Windscreen washer system pump: a device principle of operation, inspection, repair and replacement


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Mud on the road is present not only in autumn and spring, but in summer and winter. Behind cars on the highway stretches a long dark plume, instantly addictive film of dirt going behind the windshield of the car. The wipers and washer pump do their job, you can go for overtaking. But the sudden failure in the middle of the maneuver leads to the fact that after two seconds through the windshield you see nothing. To slow down or keep going? What to do in this situation?

About the importance of a node

The windscreen washer Pump can be purchased without problems, for replacement no need to disassemble motor or use the lift. So why is such a responsible and easy-to-change node often remains vulnerable? The thing is that the service is not performed in a timely manner. Sometimes the product is so poor that the driver can't fix.

windscreen washer pump

So as not to get into a stalemate on the road, you need to pay attention to the quality of the pump. Usually no one does. However, experts perform working experiment and find out what's worth buying and what isn't. We'll talk about this at the very end, and now look at the key points that you should pay attention to everyone without exception.

Working Principle

Window cleaning works by pressure and flow of fluid through the arteries to the injectors. It is a special pump which is usually made sealed and maintenance is not subject. The cost is small - a few hundred rubles for domestic cars and a bit expensive for cars. The design includes highway - a plastic tube through which the fluid approaches the nozzle. The latter can have a different configuration of the spray. The injector nozzle has a small diameter, thereby saving washer fluid.windshield washer


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Not difficult to guess that this system includes the wipers. If the windshield washer pump refused, the liquid will not fall on the glass, and the wipers will just smear the dirt, further impairing the visibility of the driver. This should not be allowed.

How to check the windscreen washer pump

Many drivers prefer to simply change the old pump for a new one, even without delving into the essence of the problem. That is why a new item doesn't work, because the old one was working, and it turned out to be something else. To avoid this, you need to check the windshield washer pump. Make it extremely simple. For starters check the fuse responsible for the flow of a fluid. It is located in the mounting block, the latter has a different arrangement depending on the brand of car. Next you need to pay attention to the relay. If it is to pull and close the contacts, and it will work, so the point is it. Next, look at the lines and injectors. They should not be clogged. The sore spot of many pumps - contacts. Over time, they oxidize.

Find and check the pump

Is this node at the bottom of the tank for washer fluid. The latter, in turn, is almost always installed to the left of motor when looking from the street to the engine. To check the contacts, you will need a multimeter and maybe WD-40 or any other solvent the rust.

windscreen washer pump for VAZ

If the contacts are badly soured, then first detach them and clean the chips. Then with a multimeter check the voltage on the wires. If it is, and the pump does not pump, the point is it. He probably burned or clogged. In the latter case the situation is remedied. But since the device is sealed, you will have to compromise the integrity of its design.

How to repair washer pump

The First thing it needs to be removed from the tank. This disconnects the plug with the wires and gently pulled out the motor. He sits there tight and is fixed with special "lips" of a tank, so you need to be careful not to break anything. Then disassemble the pump itself. Cars "Peugeot" it collapsible, so it is easier on many other brands - solid. In the second case, you will have to saw the pump, and only then will get to the brushes and windings.

how to check the windscreen washer pump

This can be Done with hacksaw blades. Please note that when disassembling the brush can fly. By the way, if the latter are worn, then they should simply be replaced by a new one, and it is possible that it will help solve the problem. Pay attention to the condition of the parts, the dirt and corrosion is unacceptable. All you need to be thoroughly cleaned and checked. A sore spot is usually built into the pump relay. Rot the contacts between the shell and the charge. They can try to resolder, but this is extremely difficult and unreliable. Better go to your nearest Autoshop and to buy such ralescu. The more that it costs about 100 rubles.

Assembly and test

Once the new relay installed, and the coil with the anchor free of dirt, you can begin to assemble. Here it is necessary to do everything carefully. The rotor is preferably adjusted directly to the groove of the blade caught in the impeller. If the building was portable, then it is advisable to use new gaskets. Sealant is ideal for cast and collapsible pole. You need to carefully cover up all the cracks and holes, to not enter into the liquid.

repairing washer pump

Then connect the pump and check its performance. It needs a little buzz that tells about its functioning. If this does not work, you may have burned up the anchor. In this case, it is easier to buy a new part. First and foremost, always check the fuse for the washer pump and then go to more drastic measures.

To Summarize

We examined, what is the windscreen washer pump. VAZ, for example, is easier to repair than some foreign car. The car washer pump is easy to disassemble. To begin with check the electric circuit, fuses and relays. Remember that the operation of the washer pump with clogged injectors can lead to the release of the latest failure. Often motorists pour plain water into the tank. In the winter it freezes together with the pump. Its inclusion in this state will damage the armature and the coil. Remember it and use in winter "antifreeze".

fuse pump stekloomyvateli

As you can see, it is difficult to check the pump there is nothing. This also applies to the replacement device. It is desirable to regularly maintain the system. Believe me, over several years of operation of any pump will pick up mud from the reservoir. Because of this, it may be clogged and, of course, will not perform its primary task. Lest a sudden failure while driving, it is advisable not to repair but to change the pump. Although sometimes the Chinese products from the store several times worse than the original, "taganskogo" 10 years. Now you know how to perform the repair of the pump and how to check it. Make it simple, do not need any special tools or skills. This task can handle even a beginner.


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