What need hubs on UAZ? Hubs on UAZ Patriot: installation on the vehicle


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Among a huge number of motorists, there are many those who prefer a leisurely ride on the asphalt surface an adventure on the roads. Many of these possess various models of UAZ. These cars feature all-wheel drive. In models such as “Patriot”, “hunter”, “Loaf", 4x4 drive connected. What is it? And the fact that it is not always this drive is so necessary. After all, if motorists travel on the roads, most often on the weekends to relax from the work office routine.

So, for those situations where all wheel drive is not needed, put hubs on UAZ. The main and indeed only function of these mechanisms is to transmit torque from the front drive directly to the wheel or to disconnect this connection in the case when in all-wheel drive there is no need.

Why disable all wheel drive?

Here, at first glance, everything is very simple. For example, it is possible to take steel with a diameter of about 100 mm and bolted to the wheel hub. You can then put wheels on the drive splines. It's tight, easily and reliably.

However, this is the SUV leaves the paved road and sloshing mud that slowly starts to gain speed. hubs on UAZIn the ears the wind noise in the cabin heard the strained work of the engine and transmission, the driver is already thinking about the next long-distance trip, and the front axle even before leaving the tarmac and was turned off designed for the transfer box lever, rotates. From what it rotates? Rpm wheels. When the car goes on asphalt, the wheels rotate and the drive constant velocity joints. The last to give that energy into the transmission and front driveline.


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There is nothing terrible special. The majority of SUVs Ulyanovsk automobile plant is a reliable transmission, the sustainability of which will be sufficient even for very long and a big race in the most difficult conditions. The engine also may be able to easily rotate the nodes that currently do not need.

Why the engine will consume extra fuel, as in all-wheel drive in this case, there is no need? Why suffer a small, but still a decrease in dynamic characteristics? Why put extra wear on the nodes, which at the moment is also no need? And yet in motion can receive various vibrations and noises that occur as a result of rotating a heavy mass. If none of these drivers don't have, then your best bet is to disconnect the wheels from the drive. This is the answer to the question of whether hubs on UAZ “Patriot”.

Clutches disconnect the front wheels

This is the correct name of the device in the Russian-speaking documentation. They often are fixed on the hubs of the front pair of wheels and perform the function of gap rigid link wheel-drive when it is not necessary for the driver.

Wheel hubs on UAZ: the device and principle of operation

So, with the functions of these couplings are all clear. But how they work and how they work? To answer these two important questions, you need to know what types they are. For off-road vehicles use manual and automatic devices. But this division can be considered conditional.

UAZ hunter hubs


These products occur to most models of off-road cars of almost all manufacturers in any part of the world. Manual hubs on UAZ is also very common in our country.

How to use

Use this mechanism in order to reduce wear of parts and components in the front leading axle, and also for fuel economy, if you often drive on paved roads. When the driver turns off the bridge, it is advisable to disconnect the drive hub on the front wheels.

How is it done? According to the instructions, which is attached to the UAZ “hunter”, hubs need to be put into a special position. Often, this position is marked on the housing of the mechanism. This will require using a special wrench to remove the cap, and then Unscrew the bolt from the hole of the drive shaft. You can then translate the clutch in a position where the annular groove on the surface will fall in one plane with the face of the flange. Then you need to tighten the cap. This is true for all off-road models UAZ. So, how to disable the wheel, of course. How to turn hubs on UAZ? It must be produced by a reliable screwing and tightening the bolt.

From all this we can understand that the end portion of the drive shaft screwed coupling. do we need hubs on UAZ patriotShe, in turn, using a special tool can be rigidly connected with the wheel flange or to rotate independently of the hub. Device amaze for its reliability, however, the use of such a hub is quite uncomfortable, so for SUV UAZ “hunter” . such a plan is practically applied. Do not use them for other models that are produced today.

Modern equipment: hubs 2.0

Now if you want to disable or enable the wheels enough to get out of the car and just flip a special switch in the desired position. These provisions only 2: 4x4 or 2x2. Then you can again return to the interior of the SUV and continue the path.

That included hubs on UAZ, which are installed on most SUVs of this brand and other brands, even foreign. As for the technical details of each manufacturer's device this mechanism of their own.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the clear advantages that have manual mechanisms, it is possible to highlight the incredible strength. Strength there with the stock. The advantages include simplicity of design, reliability and ease of use.

avm hubs on UAZ patriot

But, installing hubs on UAZ, do not forget about the disadvantages. So, for use it you need to get out of the salon dirty and clean hands on a dirty, and often also ice switches.

Yes, it should be said about the ice. Some manufacturers produce switches made of plastic. It seemed that is the most ridiculous material, which only can be used in the transmission system. But in the big frost plastic does not freeze, and this greatly facilitates the switching mechanism in another mode of operation.

Yet Another advantage that manual hubs can be attributed to the possibility of enable or disable the front axle from the saloon in motion, if hubs (UAZ "Loaf” or “Patriot” they put no difference) Ulyanovsk automobile plant was pre-enabled. It is sometimes very useful, when the car suddenly stopped on a very slippery section of the road or caught in a mud trap.

No matter what happens, no surprises, the majority of drivers begin to incorporate these mechanisms triggered the first serious snow. Off the same in the spring, when everywhere is dry pavement. Also turn off hubs at any time if you need a very long drive on dry asphalt. This is a reasonable approach, which is confirmed by years of practice of all those who have already used hubs (UAZ “Patriot”). Reviews, photos completely confirm this information. With these mechanisms it is easy, convenient and can save a liter of fuel or more. Many fear that if the use of closed hubs for a long enough period of time, it can be very harmful to a bridge or a car. But all is in vain. Many models in the configuration has a special plug, which provides a constant transfer of torque to the front axle without the possibility of disconnection.

Automatic mechanisms

Now we need to talk about the automatic hubs. The main difference from a manual counterparts for the driver that in order to switch them to the desired position, no need to leave the car. how to turn hubs on UAZIn order to run front-wheel drive, connect the bridge directly from the salon. In rare cases it is necessary to press an extra button which controls directly to the hubs.

How it works?

There are several options. Drive can serve as an electric motor, mounted within the housing and the switching hubs on UAZ-469 or any other model. For controlling the mode of operation of the mechanism can be a vacuum or hydraulic system.

The Most popular among fans of off-road equipment hub that can be turned on independently. It is activated mechanically, when there is torque on the wheel drive. Each design has its pros and cons. We will consider them in more detail.

Hubs with electric actuator

These devices combine the high reliability and the simplicity of a manual mechanism, which is necessary to transmit electricity to the control motor that rotates with the wheel hub. There is a small problem – brushes, which convey the current, operated in severe conditions. This age-old dirt, complex temperature. One day the system simply will not turn on, and the car at the time of need will stay with rear wheel drive. In this case, only the tractor can pull the SUV out of the swamp.

Vacuum mechanism

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