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To Drive with headlights in the daytime was solved long ago. It is believed that the headlamps will contribute to vehicle safety on roads, although some studies have shown that the lights, burning the day, especially not affect the statistics of road accidents. Therefore, in the US daytime lights on the car are considered optional.

Running lights

Running lights car — this special light devices that perform the function of improving the car's visibility during the day. However, it is impossible to use dimensions instead of the daytime running lights. Tail lights perform the function of designation of dimensions of vehicles in the night time.

In comparison with the low beam lights, daytime lights have many advantages:

• Increased levels of vehicle safety. Transport, which is equipped with daytime running lights better recognized by other drivers on the road, I wouldn't say the low beam lights that illuminate only the road and less visible to oncoming drivers. Manufacturers running lights say that using them in the daytime contributes to the reduction of accidents by 10 -15%.

• power Consumption. In navigation lights, unlike driving lights, uses LEDs, which consume virtually no power when in use. In addition, when you turn on the daytime lights will not turn on instrument panel illumination (as in the case of near and far light).

• Increase the service life of appliances and lighting systems. Prolonged use of the passing lights drivers have to change lamps more often than those who use daytime lights. In the daytime the lights are installed, the LEDs of increased lifetime-up to 10 thousand hours. In addition, these LEDs did not require any maintenance.daytime running lights hella


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• Automatic on and off. When you use low beam during the day, you can forget to turn it off. But in led running lights have automatic on and off. It also helps to reduce the energy consumption of the car. 

The Only drawback of running lights – their high cost. For such a seemingly small device will have to pay at least $ 100, plus the cost of its installation.

Today the most popular manufacturer of led navigation lights is the Hella company. In many countries (late 1990s) there was a question about equipping all vehicles running lights.Running lights car

The Company "Hella" (Hella) one of the first in the world market has offered its products.

At the moment, daytime running lights Hella manufactured in various configurations, through the use of modern led technology. Fluorescent lights, that offers its buyers the firm "Hella", can have round, rectangular, and even longitudinal shape. It should be noted the products of this company model "Ledayflex" adapted almost for all brands and models of modern cars. In addition, these navigation lights 10 times more economical than the ordinary dimensions.

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