How to replace the oil seal of the root with their hands?


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With the appearance of a leak in the area of the seals (seals) crankshaft raises the question of their replacement. Ignoring this damage can further aggravate the problem. The oil leaks will become stronger over time, which will lead not only to the need to constantly refill, and will provoke a failure of the engine parts.

Causes of failure

Sometimes the gland the root has a working resource that is equal to 150 thousands kilometers. But it may happen that he would be damaged before the stated period. There are several main reasons why radial cuff, whether front or rear, can be damaged: engine overheating, use of inappropriate lubricants, operation of the engine without the timely replacement of oil and filter. the root sealUsing the parts of the seal is low quality also leads to what may be leaked crankshaft oil seal. Whatever the reason, replacement of seals should not be postponed indefinitely. Due to the fact that the front sealing part is more susceptible to environmental influences (dirt, moisture, dust) and vibrodiagnosis, it often fails earlier than its counterpart at the rear of the motor. But if the trouble only happened with the front seal, change their needs to be paired, as their online the same. If damage to the seal in the center of the pulley can be seen visually, then the second slightly harder – the eye is not defined. Basically, when you wear such you may notice the fact the clutch slip. This is due to the fact that its elements gets oil from the crankcase.

Tools and accessories

For the renovation process you will need:

  • Capacity to drain the oil from the crankcase;
  • Cloth
  • Set of curly and flat screwdriver;
  • Set of spanner (ring, flat, head);
  • Hammer and Dolly.

The Whole replacement process can be performed independently, following the correct sequence of the technological stages of the renovation work. The following describes the methods of dismantling and installing the new indigenous cuffs on the example of VAZ “nine”.

Changing the front seal root

Initially install the machine on a pit or overpass and de-energizes electrical system by removing the negative terminal from the battery. We turn the drain plug from the sump of the engine and performed the oil to drain. For easy access to the engine parts it is possible to remove the front right wheel. When work is carried out alone, in parallel, you can begin to dismantle the generator and its drive. spare parts for VAZNext, you need to remove the plastic protective cover of the timing belt on and start the disassembly after releasing the tensioner mechanism. The sump is also necessary to clean. It is important to say that after removing the timing belt is not recommended to rotate the camshaft and crankshaft, as this will lead to a need to re-install the moment of valve timing and ignition. So to prevent this it is desirable to include the first transfer.


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In the future, dismantle the crankshaft with a ratchet-Unscrew the retaining bolt and tighten it, using two screwdrivers. If the dowel ratchet holds the shaft loosely, it is also recommended to remove. Then remove from the motor musopriani. To do this, Unscrew the two screws fixing it to the boss of the crankshaft and one to the oil pump. Then he dismantle the oil pump by removing the six bolts. Now we have access to the cuff. Using a powerful flat-head screwdriver, remove the root oil seal engine it is seated in the pump cover.

Installing a new radial seal

Just before the installation of the new parts thoroughly rinse the cover in gasoline and wipe it with a rag. Seat cuff pre-lubricated with a thin layer of motor oil. Observing the proper placement of the seal in the lid, set it in place. an indigenous oil seal replacementAdditionally, using a special mandrel, vypressovyvaniem seal root, so it is firmly seated in a technological hole. It is important not to cause damage to lip seal. Then you need to start installation on the engine all removed parts, keeping the entire production sequence process. Despite some difficulties, it is still possible to carry out yourself at home. Of course, it is more convenient to work with a partner.

Quick change

There is another, faster way to replace the lip seal. But it is a bit risky. The method is based on the lack of need to remove the pan, mosapramine and oil pump. Cuff changes directly on the engine. The disadvantage of this method is the inconvenience of the work. In addition, there is a likelihood that the seal will be insufficiently embedded in the oil pump cover. There is a risk of damaging the glossy coating of the crankshaft – accordingly, there is a possibility of new leaks.

Expert Advice

This kind of parts for VAZ should choose with caution and preferably only from authorized dealers. Otherwise, you can purchase and install on the car poor qualitydetail that will lead to its rapid deterioration. In turn, this will entail some additional time and financial costs.

Changing the rear seal root

As a rule, replacement of the rear cuff is carried out along with the replacement of the front. indigenous oil seal engineAs for this part of the engine, here the situation is a little different. It requires removing a large number of vehicle parts. So, to access the seal, first you need to remove from the car the individual elements of the suspension, the gearbox and the clutch basket. Next you need to Unscrew all bolts of fastening of a flywheel and remove it from the crankshaft. When unscrewing the last mounting bolt, remove the retaining splint, and then the flywheel.

After you disassemble the back shield clutch. Vivenciais the bolts for the rear crankcase cover of the engine in the amount of eight pieces and remove it. Remove from motor casing cuff, for convenience, you can use a screwdriver podkovyrnuv it from Carter. Now you can gently remove the old seal root. It is worth noting that a large variety of caps and parts made of aluminum alloy, so you need to treat them carefully so as not to add problems in the form of buying a new part.

Installation of new parts seals

Before installing a new gasket, wipe with a cloth boarding saddle and grease it with oil. Using a mandrel diameter ninety-nine and a hammer, vypressovyvaniem new rear cuff in place. seal rear indigenousTo this stage of the work with caution so as not to damage the element. Once pressed an indigenous oil seal, replace the casing gasket cuff – following a mandatory stage of the work. Old gasket removed (if it is stuck, you can gently cut with a knife), and in its place install a new.

Set the packing box on the engine

During installation not to damage the oil seal root, you need to apply a layer of oil on the surface of the flange of the crankshaft. seal of the radical frontMounting the body of the gasket to its place, we correct the lip of the oil seal with a screwdriver so that she had no fractures. For landing you can use the mallet, but don't get too zealous with it. Next you need to begin to assemble the power unit in the reverse order of the disassembly process. leaking crankshaft oil sealAll works on replacement of seals indigenous can be considered finished.


As you can see, repair the car with such a characteristic failure is possible. To do this, just free time, an appropriate quality tools and spare parts for VAZ, without which the repair can be considered defective. To do the procedure with a partner. But if not, you may well cope on their own.

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