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The nature of their activities I am connected with teenagers. Every year I got to see how painfully the boys choose their future profession. Some refer to this consciously, trying to choose a deal that suits their inclinations, others are ‘just in case" enter several Universities to have greater scope for choice, which is going to be done later. Third no idea what they wanted to do. This category of children denotes the set of very complex issues. One of those questions I had to hear many times: “what was the most interesting job in the world?”. My reasoning is that everyone has their inclinations and interests, my players are clearly not satisfied. They wouldn't listen to reasoning, they needed specifics. And I decided to come to grips with this issue.

Now I'm ready to tell the boys not only on what work is considered interesting in the world, in Moscow, in our city. I learned that there are interesting fields which are not included in any registry, but, nevertheless, popular.

But for the beginning of what profession, how is it different from work. Profession - such occupation or activity to perform which is possible only with special training. And work is what people busy, responsibilities, sphere of activity.

Next. Don't confuse interesting profession and a rare, exotic. (This bug has made my Teens). The most interesting in the world of recognized professions such as PR, a computer expert, model, movie actor, political scientist, economist. However, this is hard work that requires special education, knowledge of technology or psychology, foreign languages.


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My boys wanted to know if there's an interesting profession that does not require extensive training. Turns out, there was. The most interesting job in the world was recognized to be the job of caretaker of the natural underwater reserve. After it should work as a surf instructor, especially in Australia.

But today I want to remember not too exotic, and therefore interesting profession. They do not require special training, therefore, attract certain kinds of people.

A Few of such specialties are light and pleasant. This test furniture, water slides and other rides. The whole day some of them are, lounging on couches, sitting chairs, and other ride, ride and ride.

There is a specialty that surprising. For example, vnimatel of the brain. These people are literally taking the brains of animals to instant to deliver its visitors some restaurants.

Minimum training required by the wizard pedicure for cows and horses.

By the Way, the phrase “the most interesting person's profession" everyone understands differently. For some, this activity gives the right to control the people, and for the second, the opportunity to travel the world. Someone thinks that may be interesting only specialty that allows a lot of money, and someone sees interest in minimal physical and mental stress.

For each of these categories can find their interesting profession. For example, Neuchatel armpits. This is a real specialty in demand by manufacturers of means from sweat. There is less “stressful” activity, allowing to earn good money: waiting list. Today, this activity is gaining popularity in our country. All that is required from the person standing in line instead of you - patience.

Well earn perevorachivatel penguins. Some polar station constantly need them.

Profitable, but few prestigious activities - guide to the toilets. And there are still raspalitelem pillows, Neuchatel eggs, the researchers girls, strippers, testers, condom, drugs, alcohol. Different places require regulators tail farms, breeders of mice, virbaliskiu fires, davinici.

Do Not think that these lessons are uninteresting: they are in demand. Personally, I chose another: nervous, requiring constant stress with no permanent graphics, not the romantic profession of a teacher. In my opinion, this is the most interesting profession.

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