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Crossovers are now gaining increasing popularity among drivers around the world due to its practicality, solidity and respectability. Of course, car manufacturers do not miss the opportunity to fill a niche in this segment of the market and therefore are developing new models of cars in different price categories. How to choose a good crossover to 1,000,000 rubles? We will now consider 3 options that are sure to interest buyers in this price category: Kia Sportage, Nissan Qashqai and Toyota RAV 4. Go!

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Kia Sportage

In 2014 the world saw the new facelifted Kia Sportage. In the external design of large-scale changes have occurred, however, several targeted improvements have given our hero a more modern and sporty look: the updated grille, aggressive front optics, elegantly concave sides, shark fin and other updates. In terms of the dimensions of the Kia Sportage remained the same. The interior has also undergone minor improvements: a new and pleasant to the touch materials appeared led illumination center console and an updated instrument panel with integrated TFT display. As for the optional set, then the Kia Sportage is already in the basic version will please the owner with a complete set of safety features, powerful audio system, air conditioning, trip computer, power Windows, and different gadgets which will help you to make the trip more comfortable. Top version will get more and Bluetooth, climate and cruise control, heated front and rear seats, leather interior and other nice additions. As you can see, the Kia Sportage can be an excellent purchase if you are looking for a crossover to 1000000. Finally add a few words about the technical part of the car. Choose from a range of 4 engines (1 petrol and 3 diesel). The petrol engine is 2.0 liters in volume and 150 HP It is aggregated 6-step "automatic" or the same 6-item manual transmission. 3 diesel engine have the same volume of 2.0 liters, but produce different power. The first one has 136 HP and 320 Nm of torque, egregious only "mechanics". The second engine produces the same power (136 HP), however, shows the best torque - 373 Nm. It is aggregated only "automatic". The last of the motors has 184 HP and produces 392nm of torque. If you want to buy a crossover to 1,000,000 rubles, and for the base version of the Kia Sportage with front wheel drive you will have to pay about 910 thousand rubles, then look at this car.


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crossover to 1000000

Toyota RAV4

With the advent of the new generation RAV4, the Japanese decided to radically change his appearance, which became more attractive and aggressive. Now the machine is suitable not only for drivers middle-aged or older, but will appeal to young drivers. Photo auto you can see below, in order to personally evaluate its beauty. The interior of the crossover have also been modified: the driver will appreciate the high quality materials, superior ergonomics and sleek look of various gadgets. As for space, you will feel comfortable as passengers and the driver. Will not disappoint you and an optional set of Toyota RAV4, which will be able to offer everything that is necessary for the modern driver. As regards the technical characteristics, in our country the car is offered with 3 engines (1 diesel and 2 petrol). The only diesel unit makes 150 HP and 2.2-liter volume. It is also worth noting that it is highly economical, because in combined cycle "eats" about 6.5 liters per 100 km, which is quite a good result. The maximum speed reaches 185 km/h, which should be enough even avid "racers". Junior petrol engine delivers 146 HP at a volume of 2 liters. The second has a volume of 2.5 liters and 180 HP I would like to mention the very wide variability transmission: 6-speed "mechanics" and "automatic" as well as innovative stepless variator Multidrive S. Here in front of you and another great crossover up to 1,000,000 rubles, which have already found a considerable number of followers.

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Configuration and cost

In Russia, the car comes in 5 different trim levels. For a standard edition will have to pay approximately 995 thousand roubles. Behind her is a Comfort, the price starts with a mark of 1.2 million rubles. For the version "Comfort+" you will pay 1.16 million rubles (4 x 2) and 1.36 mln in 4x4. 4 line is "elegance+" at the price of 1,378 million rubles, the top version is worth 1,467 million

Nissan Qashqai

Once it "Qashqai" was one of the first car, which started the era of crossovers. It's been a long time, and competitors have released their own models, but Nissan still holds a leading position in this segment. In 2014 in Russia there was an updated Qashqai of the second generation, which we will discuss now in more detail. If you choose the crossover to 1000000, we will take a closer look to this model. The latter does not please us global changes, as it only slightly altered. But salon has become much more attractive: the design was improved, the place has become a little more chair got practicality and ergonomics has reached a new level. It is worth mentioning the increase of the Luggage compartment up to 430 litres, which is enough for overfamily travel. As for the specifications, the Qashqai is available in Russia with three different engines. The youngest is a 1.2-liter engine capacity of 115 HP, This car is perfect for trips around town, but to go on a picnic you will always have time. For this version, the Japanese provided 6-station manual gearbox, while hundreds of Nissan, it takes some 11 seconds. Will not disappoint fuel consumption, which in combined cycle consumes 6,2 liters. Behind this engine is another 2-liter petrol unit, which is capable of reaching 144 HP with regard to transmission, then this option is aggregated 6-senior "mechanics" or Xtronic CVT CVT. Here the fuel consumption a bit more and reaches to 7.7 liters. Finally the last and only diesel engine - a 1.6-liter engine with a power of 130 HP engine is aggregated only transmission is a modernized version of the Xtronic CVT CVT. Fuel consumption is very economical - in the city is limited to 5.6 liters on the track 4,5.

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The Price and configuration

Crossovers 2014 of up to 1,000,000 rubles (Nissan Qashqai) are available in Russian in three variants (XE, from 848 thousand, SE - 920, SE+ from 960) and there are 3 models above 1 million (LE - 1 217 000, LE+ - 1 242 000, LE Sport - 1336 000). The main differences between the versions are different cosmetic variations (leather, fabric finish, etc.), specifications and the optional set. More expensive variations are also equipped with 19-inch wheels, panorama roof, rails, etc.)

2014 crossovers to 1000000

Crossovers to 1000000. New models

Of Course, this is not all crossovers that you can buy with a million budget. You can mention other models: Suzuki SX4, Nissan Juke, Hyundai IX35, Mitsubishi ASX, Subaru Forester, Peugeot 4008, Ford Kuga and others. There is a version cheaper, you can buy for 500-600 thousand rubles: Lifan X60, Geely Emgrand X7, Renault Duster, Chery Tiggo. As you can see, the choice is quite wide. Of course, it is impossible to determine the best crossover to 1,000,000, because each car always has its pros and cons. Rather, the choice is the buyers themselves.

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