain social regulators – corporate standards.

But until now there is no common concept and understanding in the interpretation of this phenomenon. There are scientific searches in this industry, but they are exclusively in the labor and civil aspects, when there is a serious theoretical analysis of the problem.

In the management concept of "law" and "corporate norms" are considered in close relationship. Therefore, the definition of this phenomenon will produce, from a legal point of view.

Corporate standards – special regulators of public relations which arise within organizations, the formal labor collectives, educational institutions, unions of entrepreneurs. They usually also spelled out in the documents of a private and non-profit corporations.

But as noted, polarity of opinion concerning interpretations of the concept of "corporate norms" leads inevitably to the practice to law enforcement and law-making errors.

The Main problem is that they are social rules. Therefore, corporate norms affect the behavior of members of a structure that could form in their relations among themselves. They have the same (and social) specific features.


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First, corporate standards – standards and patterns of behavior.

Second, they are intended to regulate certain social relations.

Thirdly, such rules are intended for continual use are required.

Fourth, their existence is ensured by the availability of funds, and associations of people.

Fifth, corporate norms have General, non-individualized nature and regulatory functions.

Sixthly, they are available in any organization.

Corporate norms have a certain subjective orientation that are intended for a specific normative, quantitatively calculated, and a personalized circle of people. the Most numerous group involved in the sphere of their actions – the labor collective of the organization. It consists of employees who are in employment specific duties of the post and which meet the staffing. The employment activities of such individuals are largely recommended to regulate with the help of local regulations.

Among the subjects of corporate norms can be distinguished not only collective but also individual subjects. Let us dwell on this question.

Collective entities are:

1. Economic society (means a Union of capital). In accordance with the civil code of the Russian Federation there are certain types. First of all, we are talking about limited liability company (LLC), joint-stock company (JSC) and limited liability company.

2. Business partnerships (organizations that represent groups of individuals). We are talking about several types. They exist in two main types: full and limited partnership.

Individual entities, which affect corporate norms are individuals. They should have fixed duties and rights.

A Special place is the body of the legal entity, which is considered a full-fledged subject of corporate rules.


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