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The mission of the organization, in a broad sense, in the broadest sense, reflects the sense of the existence of the organization itself. In a narrow sense, it shows what distinguishes this organization from others like it.

The most Important task of strategic management is to strike a balance of interests between different social institutions and groups of people who are interested in that organization existed and functioned.

To social institutions and groups of people include:

1-St group - the consumers;

2nd group – the employees of the company;

The 3-rd group - the owners of the organization;

4-group – business partners;

The 5th group is the local community;

6 group – that society as a whole (especially in the face of the authorities).

The Interests of these six groups, to a greater extent expresses the mission of the organization. It is a business concept which reflects the purpose of this type of business and its philosophy.

1.What does the specific organization?

2. What is its essence?

3. What is the scope and prospects of the organization?

4. What is the difference of the organization from competitors?

These four questions will answer the organization's mission. It will help to determine what, in fact, engaged in one or the other organization.

In this plan focuses on the needs and demands of consumers, not the goods that are produced by the organization. You need to Orient or, more precisely, to subordinate the interests of the organization in the interests of the subjects of the external environment. It allows you to make the mission of the organization, and it formed to:


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First, the environment subjects should have a General idea about what is the organization, its aspirations, what means it uses to achieve its goals.

Second, to foster unity of the organization and creating the corporate spirit.

Third, the establishment of prerequisites for successful implementation of the concepts of strategic management.

Strategic management, in turn, secretes nine factors of business strategy, which has a direct impact on how the company uses its own resources:

  1. The mission of the enterprise – it's clear reason there is the enterprise itself.
  2. Competitive advantages, allowing the most efficient use of available power.
  3. Business Organization, i.e. the organizational structure which allows to practice the use of competitive advantages.
  4. The products that meet the desires of consumers.
  5. Markets.
  6. Current expenses and investments.
  7. Changes in the structure of the company.
  8. Development Programs.
  9. Management Culture and competence.

The Mission of the company gives employees (employees) of the organization of meaningfulness, purposefulness, which allow you to see better, to understand your own activity. Not only what they should do, but for what they operate. Therefore, the mission should be bright, uncluttered, well-understood and reflect the following aspects:

- circle of satisfied requirements;

- the characteristics of products and its competitive advantages;

- growth prospects of the business started.

The Mission specifies only General guidelines and directions of the organization (enterprise, firm), reflects the meaning of existence. A specific, end state sought by the organization (enterprise, firm), are recorded in the form of objectives that are highly desirable.

The Goal, in turn, should be flexible, attainable, specific, in any case do not contradict each other, have the status of law for all members of the organization (enterprise, firm).

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