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Online store – the analogue of the usual outlets, not requiring such high costs, risks, workforce and investments. Online trading is attractive to many precisely because of such properties. However, this does not mean that success in this field is guaranteed to every.

Business plan online store: example calculations

The Reasons for the attractiveness of online trading are many, among which particularly noteworthy is the relative ease to start and low costs. But this does not mean that this kind of business accessible to everyone. You will need some basic knowledge. The question of how to open a online store, many people are interested in aspiring entrepreneurs for a reason. The required information. They can be obtained from this material.

If you have no experience and only a desire to work and earn money, it is not an obstacle. To rationally assess own capabilities, identify strengths and weaknesses of potential business, you should learn the basics of the organization. They are based on the experience of other people who regularly share their experience and knowledge in the Network.

Important step – this promotion

Settlements and costs

The Main condition for preparing a business plan for an online store with calculations associated with financial investments. It is a mistake to believe that Internet business does not require investments. But the fact that the attachment size is much less than to start a conventional business, – that's a fact. Various suggestions on the web that offer huge earnings without investing – is nothing more than a primitive is designed for those who are wondering about how to open an online store with absolutely no investment.


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business activities. its essence and basic functions

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The Entrepreneur needs to take care of the following expenses:

  1. Website Development – from $ 300 and above.
  2. Promotion of the store – monthly from 5000 rubles and above.
  3. Support – monthly from 10 000 rubles and above.
  4. Buy domain name and registration website – about $ 300 a year.
  5. Check the form of ownership as a PI or LLC – from 200 to 500 dollars.
  6. If the company, the services of an accountant every month – from 10 000 rubles and above.
  7. Payment for services of the Internet.
  8. Other marketing activities.
  9. Delivery Services – individually, depending on shipping region.

This is the base costs. Depending on the specifics of the business may require additional funds. At the planning stage of the business plan of the online store from scratch it should also determine the sources of funding: will there be enough of its own funds or have to take out a Bank loan.

Multiple arguments “for”

To see the prospect, the entrepreneur must accurately represent the algorithm of actions. If we talk about the advantages or prospects, evident by the following facts:

  • The Proportion of online shopping in the country is growing steadily year after year. For example, the Russians made purchases in 2016, 106 % more than in 2015. The total volume of online trade in 2016 amounted to about 850 billion rubles.
  • The Number of Internet users in all countries is growing.
  • Reduced the cost of Internet, especially mobile Internet.
  • If in Russia the share of online trade amounts to 4 % of the economy, in the UK, these figures are 12 % (it would seem, and here the UK? This issue will be discussed further).
  • According to experts, the Russian online market is almost empty.

The arguments of a General nature, which are necessary to master on stage the relevance of the question of how to write a business plan for an online store. Online trading has advantages, which greatly facilitate the conduct of business at all stages. For example:

  • For doing online business it is not necessary to have a physical product you can produce, not to pre-purchase and not even to check the quality of the product. All these issues are resolved in the distance.
  • No need to lease a trading platform. The whole territory for business – friendly web site.
  • No need for logistics and transportation. This paragraph does not apply to all types of online trading. We are talking about dropshipping, when the entrepreneur buys wholesale and sells wholesale in the distance.
  • The Presence of ways to promote with minimal costs.
  • Small amount of work.
  • Low cost.
  • Great prospects.
  • The Immensity of the region of action.
  • Accessibility from all over the world.
Business is different with minimal costs

Where to begin?

To Think on paper – the habit of successful people. We should start with a product definition for sales: whether it's something original or commodities? The business plan of the online store must clearly answer this question. There are several key issues that the entrepreneur should know the answer before you begin to implement your plan.

This is

  1. What will be sold?
  2. Where to take the goods?
  3. What is competitive advantage?
  4. Who will buy? Which country?
  5. Interface.
  6. Methods of promotion.
  7. Methods of payment.
  8. Delivery.

Despite its apparent simplicity, some items may be difficult to implement. Unlike real business, here comes outsourcing. Whatpart should be given to outsourcing and what you can do yourself, you should also determine when developing a business plan for an online store with the calculations.

Find a niche

According to international experience, the Foundation of online trading are mobile phones, accessories and other gadgets. Followed by gifts. But home appliances and clothing depends on each region. The project will be implemented successfully, if the country of the entrepreneur in these products the price is high. Food and other perishable products have their own specifics. They sell well in one city. The emphasis in this case should be on the speed of procurement and delivery. Business plan online store should also take into account such aspects.

The Goods in General can be divided into two types: exclusive and for the consumer. What is valued in the Internet? First and foremost, people buy what is not in their region or is too expensive.

Successful are the stores that offer exclusive products at an affordable price. For example, there are many English-language resources, specializing in the wholesale of stock clothes brands. Other local online stores buy them wholesale for implementation in a retail order.

But has its own nuances

The largest source of consumer goods is the production of China. Almost all of their products are sold through a global platform Aliexpress. There you can find wholesale sellers. This type of business is called drop shipping. The system is suitable if we are talking about a business plan for an online clothing store or equipment from China, which is able to win low prices. But the competition is too big.

It Is possible to open your online store based products Aliexpress. To do this, to create partnership network of brand and buy Aliexpress VPN.

Another option – selling goods produced in the region. It's much easier than checking and cooperation with the Chinese or other foreign manufacturers. These stores are called aggregators. They collect the best deals from different brands and offer in one place.

This paragraph also should be practiced to how to write a business plan for an online store.

Organize site

Start today with your own website – the task is simple. There are three ways:

  1. Based On a free template.
  2. Unique design.
  3. With constructors.

All options require some knowledge. If you select a ready-made template, then it is necessary to install a large number of additional extensions and options to simplify the process of promotion and use of the website as a whole. You will also need to set their own CMS, to fill in all the headings, for them to make a description and to continually monitor the accessibility of the page.

The development Phase of a unique design within the business plan for an online store requires money. The unique design involves different design, interface and overall technical organization with any other resource. Note that this is not a whim but a necessity. The bottom line is that search engines pay attention to website design. A priority for them to be shown the sites with a unique design and exclusive professional program code. Its cost starts from 300$ and above.

the calculations must take into account all costs

But this does not mean that the template sites are not deprived of the attention of search engines. Just unique sites for preferential display. If you decide to use a ready template, you need to consider its structure. For search engines the preferred tree structure of the website, where the menu contains topics on product groups.

The Second important parameter for sample sites – description of the goods, which must be used the keyword phrase to search for. This section of promotion is SEO. The services of a specialist in this area starts from 5000 rubles and above.

Design the sites are more suitable for personal blog or online diary. In practice it is impossible to imagine an online store based designer – too much functionality is limited.


Promotion – a mandatory measure for online businesses. The process is comprehensive. This should be taken into account at the stage of filling of the site. But the good news is that methods of promotion are many, and among them you can choose the options with minimum costs. Here's what you should write on the template of the business plan of the online store under the item "promotion"

  1. SEO-optimization. Must be called before filling store items. It is a mistake to believe that the descriptions for all products are exclusively for customers. This is partly true, but the description should be tailored to the requirements of search robots. Features of this work are well known professionals that you can hire remotely or to do the job yourself. In the second case, have to do a huge amount of work.
  2. Registration for aggregatory sites. Aggregators gather from all relevant stores suggestions. The work principle is very simple: aggregator – this is normally already promoted online marketplace. Through constant SEO work, itvisited by many users daily. New online store is registered, and completes the form. The owner of the aggregator receives a set fee for the provision of playgrounds, and the new online store will get a chance to catch the eye of customers as quickly as possible.
  3. Sample business plan online store should consider the use of banner advertising on other sites. Please prepare banners of different sizes. There are various sites where the site owners for advertising. The owner may pay for a certain number of impressions on third party website or for the Commission of a specific action by the user.
  4. Contextual advertising. Placed on major search engines Google or Yandex. This process has many subtleties, as the filling of the default forms can spend money and not give the expected efficiency. Therefore, you should entrust this to a specialist. The essence of advertising consists in the fact that there are short ads that are displayed on target users ' queries. Ad is in form of links that lead to the merchant website.
  5. Promotion in social networks. Social network – a great source of traffic for websites. You must first create a group or public page, where you will gradually increase the target audience. Offerings are placed in posts or in the form of direct advertising. Many social networks have special advertising tools to capture traffic based on various parameters: location, age, gender and other features.
Order a unique site – the perfect option

Payment systems

Another important step in executing the business plan for an online store – the establishment of a system of payment. The choice depends on the territory covered by online site. If the planned sales in foreign countries, we should look to the international system. It is also important to consider the possibility of withdrawing funds in their own country. If we are talking about the next few countries, including the CIS, it is possible to stop the choice on such systems as:

  • "Yandex Money". Gives great opportunities for entrepreneurs and for legal entities Need to be identified in the system. For this purpose in the office of "Yandex" are the basic documents of the company and the entrepreneur. After identification, you can take the API "Yandex Money" and install it on your website. The system is convenient because there is a special form for the collection of funds.
  • Web Money. The system often fails the user. The reason – frequent inspections and the associated periods when it is impossible to withdraw money. For business use it is necessary to pass a special certification.
  • RBK Money. Easy to work with. The connection is less than a day at a minimum of documents. The limit on the turnover does not exist.
  • Qiwi. A similar system. Funds can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Pay U – a relatively bureaucratic system. The connection takes 5-7 days. It can only use business entities who are residents of the Russian Federation. Money is removed once a month. Provide a sample business plan online store here is no need need only to consider the connection in it.
  • Pay Online. Different fees are minimal, but the connection process takes about 2-3 weeks. Withdrawals made within 6 days.
  • Pay2Pay. The Commission is 4 %, and the term connection – for about a month. A withdrawal occurs twice a month.

Be aware that the more payment methods the better. Widgets payment systems are installed on site in the last turn, after the connection.

Testing & ndash; a compulsory measure


Uptime – an important criterion for online shopping. The testing phase shall be provided for all types of online business, be it a business plan online toy store or wholesale trade technology. At the stage testing, you check all the options interface, the ordering system, processing system and the operation of payment systems. If they find deficiencies, they should be eliminated, as mistakes can be very expensive. A disgruntled customer can write a negative review to third-party resources, and reputation will be ruined.

Marketing campaign

The Marketing campaign needs to be continuous, as they provide a steady stream of customers. The marketing channels are different depending on kinds of products sold. For example, using Instagram to sell good clothes, cosmetics, the goods for the house and children. Digital goods sell well via VK or Facebook. To find the optimal channel, you should learn the experience of experts or to learn the basics by trial and error.

When the optimal channel is found, on a monthly basis allocate funds to support an effective campaign.

the Competition in this area is high enough


Regardless of whether you are implementing a business plan for an online store products or equipment, for the development of increased profit important several factors – consistency in the promotion and search for optimal ways of solving problems. This approach separates the successfulcompany from those 95% of companies will not be able to withstand 2 years since.

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