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Business communication - a form of social communication, which is a complex and multifaceted process of development in the service sphere of contacts between people.

            Business negotiations play an important role in the political, commercial and entrepreneurial activities. When dealing with business partners, understanding their psychology and interests of the organization which he represents, can be a determining factor during the negotiation.

You Need to understand what he wants your business partner, then subject to his interest to make him wish what exactly you need.  Ability to listen carefully to the interlocutor, to encourage him, to help self-discovery is of great importance. Depends on the performance of the conversation and the degree of understanding achieved.

 Essential components of the professional culture is:

1) the ability to successfully and effectively lead business negotiations;

2) the ability to work with documents;

3) the ability to make the text of the document.

Business communication implies that people in the course of communication and exchange of information with the purpose of implementation of joint activities. Business communication consists of several stages:

1. Introduction, installation of contact;

2. Analysis of what is happening;

3. Discussion of current problems;

4. Mutually beneficial solution to the problem;

5. End the contact.

In business relations people adhere to a certain style.

A) subordinate (Manager-subordinate);

B) service-friendly - between colleagues at work;

 in) friendly.

Types of business communication:

1) persuader - sent on assertion of its own positions before the partner and reorientation purposes;

2) cognitive - directed to development of new information and its application in practical life;

3) suggestive - it is necessary to impact changes in the motivations, values, behaviors, and even relationships;

4) expressive - directed to influence on the attitude of the partner with the purpose of changing it, a kind of provocation of the feelings that you must call to have better opportunity to achieve this goal.


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

Personnel Assessment allows you to identify how competent the employees involved in the enterprise, and it is the performance of their work – the most significant factor affecting the efficiency of the company. To clarify the impact of performa...

How to start your own business: important aspects.

How to start your own business: important aspects.

Many people, tired of working for someone else, are increasingly thinking about how to start your own business. Someone wants to open a salon, someone store, and someone enough and vegetable stalls. Before you throw in the pool with his head, it is i...

business activities. its essence and basic functions

Business activities. its essence and basic functions

The Entrepreneurial activity of the citizen – is undertaken at your own risk and independent activity, which aims to systematically profit through the sale of works, goods, services, use of the property. The citizen engaged in such activities, ...


Service communication is a combination of both business and interpersonal interactions. The participants of such communication are guided by conflicting interests. In the course of such communication, there are certain clashes, and often open conflict. In order to avoid such moments and requires knowledge of various forms of communication and the impact of technology on people. This is especially important for executives, professionals, managers, as it provides market relations, the nature of civilized relations, allowing to achieve the expected outcomes from negotiations and other business communications.


Business communication in organizations manifests itself not only in internal relations but also in the outside. Formally, it acts as a chain of command set by the company management based on General business needs. Communication in this sense is given the required characteristics such as the rigor and differentiation of employees. For small groups of employees of the same rank is allowed more personalized interpersonal interaction, that is, the relationship between them can be friendly or friendly. Although it is possible in these small-group tensions and conflicts. To detect these deviations in the communication of our employees use special techniques.


Basic forms of business communication – business conversation, presentation, meeting and negotiations.

Business conversation  required to exert influence on the interlocutor to change the business situation with the aim of creating new business relationships.

The Presentation is a public presentation of the new product. This communication is intended to create the necessary views about form, etc.

Business meeting – this type of management leadership that allows you to organize the exchange of information and opinions between employees.

Negotiations accompany almost any activity. Their goal is to reach an agreement regarding participation in certain activities of the business parties with mutual benefits.


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