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The relevance of the question of which profession is the most popular at the moment, no doubt. But it is equally important to know what specialists are in demand in the foreseeable future. Indeed, until recently, a couple of decades ago, important and popular professions were lawyers and economists. But the inability to predict the situation on the labour market has led to an apparent overabundance of this type of professions and the disadvantage of others.

So today every person is very important to understand what are the most in-demand occupations will be needed in the future in order to navigate the ever-changing market and receive the appropriate education. Despite the difficulty of such forecasting, the analysis of the development industry can help in the drafting of the adequate list, designed, primarily, to help current students.

Most popular professions: General characteristics and list.

  1. 1. Technical engineers. Development of modern industry has already reached the level where almost complete automation brings to the first place among the popular professions is not working, namely specialists in the field of engineering. Therefore, in the coming decades, the number of jobs related to the management personnel with higher technical education will steadily increase.
  2. 2. Doctors. The profession enjoys a leading position in all lists, including the most popular professions in the world. Especially will increase the demand on plastic surgeons and specialists in organ transplantation. 
  3. 3. Web designers. The increasing significance of Internet sites as a virtual face of the company, as well as the gradual shift of a greater part of trade in the world wide web creates an incredible demand for such professionals. the
  4. 4. ITSpecialists. It is Difficult to imagine modern business without these important and necessary people as a guru of computer technology. Therefore, experts in the field of computer programs will be highly in demand in the labour market in the coming years. The most popular profession in the world that exist in the field of IT-technologies occupy a leading position in the list of the highest paid in the near future.
  5. Experts in the field of nanotechnology. Is So rare in today's world, these professionals will be one of the most important in all fields of science and technology, because the permanent development of this area, as well as the gradual introduction of nanotechnology in everyday life necessitates a growing number of people who own this complex profession.
  6. Experts in the field of service. The emergence of a profession associated with a fairly narrow specialization, but at the same time, well-paid, leads to the fact that more and more people prefer to give to professionals the fact that until recently did yourself. Therefore, the demand for professionals in the service area will grow from year to year.
  7. Chemists. The most popular profession among chemists associated primarily with the search for alternative sources of energy, and with applied use of modern chemical discoveries.
  8. 8. Logistics. The Blurring of the boundaries between States and globalization – main trends in the nearest century. As a result, more and more demand will be those who will be able to optimally calculate routes of movement of goods between supplier and buyer, quickly find a way out of unusual situations and beat the competition. the
  9. 9. Marketers. Increased competition inevitably leads to the fact that every firm wants to have a staff person that is able to promote goods and services like a magician.
  10. 10. Experts in the field of ecology. The conservation of the environment today is the survival of the human species. This contributes to the growth of demand for highly skilled professionals in the field of “green, culture”. the


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