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For years, any motorist begins to realize that the work and resource of the power unit of any machine depends in most cases from the engine oil. Because of the huge range of oils motorists confused in his choice. And it wouldn't be so bad if from a wrong choice did not suffer the power unit of the vehicle. In this article we will consider motor oil from the company ROLF Lubricants and dealt with feedback from customers.oil Rolf

This engine oil is not fake, so its quality is always on top. Characteristics of the oil "Rolf" have high performance and meet the standards of the more expensive oils. It is worth noting that a reputable company engaged in the production of Mercedes-Benz recommends this oil to be used.

A few words about the products

The history of the emergence of the company in Russia starts in 2015. Then there are oil of «Rolf», able to compete with other brands. The first customers left their feedback about the oil "Rolf", which pointed out that this oil is pretty good and can be used for both new cars and old.

The Largest number of oils are semi-synthetic, synthetic and mineral. Brands are constantly replenished and now the number is 12 lines. Of these, the most popular are:

  • ATF-oil La automatic transmission, by which gears are shifted smoothly;
  • Dynamic – all year round “polysynthetic”;
  • Energy – a viscous semi-synthetic oil of high quality;
  • GT & ndash; “synthetic” through which increases the power of the motor;
  • Optima – mineral oil, helps cleanse the power unit;
  • Transmission – oil for the manual transmission, allowing for less frequent replacement.

Properties of the oils

The company's most popular oil, "Rolf" polysynthetic. Such products are excluded to be used for trucks and other similar equipment. However, ideal for cars and buses.oil Rolf reviews


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The Company tries not only to collect more customers, but also to Refine the quality of all produced liquids. Buyers praised a semi-synthetic oil marked 10W-40. According to reviews, the engine runs perfect. Both diesel engine and gasoline. However, it should be noted that for two of these motors need different oil.

For reviews, oils «Rolf» (synthetic and polysynthetic) capable of withstanding temperatures from -35 to +50 degrees Celsius. The liquid properties are retained even when exposed to aggressive substances.

Motor oil «Rolf» increase life of motor, provides protection against rust and corrosion and if necessary cooled elements of the power unit.

Company «Rolf»: German?

The company ROLF Lubricants has a plant in Germany. All products manufactured there with all the technology, so that the composition looks balanced. A little later opened businesses in Russia. Plant for the production of oils is located in Obninsk and its name – “Obninskorgsintez”. The equipment here is identical to that found in Germany, namely:

  • Circular double-stand.
  • Stands for testing oils on the corrosion properties.oil Rolf polysynthetic reviews

The Company is also engaged in sales of oils. According to reviews, the products are used for different brands of cars, there was a total of about 100 units. Among them are popular brands, and little known.

The Great popularity of the company's products is related, including that the oil is poured into special canisters through which you can learn that the product is original.

The Least popular oil brands Dynamic. Many of the customers indicate that this grade is not suitable for their cars. Studies have shown that this oil helps to improve the operation of the engine, but due to the lack of additives it cleans the engine and contributes to removal of carbon from it. Because of this, and there are negative reviews.

For economical drivers ideal brand Energy and Diesel. It lasts for a longer time than other oils.

Oil for new cars

oil Rolf polysynthetic

Most often in front of the drivers the problem arises: "What to fill: synthetics or semi-synthetics?". Oil "Rolf" the feedback is very good, and experienced professionals have long responded to this question. If the car is made before 1980, then oil with additives will never fit him. They are most noticeable in the “synthetic”. If you pour this oil in the engine of an old car, it will corrode all the elements not made of metal. Because of this, the engine will lose power and start to leak oil.

The company has a special laboratory, where new oil and usovershenstvuetsya already available. Products maximum to fit new cars. As a rule, there are improvements to “synthetic”. This engine oil must be replaced every 10 thousand kilometers.

Transcript labeling

On each container or package with the oil the manufacturer specifies 10W-40. The letter W indicates that the oil must be poured in the winter months. Figure 10 indicates that the products are viscous at low temperatures.


Oil «Rolf» produced in accordance with all requirements and standards. They contribute to the improvement of the protection of the motor from soot and exhaust fumes.

Motor oil «Rolf» can be used for all motors. This increases the life of the engine and its oil filter. Also because of the peculiarities of the oil is reduced fuel consumption.oil Rolf features

Resistance to cold

Various experts from time to time conduct experiments. They drained the oil from the motor car, and placed in a cooling chamber with a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius. After such experiences oil «Rolf» retains its original properties and is suitable for use. So it can be used in the winter without fear.

The Advantage

Motor oil «Rolf» is made using a special additive, so that at contact with air does not undergo any reactions.

However, if any elements of the motor inoperable, even this oil will not help. The engine in any case will not work properly. In this case, you need to immediately contact the service center for repair. If this is not done, eventually the engine will have to change.

Customer Reviews

Motor oil «Rolf» quite popular with motorists. They constantly Express their opinions about products. Many of them use this oil for my vehicle for quite some time. The main advantage, according to buyers, is the ratio of price and quality. However, to select the engine oil should be thoroughly, as was recently reported attempts to counterfeit the products, "Rolf".


At the moment the most popular are synthetic and semi-synthetic oil from the company «Rolf». They are able to maintain their properties practically at all temperatures. Engine oil «Rolf» protects the power unit of the vehicle and helps eliminate soot and soot. The cost of products is quite low.Rolf synthetic oil reviews

The Oil is "Rolf" a very fluid, therefore well protected parts of the car. Cleans the engine from carbon black and soot. This motor oil is trusted and preferred by most modern car owners. Manufacturer oil "Rolf" took care of that in the market of counterfeits, and ensure its quality packaging.


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