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In each country the profession of a firefighter surrounded by a romantic halo. Probably not in the light of a boy who in early childhood has not dreamed to become a firefighter.the profession of a firefighter But as I grew older, the boys begin to imagine the danger of this work and not really trying to become a firefighter. Those who dedicates his life to saving people, admit that they were attracted not so much duty, how much is the romantic picture of the profession. What should know the person who decided to embark on such a heroic way?

Profession fireman. Personal qualities

To combat fire, rescue people, risking their lives for strangers, unknown people, not to have specific traits, excellent physical data and original mind. This is necessary not only for successful work, but in order to save his own life in extreme situations. The profession of fire requires:

  • Always be in great physical shape. To support her, fire stations conduct regular training sessions, and firefighters themselves systematically pass certain standards.the profession is fire inspector Is not a whim. Uniforms of firefighters who responded to a call that weighs more than 30 kg. But he needs to storm the stairs, carry people, work with a hose.
  • To be Able to make instant decisions, to have the ability to analyze, a sharp mind and determination. Any doubt, any confusion in an emergency situation can lead to the death of a firefighter, his colleagues or the burnt people.
  • Have a very high stress. Unfortunately, the profession  implies that in the eyes of the firefighters are people dying. This should not prevent him from clearly and precisely to act, to make quick but informed decisions.
  • Have a quick reaction, to be courageous, brave, ready to fight with the fire element at any time.
  • To be able to render first aid.
  • To Have a psychological preparation, to be able to talk to people in stressful situations, to master their own emotions. In some moments the profession of firefighter is equal to the work of the psychologist: victims may behave inappropriately.

Fire inspector Professionfirefighter jobs

If the firefighter is heroic work, the fire inspector - the post bureaucratic, but no less important. Everyone knows that trouble is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences. The fire inspector must do all to protect from the fire of its subordinate organizations and people working in them. From fire inspectors can decide whether to survive people in the time of the fire. The most terrible example of non-performance by inspectors of their duties - in the case of club “Lame horse". The profession of firefighter involves the ability to take risks. The position of fire inspector is obliged to know a lot PPB rules, regulations, orders, laws, and other documents. Ignorance of their irresponsible attitude to their duties, the propensity for corruption can cause terrible illnesses. Is there a fire today? Jobs are easy to find, but to get to work, you need to go through several interviews, tests. And it turns out it's not at all. Only the elect can say about myself: “My profession is a fireman”.

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