What is the ET on the wheels. Marking and dimensions of wheel rims


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Any experienced driver is able to take care of your vehicle and can even make some simple repairs. To change the consumables, replace suspension parts and so on. The only thing which is not necessary to climb, so it is in the engine – it's better elimination of the fault to the experts. Shoed my car can any owner, and there is nothing complicated. However, the cubs, the question may arise: "What is ET on wheels?"

rims and tires

In the process of selecting the disks for your car, many motorists ignore or forget about the departure. Meanwhile, this is an important parameter. And it is not an exaggeration!

What do you think drivers

Some vehicle owners wish in any way to stand out among the variety of other cars. Is dictated mainly private individuality, because each person has their own tastes and preferences. And how it can be done with your car? Correctly – change it.

There is one caveat. Many motorists are choosing for your car wheels, sizing produce is not entirely correct. They believe if the wheel has all the right mounting holes, it will stand as it should. In reality things are not so simple.

Yes, the disc installed without problems, securely and you can enjoy driving. Besides, some sellers in specialized shops can mention that the flight on what can not influence. But is it?


The departure of the disk refers to the geometrical parameter of the disk that the documentation for the vehicle is designated by two Latin letters-ET. The car drive there are several surfaces, which include the mating plane, which is adjacent to the hub. Departure – is the distance from the surface to the imaginary Central axis of the disk.


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Wheel sizing

To make the right choice of car rims and tires, this parameter can easily be calculated by yourself according to the following formula: ET = a - b / 2 where:

  • – the flight of the disc;
  • A – the distance from the inner plane of the disk to the mating surface;
  • B – the total width of the disk.

It is Measured in millimeters. Based on this parameter, you can judge other not less important characteristics – the wheelbase of the car. Any discrepancy between the standard value affects the operation of the vehicle.

With increasing departure of the disk (positive value), the wheel is moved closer to the center of the car. That is hidden under the wing. With decreasing (negative value) of the wheel, on the contrary, goes out.


Examining the question, what is the ET on the wheels, it should be noted that from the above formula, this feature can take different values, and this will be no errors. This is due to the fact that there are three kinds of this parameter:

  • Positive;
  • Zero;
  • Negative.

To allow customers to easily navigate, manufacturers of car wheels, provident label products. On their inner surface, you can see the inscription of view Ethh. This is the code that contains information regarding the values of the departure.

What is the et on the rims

For example, labeling of ET-20 says about the negative parameter, while the inscription ЕТ15 implies a positive departure. The zero value is marked as ЕТ0.

Features against a model

Many owners are interested in how the parameters of the wheels and vehicle to choose certain parts. Also they noticed about one interesting circumstance. The same model has to acquire different spare parts. What can be the reason? The thing is that on the creation of each vehicle employs several professionals, and a lot of them. There are designers who think through ergonomic body, the collectors of the salon and other workers.

Special attention deserves the undercarriage of vehicles. At the design stage must take into account many key parameters, the result of which are determined by the requirements of individual parts.

Select the options wheel wheels vehicle not so easy because currently the market is flooded with a large number of brands and models and even more. Often one company produces several transport units, which differ only in terms of the engine. And it seems that all the parts should be similar. But the reality can be different and the levers and ball joints, and bushings, and some other details.

Other priorities

The difference of the parts mentioned above, due to the pattern. Any deviation of parts by weight or size of the power unit affects the load distribution in relation to the chassis. Therefore, in order to preserve drivability and comfort, the necessary additional spare parts.

Settings wheel wheels vehicle

In regard to wheel selection on size in particular, there are certain nuances. Earlier, the producers made many components and assemblies with a large margin of safety. It concerned the most important structures of the car including the suspension. Modern priorities have changed and it is now important to reduce the cost of the vehicle. To produce more accurate calculations. In turn, this leads to lower margin of many components and assemblies.

The Forces acting on the hanger

In the process of operation of the car suspension it is affected by several bi-directional loads. And the more complicated the design, the more power attached to it, which is typical for most modern models. For example, take a well-known simple system McPherson ("McPherson").

The vehicle weight is evenly distributed between all road wheels and tires. The force that acts on each individual element, is directed upward relative to the plane of the roadway. The point of application of this force falls on the center of the spot of contact of the tires with the road. A healthy suspension, the centre is located on the axis of symmetry of each of the wheels. This also fits the axis of the strut.

ET flight disk

The Force emanating from said spot and directed upward, acts on the suspension arms, hub bearings, struts with shock absorbers, the tie rod end. All this is well calculated by manufacturers at the stage of design.

What affects the flight of the disc?

To more accurately represent what the ET on the wheels, need to clarify the whole situation. One has only to change the estimated value of departure as described the load varies in intensity and direction. The smaller the value, the longer wheelbase. Accordingly, the increase of departure leads to its reduction. In the result, the steering axis is displaced, the characteristics of steering change, including the moment of force vectors and their applications.

Ultimately, this may lead to undesirable consequences:

  • Bearings wear out prematurely.
  • The car's Handling changes significantly and for the worse.
  • Due to incorrect et departure drive tires wear faster.
  • Service Life of suspension components is significantly reduced.
  • There is a change of parameters of rotation of the steering wheel.

All of this suggests that the car may come not every option that is “sit” on the hub. And if you put a beautiful and even exclusive discs, but with an inappropriate value of the departure, the driver runs the risk to face serious challenges.

Deviation from nominal value

All major functional units of any car have their own resource and can withstand a certain load. But if you select an option to completely ignore the markings drive cars, it will lead to imbalance. What actually shortens the life of almost all components and assemblies of the suspension.

Within tolerance et on disks

Okay, if you decrease time, you can get rid of a little blood – to get new details, even ahead of time. Differently could be the case in case of breakage during movement of the vehicle. Then trouble is guaranteed.

Therefore, auto manufacturers extremely recommended to change the departure of even a few millimeters. However, in some cases, there is a pleasant exception – a difference of not more than 5 mm in each direction. What are a company specializing in the tuning of vehicles and some “knowing” of their owners. However, for a number of cars even a slight deviation can be critical.

The discrepancy between the tolerance limits et on disks leads to the fact that the wheel, in the case of smaller value than the parameter itself, will hurt the body. If it increased, then it is possible contact with the suspension components.

Salt in the wound and pour some sellers in the shops who simply ignore the role of departure. That is, buyers offer is not the best option, and touted any fashion...

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