Engineering protection of environment: what do you do in this position?


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Nature is constantly exposed to various influences, which causes deterioration of the environmental situation. Because of this, deteriorate air, soil, water. All this affects the health of humans and animals. There are engineering and environmental protection, which is performed by special staff. This allows you to contain the environment in a safe condition.

What is this specialty?

Human Activities have long negative effect on the environment, which is difficult to recover. All people strive to meet their needs, not paying attention to the pollution of nature. Constantly in the environment act hazardous waste. There are places with the most critical state of nature, with regard to the industrial cities.

engineering protection of environment

Adverse environment related to human activity, because people are irrationally using natural resources. The reason for the negative consequences for nature is the destruction of ecosystems, the accumulation of waste. It is therefore required of the engineering protection of the environment. Anyone can work in this specialty?

To protect nature from environmental disasters, work environmental engineers. This specialty is taught in universities around the world. Knowledge employees need to create a harmonious environment between man and nature. Staff prevent environmental problems. So important is the industry "Engineering protection of environment". The specialty allows you to get a job in a large enterprise.

Aim of study

Every profession has its purpose, including the engineering protection of the environment. Training helps prepare employees that will make the activity safe. This is especially true of regions with a high density of industrial activities.


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engineering protection of the environment whom to work

Future environmental engineers will monitor the anthropogenic load on the environment. They ensure the safety of environmental management, protection, restoration and conservation. The work of engineers in all spheres of life. There are employees who carry out their activities at the international level.

Learning Objectives on specialty

Study on the profile of "Engineering protection of the environment” is done with the following tasks:

  • Training of staff for various professional problems with the use of modern technical, information, computer tools;
  • The formation of a competent person who is able to perform the analysis, forecast and promotion of ecological culture and education;
  • Improvement of areas in the field of modeling and forecasting natural systems;
  • The creation of programs, methods of environmental protection, recovery of disturbed systems using modern ways of protection devices.

Methods of environmental protection

Environmental Protection is based on the concept, which means a development meeting the needs of the people without damage to nature. This is implemented in the pollution prevention that performed by using different technological methods. Engineering methods of environmental protection are active and passive. The first involve the creation of resource-saving methods.

engineering and environmental protection specialization

The Passive methods are divided into 2 groups:

  • Rational installation sources of pollution;
  • Unicitojeniu sources of pollution.

Everywhere should be the economy, reducing the pressure on the environment. By localization is meant the use of protective technologies, systems and devices. All methods allow you to keep nature in order.


The Engineering protection of the environment involves the use of biotechnological processes, which offer the products and effects using microorganisms. In the protection of the environment requires a biological subject, the community, the drugs that will be administered in the nature.

engineering methods for the protection of the environment

Biotechnology is used in various fields:

  • Disposal of wastewater and waste using anaerobic digestion;
  • Water purification from inorganic components;
  • Restoring the soil, removing heavy metals in water;
  • The oxidation of the waste vegetation;
  • Development of material for air purification.

The Engineering protection of the environment involves the removal of the formation of contaminants and other factors of influence on nature. Experts take part in the creation of devices that will be used in the particular field of cleaning. Engineers-environmental controlled the flow of contaminants, water, gas.

Constantly being the placement of waste-management systems. And for the protection of nature from all the junk used modern equipment and technology. Due to measures to improve the environmental safety is the campaign for the restoration of the natural environment.

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