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Opel Zafira-car, produced by the concern General motors since 1999. During this time the car has undergone several changes – over the 14 years we developed three versions: Zafira A, Zafira and Zafira Tourer, will go on sale in 2011.

The Opel Zafira Tourer is available in 5 models differing in capacity and the engine capacity. Let us consider in detail the technical characteristics and equipment of one of the variants: Opel Zafira Tourer 1,8. This five-door minivan for 5-7 passengers. Accelerate the car for 12.9 seconds to 100 km/h, while its maximum speed is equal to 185 km/h. The minivan has a trunk of large size, the volume of which even when the rear seat is 710 liters. If they are removed, it will increase approximately 2.5 times. The vehicle length is 465,8 cm, height from the extreme point of the body to the bottom of the wheels is equal to 168,5 cm, and its width does not exceed 188,4 see the Van is equipped with a mechanical five-speed transmission. The capacity of its fuel tank is 58 litres. For a hundred kilometers on city roads it consumes 9,7 liters of 95-octane gasoline, while driving in a straight line the consumption is reduced to 5.8 liters, and I have to cycle the consumption is 7.2 l.

Opel Zafira. Owner reviews:

The Attention of potential buyers of Opel Zafira Tourer immediately attracted by the unusual appearance, in particular, non-standard form of headlights “tick”. The car boasts a smooth, sleek lines, stylish modern design. Van looks massive, but not overweight, confident but not aggressive, it can be easily recognized even in dense traffic. The trunk is roomy even with the seats installed.

If you remove the last row of seats, the back is formed by large flat ground, where it will easily fit appliances of medium size. Many owners are attracted to the inner filling and equipping of the Opel Zafira. Reviews show that the easy and pleasant things most include heated rear and side mirrors, front electric Windows, the system will eliminate dead spots, rear wiper, etc. to Set a comfortable temperature at any time of the year helps dvuhsvetny climate control.

The Spacious interior – one more plus for the Opel Zafira. Owner reviews indicate that it can easily fit even large people. Seats conveniently recline and push back, a man high do not have to sit in the driver's seat, pressing my knees to the steering wheel. Some say that the manufacture of the car uses a soft plastic. Conveniently located control panel on the driver side – you can reach any button without taking the back of the chair. Separately pleases the built-in Navigator and audio system in Opel Zafira. The reviews confirm that the car cost consumes fuel and oil when moving around the town. Great dynamics, the car immediately picks up speed at traffic lights, looking up from the row.

The Disadvantages of all cars, is no exception and Opel Zafira. Reviews indicate that most of the gripe is the Russian build quality, namely the gaps in the doors and trunk, play pens and such small imperfections, which, although not conspicuous, but can spoil the impression of the car. As a result of low build quality – the regular minor breakdowns, which are difficult to expect from a car of this class. Owner reviews confirm that often have to repair it in the first months of use. Some say not high enough for our roads, ground clearance of the car scratching against the curbs.

In General, this car can be described as a maneuverable and comfortable, worth the money that asking for it salons. While many, including the level of comfort and reliability, depends on the model and configuration.

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