Tools to decarbonize piston rings. Maintenance and repair of motor


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Daily car use in the city – this is a very serious test and load even the most modern engines. Constant switching of the driving modes start / stop, operating on low-grade fuel and other consumables, the process of oil change, not done on the rules – all of this can lead to the need to urgently raskoldoval engine. In automotive chemicals have specific tools to decarbonize piston rings. Let's see what are these substances, how to use them, how effective they are.

Causes of saboxone parts of the combustion chamber

Carbon, which is formed on the piston oil rings in the cylinders does not occur by itself. There are several main reasons that lead to its formation and the need for urgent work on rusconsult. flushing the engine LaurusOne of those – it is a violation of the regulations of the manufacturer of the car questions oil change. Some motorists to conserve flood of low-quality oil. Nagar will be actively formed, if the motor often operates at high temperatures due to insufficient cooling. If the engine is prone to overheating, fast boil, then he must be racconsole. Also the soot is formed by use of low-quality additives. If the car is stood for a long time and not used, before starting the exploitation, professionals recommend to change the oil and use any liquid to decarbonize rings. If the vehicle is used without breaks, and listed problems with it never arose, the rings and other elements of the combustion chamber clogging due to mileage. This usually happens after 300 thousand kilometers.


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How to determine if there is carbon on the rings and in the combustion chambers

To Determine this is quite simple. There are a few typical signs that tell about the problem. If one or more combustion chambers lowering the compression, it points to the charred parts. Also about the need to decarbonize can say increased oil consumption – about 300 grams per 100 km. And finally, you should pay attention to the smoke coming from the exhaust system. It will be either white or blue. If the car is exhibiting those symptoms, then you need urgently to use any available means to decarbonize piston rings. To use the vehicle, whose combustion chambers have carbon deposits, not recommended. Such operation would result in heavy wear of the cylinder group. If you do not perform the procedure of destruction of soot in time, the cylinders may rupture. In this case, the solution to the problem will only overhaul.

Tools to decarbonize engine piston rings

The market Today has lots of different specialized products. The most famous – raskoldoval "Laurel" and production of "XADO". These funds have become popular due to low cost and quite decent consumer characteristics. raskoldoval piston ringsSelecting the tool, note how many cylinders designed capacity. Often, these products are manufactured in small tubes 10-15 ml. of such a tube should suffice only on one cylinder. Buying raskoldoval piston rings, you should also pay attention to the type of motor, for which the suitable means.

"Laurel ML-202"

It is also fairly well-known product. The product comes in liquid form and intended for CIP cleaning of all parts of the cylinder group of carbon. The manufacturer claims that it is a means to decarbonize the piston rings will be able to thoroughly clean rings and grooves. This will restore the characteristics of compression and also remove harmful deposits from the surface of the combustion chamber. Another product is able to eliminate pre-ignition and detonation.
raskoldoval LaurelThe Drug is available in packages with a volume of 185 ml. This will be enough to clean soot from engine capacity to two litres. For engines with a large volume of proposed packaging in 330 ml. In fact, raskoldoval Laurel – drug of high enough quality. And it is very nice because it is made completely in Russia. "Laurel ML-202" really has all the properties declared by the manufacturer.

How it works

When the liquid enters the cylinder of the engine, on hot the motor is formed of a special steam cap. racconsole rings keroseneIt affects the sediments. The liquid then seeps through the piston, removes carbon deposits. Within one hour racconsole of the rings "Laurel" is able to turn deposits into loose formation, which easily flies out of the cylinder and is then burned.

Purifier “Vince”

This product is designed to restore compression due to dissolution and complete removal of soot and deposits from the cylinder walls and valves. The manufacturer reports the following characteristics: the product can restore the mobility of the valves, and can also prevent detonation. The tool is able to dissolve and remove deposits from the cylinder walls, and piston ring grooves. Alsoremoves the plaque inside the intake manifold. This product is raskoldoval piston rings. Is applied using special equipment. tools to decarbonize piston ringsIf you follow exactly the instructions of the manufacturer, this squad will be pleased with the result.

Liqui Moly OiI-Schlamm-Spulung

This product cleans the engine of carbon through the lubrication system. The drug removes sludge, reduces deposits on the parts of piston system. The composition is able to restore the mobility of the rings. Claimed and restoring compression, along with cleaning oil passages. The composition is suitable for use both petrol and diesel engines. In fact, such funds to decarbonize piston rings are not that other, as an additive in the lubrication system. liquid to decarbonize the ringsWith regard to the effect of the application, the tests show zero results. The tests showed no changes in the readings of kompressometra. Therefore, we can easily conclude that this drug is ineffective.

Traditional methods

Products to decarbonize that offer motorists marketers do not always have special. Very often the product is a mixture of acetone and kerosene. You can make yourself. So, mix two parts acetone and one part of kerosene at the rate of 150 ml per cylinder. Racconsole rings kerosene – a very effective method.

Fluid motor

Along with the means to decarbonize, sales there are also liquid for washing the whole engine. Each motor during operation of the formed soot and tar. During the working process of the power unit lubricant oxidizes and forms a film on the parts of the lubrication system. To her stick other contamination. Over time, these films turn into carbon deposits. All of this leads to wear and tear. Especially dangerous are the deposits that accumulated in the pressure reducing valves, lifters, mesh maslozavodska. racconsole rings LaurusTo deal with these deposits, there is a special engine flushing "Laurel". This preparation will remove all the accumulated deposits and give the motor a second youth. There is a whole series of these funds. These fluids with different efficiency clean the motor of carbon. Funds must be poured into the lubrication system of the vehicle. For example, flushing the engine with “Laurel Suite” is ideal for all types of motors. It gently and safely cleans any deposits. Liquid especially suitable for those units that have not washed for a long time.


Racconsole promotes long and reliable operation of the engine. Is to clean the engine from deposits and fouling, which leads to increased wear of parts and assemblies. You can apply the self-made liquid to either use the factory drugs that have proven themselves (for example, the production "Laurel").

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