What determines the responsibilities of the judicial bailiff-executor?


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Duties of the judicial police officer-executor are set by the official user manual for place of service, but it should be based on the legislation of the Russian Federation, primarily at the Federal law No. 118, adopted in 1997, July 21 ("bailiffs"). Here it is worth noting that the normative act distinguishes two types of police officers: staff who provide activities of courts and bailiffs.
the duties of the bailiff performer

The Bailiffs register dactyloscopidae!

The Duties of a bailiff (executor) include special training and state fingerprinting registration. Employees of this Department are required to wear the uniform and distinguishing marks, to have the appropriate license, and in some cases weapons. According to article 8 of the above act, the individual ranks after training can wear to keep firearms that have certain limits of application.

The Duties of the judicial police officer-executor are set out in article No. 12 of the normative act «On bailiffs”. In accordance with this section of the document, the bailiff must work to ensure the execution of assigned solutions and documents. His expertise includes the provision of the parties (Executive production) of documents, obtaining of personal data of individuals and their processing, the announcement and implementation of fugitives, obtaining documents and certificates.official duties bailiff performer

The Bailiff can seize the account

In addition, the duties of a bailiff (executor) suggest the presence of the right of inspection of employers that have employees who are to perform any action on the Executive documents. They also have the right to visit, opening of premises or storage (with appropriate regulations), liens on property and other assets of the debtor, including cash held in accounts in the credit organisations.


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Duties of the judicial police officer-executor allow him to declare the search of the property, of a child, use of non-residential premises for non-permanent storage of property received, to check the documents of that person, perform other actions from the sphere of enforcement proceedings established by law. The bailiff must be an honest person, otherwise he should recuse himself. Chapter 15 of the aforementioned law establishes the conditions and limits for the use of special means, physical force or weapons. In accordance with it in the employee's duties include warning the opposite side of the intention of their use, minimise the damage and provide medical assistance to persons damaged.bailiff, executor duties

Information not to disclose

What function performs bailiff? Duties here also indicate that the worker should keep state secrets and not to disclose information on the private life, dignity and honor of citizens, which have been obtained any data. The job of a bailiff is heavy enough, as you need to find the persons specified in the regulations, to conduct explanatory conversations with them about the implementation of obligations, and in some cases "to fight" space, to describe the property that is unpleasant from a psychological point of view, and sometimes from the side of physical health. Salaries in this field vary depending on the level of subordination from 15 to 45 thousand rubles. Employees paid travel, compensation for use of personal transport.

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