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In the world there are many professions related to the ensuring comfort. These people make life more enjoyable and easier, while remaining completely invisible. One of these occupations is the maid of the hotel. These cute friendly women care about hotels as their homes, and tenants – as their relatives.

job description of a maid of the hotel

A great deal of Work

To Wash, to clean, to wipe, to replace – Affairs the maid is always a lot, but not everything is included in her duties, and the rights to these lovely ladies too, of course, available. Clearly defining these boundaries in any hotel there's always the job of the maid of the hotel. Below are its main provisions. Note that some institutions have their own characteristics, or must meet certain standards, so the list can be supplemented with special or specific points. Also, the Director or the owner of the hotel can Supplement the following list with your demands, which, in his opinion, are appropriate and necessary.

Basic rules

Job description of a maid of the hotel-is first of all a document which must contain the full name of the organization, date, title, and name of person approving it. Must also be set out General rules, such as:

  • Hotel Maid refers to a category of workers.
  • Taken to the post and dismissed by the head (Director).
  • Is a direct subordinate to the head housemaid (or the administrator, Director, etc.).
  • Responsible for damage, theft or other illegal actions concerning the property which belongs to the hotel.

job description of a maid


The applicant for the position must be secondary education (secondary special, higher, etc.). Hotel maid should know:


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  • The rules of fire safety;
  • Their duties and rights;
  • Rules for use of the devices with the tools they need to perform their duties;
  • The order of the day and mode;
  • Instructions, rules, standards, orders and other internal documents of the hotel;
  • The list of services provided by the hotel.

Duties of a maid of the hotel

Job description of a hotel maid must contain a complete list of works and services which must be performed or provided by the employee. For example:

  • Housekeeping: cleaning of dirt and dust all surfaces (floor, walls, Windows), furniture, mirror and tile surfaces.
  • Cleaning and disinfection bathtub, toilet, bidet and other bathroom equipment.
  • Bed linen and towels in time and according to the schedule provided by the rules of the hotel.
  • Change curtains and other fabric decorations.
  • Delivery of soiled linen in the utility room for washing and Ironing.
  • Rooms with personal hygiene items (soap, toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel).
  • Control of filling of the Minibar. Retrofitted the missing items.
  • Enforcement of orders of hotel guests in domestic services.
  • In the case of detection of faults, damage, excessive dirt in the room immediately inform the chief maid or administration.

official manual of the hotel maid sample


Job description of a maid in addition to the requirements and responsibilities always contains a list of employee's rights. These include:

  • To Demand that the property of observance of rules of labor protection.
  • To Obtain all the necessary equipment and tools to perform their duties.
  • To submit for consideration by the administration or the chief maid your suggestions for improvement or service.
  • Be familiar with all changes in rules, instructions, standards and other internal documents of the hotel relative to the work that it performs.

Specific items

Job description of a maid of the hotel also often includes requirements regarding the appearance workers. For example, the clean uniforms, no bright makeup, neat hairstyle, etc. Today, more and more countries supporting the struggle against racial discrimination or infringement of the rights of any other evidence, therefore, increasingly possible to meet the requirement of courteous and impartial service to clients, regardless of their nationality, religion, orientation, etc.

Job description of a maid of the hotel, especially if the institution often takes foreign visitors may include a requirement for knowledge of foreign languages.

job description chief maid of the hotel


Manual older of a hotel maid in essence not significantly different from the above. The difference is only adding to the obligations of the several items of approximately the following:

  • The Control.
  • Organization of work and management of the service rooms (Laundry, linen management and so on).
  • Accounting and control the use of detergents, household andspecial equipment and supplies, tools and equipment used by the maids of the hotel.
  • Monitoring performance of the employees of the service rooms (Laundry, linen management and etc.) of their duties.

Sometimes a job description chief maid of the hotel is also complemented by the right to be present at interviews at employment maids of the hotel or even right to direct participation in the process.

manual head housemaid of the hotel

The law

As mentioned above, to complement the list of rights, responsibilities, and requirements, at its discretion, but prerequisite is compliance with the applicable laws of the country which operates the hotel. If the requirements are illegal, then the maid has the full right to ignore them or even contact the appropriate authorities and to bring the negligent owner or Director of the institution to liability. Therefore it is necessary to take seriously the preparation of such important document as the job description of a maid of the hotel. The sample, if necessary, you can always ask in the relevant trade Union organization or refer to specialist personnel for advice.

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