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Nissan Company as of 2010 year ranked eighth in the world among car manufacturers. In Japan it ranks third after Toyota and Honda. 44.4 per cent owned by the French company Renault S. A. (Renault). Nissan was established in December of 1933. Initially, the decision to develop a brand "Nissan" was made in may 1935. However, until the early eighties the company was a car brand of Datsun. Since the early fifties, the Nissan has proved itself in the production of rocket dvigateli, and then she began to also produce engines for the shipbuilding industry.

Nissan patrol

The Nissan patrol is available from 1951 to the present. In the process of its development, this model has gone through several generations. Starting in 2010, produced a machine of the sixth generation, which is represented by a model Y62.

It is a powerful car - a Nissan patrol, its specifications are as follows. The car has a powerful eight-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of 5.6 liters, which corresponds to the standard "Euro-4". The engine power of four hundred horsepower. Fuel consumption urban cycle (at a movement mode, which is typical for urban roads) per hundred kilometers is twenty liters, and country (if mode of movement is typical for a country drive) and mixed - from eleven to fourteen litres, which for a car of this class are relatively few. This machine has all-wheel drive and seven-speed automatic transmission.

Nissan patrol 2012

It Should be noted that the Nissan patrol perfectly adapted to driving on Russian roads and climatic conditions. He reinforced body and reinforced suspension, high-power AC and DC, effective security system. It works great on Russian fuel.


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The car Nissan patrol excellent speed quality. It can move with a maximum speed of 210 kilometers per hour in 6.6 seconds it can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour. Its turning circle is 12,8 meters.

The Big advantage of the machine is impressive in appearance. The Nissan patrol has a powerful shape. On the sides there are foot pegs to facilitate boarding the car. In the side mirror lamps have been installed for use in the dark. Headlights made fog. Glass rear door tinted. Roof mounted Luggage rails, calculated by weight, not exceeding one hundred pounds.

Here is installed an improved security system. Reliable brake system ensures improved traction vehicle and the road surface at the various driving modes. There is a remarkable system of the circular review, created on the basis of data of four cameras, operating in real-time. On a special display in front of the driver shows the actual location of the vehicle, depicted as if through observation from the upper point on the basis of the data coming from these cameras. There is also a system of lane traffic. When unintentionally crossing the border of a number, it gives the driver a warning beep.

In addition to the driver's seat in the cabin there are six seats, arranged in three rows. The distance between rows is sufficient for comfort. There is a system of adjusting the angle of inclination of the armchairs.

Nissan patrol, specifications

Now let's talk about the comfort in the car. There is special music server with hard disk with a size of 9.3 GB, so you can take with you to listen to a solid collection of music. Eight-inch display on the control panel of the driver and a seven-inch displays on the back of the headrests on the chairs can be used for viewing feature films.

Nissan patrol 2012 combines the reliability and resistance to difficult conditions, on the one hand, and a high level of comfort combined with high level of technology.

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