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Vegetable and berry crops require constant care not only during production but also after it. Care for currants after harvest is reduced to pruning and shaping, feeding. Let's take a closer look at these components.

caring for currants after harvestPruning and shaping

The First crop of seedlings of currant, which is 1-2 years, spend so: all shoots are cut off and left on each for 2-4 buds. This technology stimulates branching of the shoots. After trimming proceed to the formation of a Bush.

Two or three years the bushes grow from the roots of the zero branches, which are called basal shoots. This is the skeleton of the Bush, which in the future will be formed all uneven gains. Care for currants after harvest involves stimulating this skeleton, especially if it is weak. This is done by shortening branches.

care of currant bushesThe three-, four-bushes leave another 5 strong shoots to zero, and the weak are again removed. Apex zero-shoots are again pruned. Thus, the Bush is formed over 4-5 years. Would be nice if in one Bush will be 2-4 sprigs of each age. Care for currants after harvest suggests that the bushes that grow at a significant distance and in a well-lit area, can have more the four branches of different ages.

In the formation of plants are all sick, dead, broken, shadows and once zero gains cut. Trimming the formed Bush is not troublesome: it is only necessary to remove the 5-6-year-old twigs, which stopped the growth, and leave the young. With increasing branching of annual shoots are pruned to five buds from the top. Care for currants after harvest every year – pruning unproductive, old shoots. They have a dark brown color, weak growth and dry place fruiting.


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Red currant fruit buds are in a pile on the border of uneven growth. The plant gives a lot of annual basal shoots, thickening the skeleton. She had to replace leave 3-5 strong gains, the rest is cut to the ground.

caring for currants in autumnFeeding

Care of currant bushes – it's not only pruning, but fertilizer application. Flower buds on fruit plants are laid in the previous year. After collecting all the berries need to fertilize and mulch the soil. Under black currants every three years, laying up to 15 kg of compost each year – 50 g of superphosphate, 30 g of potassium sulfate. Potassium sulfate can be replaced with 100 grams of ash. Under the red currants make 2 times more superphosphate and potassium sulphate.

The Methods of application are such:

  • Traditional & ndash; lay in the grooves, which pull on the projection of a Bush. Method delivers the fertilizer to the depth of the roots, but the difficult technology ensures even distribution of nutrients. Can also damage the roots of crops.
  • Surface – distribution of fertilizers on the earth's surface, then their ‘close up" of rake. The process is easy, but the nutrients may not get to the roots of plants.

Caring for currants in the autumn – providing the nutrients. This is achieved by cutting and the formation of the Bush, and fertilizer. To under the leaves left of pests, they are fully cut and burned. If when berry find aphids or mites, plants treated with Malathion (10 l of water 75 g of product).

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