"Mitsubishi Outlander Samurai" (Mitsubishi Outlander Samurai): specifications, price, reviews (photos)


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Some difficulties in sales on the Russian market, the company Mitsubishi has been associated with the fact that she delayed the release of new models. After the market launch of the new crossover "Outlander" Japanese giant was transformed. New models began to come out faster, and the quality of cars has become one of the main advantages of the group over its competitors.

Samurai Outlander

Updated "Samurai Outlander"

At the end of 2013, the Corporation has surprised fans by releasing a limited edition version of its popular SUV called "Samurai Outlander".

Earlier there was information in the media that the company plans to bring to the Russian market more and hybrid model of the Outlander. Its powerplant will be a two-liter "four" capacity of 134 "horses". The car will be equipped with two electric motors (80 HP on each axle) and a set of lithium-ion batteries. However, the specific timing of the appearance model in the Russian market is still kept secret.

Limited release

"Samurai" is a new generation of vehicles. Crossover is only limited new version of the good old "Outlander," which will allow many buyers to get a unique car. Sales of this new product started in 2013. The number of cars for each country is strictly limited. How many of them actually, the Japanese did not say. The premiere of the car is connected with the tenth anniversary of presence on the Russian market. About this "Outlander" were adorned with, embellished and published. The same action will take place in some other States. Presentation of the car in Russia was held with typical Japanese fanfare and turned into the whole show.


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Mitsubishi Outlander Samurai


"Samurai Outlander" has acquired a new shape, if to compare with the classical model, namely:

  • Front optics changed shape - became more expressive.
  • Added exterior chrome elements.
  • Front part made in the style of a Jet Fighter.
  • Feed a few raised above the ground, but more heavy.

The Interior practically has not changed. Maybe it's good that the designers were not thoroughly repaint the exterior of the car. They just made some blotches to be able to distinguish the new model from the old. And it turned out. "Samurai Outlander" looks richer than the classic model.

The car looks pretty aggressive design. This should be a real samurai. You can feel the combination of styles Fuji Mountain and Jet Fighter. Another worth noting chrome nameplates with the name of this version of "Samurai".

We must recognize that even the appearance of a traditional SUV - very stylish and modern. But the extra touches of famous designers made a "Samurai Outlander" is simply unique. The advantages also include the upgrade of equipment and lots of new technical plan.

Outlander Samurai photo

The Engine

For a limited edition version of the company didn't develop a new engine. "Mitsubishi Outlander Samurai" has provided the same units as the classic model. Buyers are two types of engine: a standard diesel volume of 2.4 liters (167 HP) and more powerful engine capacity of 3 liters (230 HP). The first is implemented in three versions, and the second in two.

All versions of the SUV will be offered with all-wheel drive, and 4WD. It would be strange if it limited anniversary version of the crossover was in the budget set. For models with a capacity of 167 forces the fuel consumption is about 11 l/100 km with a dynamic driving on the highway and hold the engine at high rpm. The car is demanding fuel, so anywhere is better not to refuel. The engine has injection.

Outlander Samurai test drive

Automatic transmission

"Mitsubishi Outlander Samurai" of any type is equipped with an automatic transmission. However, they are available in two versions:

  • For basic engine - CVT continuously variable.
  • For a more powerful - a full-fledged six-speed "automatic".

The Quality and reliability of all included engines was guaranteed by the company. In addition, they have proven on countless classic "Outlander", which has always been considered a pretty good machine.

The Suspension of the SUV remain unchanged. The car is still smooth, easily eats up all the bumps in the road. All-wheel drive has individual branding (All-Wheel Control). In this matter the Japanese have progressed far enough. Not all models of their competitors in the SUV segment can repeat the same thing "Outlander", completely lacking asphalt surface. However, the full off-road will be very bumpy.

Outlander Samurai reviews

Set options

Even in the most ordinary basic version provides all the technical innovations and customization has moved to the top included. The differences lie in technology and equipment, the level of safety and comfort. The base model is far from poor equipment. Among the options that offer Japanese, you can find the following:

  • Kit Airbag passive system and a confident ride.
  • Active security system - helpers brakes andassistants for emergencies on the road.
  • High Quality shestnadcatiletnie alloy wheels.
  • Fine adjustment and settings of the driver's seat.
  • Excellent cruise control.
  • Rain Sensors and light.
  • Audio system with comprehensive capabilities and excellent sound quality.
  • Climate control (two-zone).

The options list is far from complete. It includes only the most important and outstanding technology, implemented in the base set. The characteristics of the "Outlander Samurai" a positive impact on the confidence level control crossover. Seat with a high profile and high quality materials allow the maximum comfort to accommodate each passenger. "Mitsubishi Outlander Samurai" reviews on comfort is extremely positive.

Features Outlander Samurai

The mission of the SUV

The Company "Mitsubishi" is making great efforts to raise their cars in Russia is on a completely different level of sales. Now a relatively small range of concern does not allow him to actively fight for the top place of sales. However, there is information that in 2014 needs to be updated, the entire line of the company. Maybe is just a cunning marketing ploy the release of the vehicle, such as "Outlander Samurai". A photo of the car presented in the article.

At this stage, the group just wants to attract the attention of buyers, to prepare them for future updates. The described auto is able to perform in the market of the following tasks:

  • Increasing the level of the image of the company.
  • Increase the brand popularity among Russians.
  • Attracting repeat customers.

As a rule, regular customers are those customers, who with each new model the company change their car. This clientele is the most valuable to any manufacturer, so limited offers provide an opportunity to test the market. As seen above, many of the goals and objectives outlined for "Outlander Samurai". The reviews about the car already being distributed. This suggests that the mission of the implemented.

Test drive

It Turned out that the car suspension can cope with any troubles that did not bother to take on her shoulders the testers. Even the passage through a pretty serious hole is not able to close the dampers. However, the comfort of the drive through the countryside, excessive levels of weakness and habitati can not speak. Just 18-inch wheels with low profile tires absolutely not intended for those purposes. At some stage there was a fear that the car will be cut off by a particularly severe bump his bumper. However, despite the fact that "Outlander Samurai" compact, its level of accessibility is approaching the size of SUVs. After the car with the rough terrain left on the dirt, but that dirt road, the crew felt a real delight. Such district for "Outlander" is a familiar. In General, the car copes with its task.Mitsubishi Outlander samurai reviews


The Car is very interesting. While it is impossible to say what effect will such a bold project as "Outlander Samurai". A test drive shows that it is a comfortable car. Now we can say that the SUV failed. It was interesting and of high quality. There is no doubt that a buyer will find it. By the way, there is speculation that the car eventually will become popular on the secondary market, because the limited version - this in itself is unusual and interesting. Besides the advantages of the crossover enough.

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ZH: https://tostpost.com/zh/cars/1176-mitsubishi-outlander-samurai-mitsubishi-outlander-samurai-specificatio.html

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