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Before winter comes, all motorists are changing summer tires for winter. As a rule, most prefer traditional variations with spikes. For the Russian roads, this option can be considered the most reliable and safe.

In the automotive market, you can find winter tires "Velcro" (their prices you'll find later in the article). Prefer drivers of many cars except for those who likes to use all-season model.

The Principle of operation of the mentioned tyres a little different, but it only adds to the advantages of this type of tires.

Velcro tire


All winter tires are designed for use at temperatures below +7°C. they are Created of a special rubber that is able to keep their properties in specific conditions. In the cold, all of its functions and features are perfectly manifest themselves. It should be noted that the summer tires will harden, accordingly, the driver can easily get into an accident.

Bus "Velcro" the winter (the owner reviews we present in our article) have special patterns on the treads, which are characterized by their tortuosity and waviness. Spikes no. Instead, the manufacturer has provided special notches of the slats.

Characteristics of vehicles when using these tires largely improve and become more stable. They allow you to brake as simply, efficiently and without any difficulty. However, there are nuances, which we will discuss further.

winter tires Velcro price


Examining what tires Velcro or studs better for the winter, should consider in detail all types of first. Scandinavian or Arctic type is characterized by the fact that such models are made of soft materials. But to a European used to include those options, which are made of hard compounds.


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What is the characteristic you need to pay attention to when choosing? The most important is the speed index. As a rule, it is applied to the sidewall of the tire. If the figure is small, it means that it is created from soft materials. His value depends on also the brake way of the car.

 what tires Velcro

Scandinavian type "Velcro"

This tire is created from rubber soft type. It has a huge number of notches of the slats, which we have already touched above. Thanks to these options, the car will be better to move on snow and ice because the traction from the tires the maximum. In some models, from manufacturers it is possible to notice the presence of the silicon chips. This is done to ensure that the tires experienced a better trip on the road covered with ice.

What other features does the bus "Velcro" of this type? The speed index is lower than the European options. This rubber is suitable for those drivers who constantly use the car in the most harsh areas where most snow falls.

European style

These tires are the most stringent. If to speak about the presence of lamellae, in contrast to the Arctic or Scandinavian, they are several times smaller. Protector has received a pattern of ribs and checkers. Thanks to this figure, the grip is much better. So, wondering what tires "Velcro" better in the winter, worth looking at this option.

Models were created in order that the driver can quickly move on the road. If you pay attention to the indexes, they are 210 and 240 km/h. This variant of the tires should be selected in those regions where the winters are not very severe in the matter of rainfall. A special advantage of these models is that they can be used both in winter and in spring or autumn. Even on dry pavement, the tires do not deteriorate, what can be said about analogues with spikes.

Velcro tire reviews winter

Principle of operation

In order to completely understand which tires for the winter - spikes or “Fastener” is better, you need to understand the principle of the latter. Their main layer with microporous rubber. The pores of such models literally stick to the road surface, so the driver can not fear for their health and safety. The braking distance decreases and the handling on a slippery road is improved.

In order to grip maximally effective, the manufacturer has shared a checkered and blocks on the tread on the special notches. They do not go outside the figure, but due to the pressure of the weight of the car lamellae begin to unfold, and tire-Velcro touch snow-covered roads. Due to this effect the model got its name.

Some producers to create tires using fiberglass. Why is it done? To scratch the ice on which the car rides. It also allows the grip to be maximized.

Advantages of friction rubber

These tires have certain properties that allow them to be almost perfect for many drivers. What are you talking about? Friction rubber is made in such a way as not to damage the asphalt and to provide maximum grip with him. On smooth surfaces it moves perfectly. Thanks to these properties, the car can freely, quickly slow down, start moving and enter the turns. Rubber provides security to all its owners. It does not freeze and gives stability.

tires for the winter spikes or Velcro


Even despite the fact that these tyres have a lot of advantages, it should be noted and all faults are allocated by buyers.

Thus, in some circumstances, to exploit these models is prohibited. For example, in the sleet, even the best quality tires friction type will not be able to provide maximum traction. Of course, in this case studded tires are much better. This is confirmed by many a disgruntled customer. They secrete and the reason for this behavior – too soft structure.

When the car begins to accelerate on a road and braking, the notches move in a chaotic manner. The car floats on the road and on dry pavement-slip.

In Addition, customers say that “Sticky” difficult to drive for powerslim coatings and Packed snow roads. When Blizzard, the machine often starts to slip. And dirt roads and those that are rarely cleaned of dirt, these tires will be ineffective.

what tires Velcro better for the winter

Rating tire sticky 2016-2017

In order For the tire was a good buy, you need to choose the right model and manufacturer. Most often used brand tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2. The Finnish manufacturer, have strengthened the market and is considered the developer of high-quality products. Tires allow you to freely accelerate even on roads that are covered with ice. Such characteristics even studded options not.

The Tires are Michelin Latitude X-ice 2 have not once held a high position in the rankings and consistently receive positive feedback from buyers.

To have a great deal riding on ice, snow and dry asphalt you need to choose the manufacturer Michelin. Then the machine can be as comfortable as possible and managed and will be sustained.


In General, the write drivers that these tires are excellent alternative, despite the shortcomings. The main thing - to understand all their nuances. So, not meant to be too fast and aggressive driving. It is best to use them for those who prefer a moderate speed. Some drivers tried bus "Velcro" on various modes of motion and overall satisfaction. Stability is good as is the clutch.

The Main thing when choosing is to understand which model will suit the car more and, of course, you need to avoid counterfeits. You need to choose those models that are created by well-known manufacturers.

which tire is better spikes or Velcro

In conclusion

In the article we find out all the features of winter tyres “Fastener”. The price of such models varies greatly, but on average amounts to 10 thousand rubles. Studless models allow buyers to be free and not depend on pereobuvki his car. That is why many people choose this specific type of tires.

The friction the tyres can ride up to the spring period, without worrying about their condition and about their safety. Many drivers have noted that this studded replacement options will be quite good. You just need to choose your model, that there are no unforeseen circumstances.


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