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"Hammer" company, which is known mainly in Moscow. She, like most organizations, offers cooperation to everyone in the form of employment. But is it worth it to apply here to get started? To answer this question will help many feedback from employees about the employer RSK "the Hammer". What is this organization? How she is a bona fide employer? What are the pros and cons? All this will be explained later. Actually not so hard to understand all these issues. Especially if you do not believe everything that is written on various "otzoviki". After all, there is no guarantee that the user is not cheating. So what useful and truthful information can be discovered about the RAC "Hammer"?feedback from employees about the employer RSK hammer

Activity Description

This company is repair and construction organization. It offers residents of Moscow and the region a variety of services on construction and finish. Very useful to people organization.

You Need to install the door? You can contact the "Hammer". You just want to organize the repairs with the help of professionals? Then again are invited to contact the company. Broken appliances? Again it will help to "Hammer"!

The Organization is constantly evolving and expanding. So she is always looking for new workers. But what about the employer think applicants and existing staff? As far as the company is bona fide?

Promises and prospects

The Repair-building company RSK "the Hammer" offers quite a lot of vacancies for employment. And are often attracted to the promises of the employer. What lures them to his company?


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Prior to employment all employees, regardless of job offer:

  • Official employment;
  • Stable and decent income;
  • Work in a developing company;
  • The prospects of self-development and career growth;
  • Social package;
  • Convenient and flexible schedule;
  • Bonuses when using the services of the company;
  • Friendly team.

Whether all these promises are fulfilled? Or some of them - it's just an empty phrase, it is necessary to attract new staff? To understand all this will help the staff on the employer of the RSC Gavel.


It is Necessary to pay attention to the fact that initially, the company offers cooperation to all citizens. But, as many say, a "Hammer" reluctance to work with women. Mostly for employment recruit men. Namely, handymen, builders, electricians, porters. All these positions are predominantly male. Women get hired in a call center, office workers and managers.RSK hammer reviews

However it is considered that employment in the "Hammer" is a predominantly male job. Reviews also leave mostly men. However, as already mentioned, for women the prospects for cooperation.

Official employment

The RAC "Hammer" gets mixed reviews for issues associated with direct employment. The main problem is that some of the workers talking about the absence of a formal employment contract. Supposedly it practices informal employment.

At the same time a large mass of employees emphasizes that everything has to be done legally and officially. During employment with a citizen enter into a contract in multiple copies, put the appropriate entry in the workbook.

What to believe? Feedback from employees about the employer the RAC "Hammer" is ambiguous, but trust recommended exactly what you say about the official employment of the company. The organization is very large. And in the absence of official registration of all subordinates she will begin a serious problem, until the end of activities. So trudoustraivatj here, you can rely on getting work experience in large construction and repair companies, all established rules, in the official order.

Social package

The Employer RSK "the Hammer" offers to all his subordinates a full benefits package upon employment. Is it true? Opinions diverge. Most of the comments indicates that all frames really offers a full benefits package. There are vacation and paid sick leave, and lunch break.

Some, on the contrary, refute this information, blaming "the Hammer" cheating candidates. In fact, the social package in the company is, but new employees will have to wait to fully get it. For example, according to the rules, paid leave can be easily obtained only after a year in the organization. However, such a measure does not violate established law, all in accordance with the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Just not everyone knows that to get the social package in full, you need some time to work in an on RSK hammer Moscow staff


What gets the views of the CSG "Hammer"? Feedback from employees about the employer varied. Have the organization and the pros and cons. Among the main advantages of many people emphasize the possibility earnings.

"Hammer" is the employer who actually pays. Maybe the salary initially will be less than promised to the job, but there are official ways of earnings. For example, as a percentage of the work performed.

The money transferred to the payroll cards, on time and without delay. This pleasantly surprised many candidates. RSK "the Hammer" staff earns mostly positive for wages and make payments.

Sometimes, However, there are opinions pointing to significant delays, debt and a small salary. Such utterances are rare. They are not confirmed and appear formulaic. The minimum information on the merits. Therefore, you should assume that all is just hype. After all the positive opinions, deployed and like the truth more. This is a good sign for the company as employer.

The Team

The RAC "Hammer" reviews of employees a positive character also earns for the work team. He's really friendly. In any case, most of the views shows exactly that. Colleagues are always ready to help and support. However, for this to "settle down" in the team. This is not so difficult as it seems.

There are some not the most friendly person. But there are very few. In the event of disputes, the authorities will not interfere in the relationship between people. The company applies the principle of "let them understand", which is not always correct.RSK hammer reviews employees

However, to be afraid of unfriendly staff is not necessary. In RAC "Hammer" works mostly friendly and helpful staff that is always ready to help and support. However, if you try to show off in front of the pilot, people simply will not survive. And then work on any jobs would be seriously hampered.

Work Schedule

The RAC "Hammer" reviews and receives various types. Often employees indicate that the work schedule in the company is stressful, especially when a lot of orders. No time to rest and sit down. But no overtime is also not available. If they are appointed, directly from wages.

It is Also worth noting that weekends and holidays are provided in full. If the employee's request to go part time, either the output port, either additional pay or otherwise reward for your help.

However some staff on the chart saying something like "weekends and holidays can be spent with family." So, the terms of the employment contract to be complied with in full.

There are those who accuse "the Hammer" in violation of the established mode of work. But this, like most claims, a few cases. And they did nothing and were not confirmed. Trust usually, such statements do not cause.RSK hammer staff about the employer

Personal development

Clearly, what mostly you can leave feedback on RSK "the Hammer" (Moscow). Employee reviews, among other things, emphasize that the employer has real prospects of self-development. Career growth here is almost zero, but the skill and can improve.

During the execution of construction works, all frames will sharpen skills and to learn something new. The company is the perfect place to gain work experience in the construction and repair sector, as well as to improve the necessary work skills. Great start to career.


Employees of the RAC "Hammer" point to the fact that the management company is offering a free education before employment. It's many happy - to meet future responsibilities, and working conditions, to assess their strengths and employer as a whole.

About learning speak well. Trainees are administered into the swing of things, try to help to get used to the new working conditions. On average, the training lasts 40 hours. After graduation you can enter into an employment contract with the organization for further cooperation, or to seek another place of employment. Pay the tuition, even if the person decided to refuse to work in the RAC "Hammer" is not necessary.

Weird fishing

Another feature, which...

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