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Chery M11 Hatchback you can call a car that reflects the ambitions of the Chinese manufacturer. A relatively young company took advantage of the successful recipes of Asian and European companies and the fast trim position. This has long been the job of other manufacturers from China, thus breaking stereotypes about what their cars are significantly inferior in quality to all others.

chery m11 hatchbackThis trend is confirmed by the release of vehicles such as the Chery M11 Hatchback. At home the car is called A3, while in the European market - M11. Subtle hint of the German company BMW? Yes, to cars German quality they are far away, but to compete for customers with Nissan, Renault, KIA, Hyunda, Ford, and GM DAT they can.

It's No secret that the company-proizvoditel M11 likes to make copies of bestsellers. Confirmation of cars Chery Amulet Chery Tiggo. But we noticed that in order to emphasize that the model Chery M11 Hatchback - other. Maybe some elements and can recall some European cars, but in General it is not like anyone. It has its own face, its own peculiarity. The secret lies in the fact that the producers turned to the famous Italian firm Studio Pininfarina. As a result – a new, hitherto unknown Chinese cars character. Expression, sensitivity, harmony – here is what was missing in previous models and that have Chery M11. Reviews of the owners in our country highlight the beautiful work of the designers of the interior and exterior of the car.


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chery m11 reviewsAesthetic centre in the exterior of the car is a rush to the roof in the back part of it and grown from it a stop signal. It looks dynamic, as well as himself, but more on that later. In the vehicle interior space is not very much, given its size. Little man will be comfortable in it, but the driver, whose height is more than 180 cm, the ceiling will be a hindrance. In General, the ergonomics well thought out, but it was felt that in creating the individual elements were very Asian. Quality trim that is made from quality materials. This step increased the chances of the car in the European arena. If you compare this salon to those in the previous models, it is heaven and earth.Chery M11 reviews

We'll Pay some attention to the technical characteristics of Chery M11 Hatchback. Specialists in this field are mostly positive. The company has positioned the car for the young and active. It is not surprising that in order to meet its own words, had a good idea to work on that aspect. The best illustration of this is the use of a multi-link design in the rear suspension. The car has a stability and smoothness. Its quality is not inferior and steering, which is configured in the best traditions of the Asian school. Driven by the car's 1.6-litre petrol engine with a capacity of 119 horsepower. Coupled with it running a 5-speed manual. This pair is the only combination for Chery M11. Reviews to drivers in our country this was done.

One of the main drawbacks of the car is its cost. Perhaps this is a tactical move on the part of Asians, but obviously undesirable for many potential consumers of this product in our country.

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