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KAMAZ – perhaps the most famous in Russia plant for production of large trucks. One of the first models-KAMAZ-5320. This truck is the most popular. Even now it can be found on the roads of Russia. But there was still a lot of modifications to built on its base. One of these - KAMAZ-53212. Specifications, photos and features of this car – further in our article.


So, what is this car? KamAZ-53212 – onboard large-capacity truck with wheel formula 6 x 4. The machine is an elongated modification of 5320 and was founded on its basis. For the first time this truck rolled off the Assembly line in 1979. Remarkably, the serial production of the car did not stop after the collapse of the USSR and lasted until 2002. This model is capable of operating at extremely low and high temperatures, used in conditions of high humidity, and at altitudes up to three kilometers above sea level. Therefore were created on the base of the truck KAMAZ-53212 military vehicle designed for transportation of cargo and personnel.


Looks Like this machine, the reader can see in the photo in the article. One glance at the exterior, it becomes clear that the truck has a minimum of differences from the base model 5320. If you look closely, you'll notice a longer database. Otherwise, it is two identical cars. Note that the model 53212 is universal. It was established not only side of the body. Also the Trucks came with all-metal vans, there were tankers. Often you can find the KAMAZ-53212-grain. And some carriers are installing here tilts the body of the trucks-foreign cars (one example can be seen in the photo below).


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Mainly used KAMAZ-53212 with trailer GKB, which had the same size. Flooring the truck and trailer wood. The hitch is hinged to the Board with the ability to set the frame for the awning.

In the mid-90s, the truck has undergone little change. So, at the Kama automobile plant has been the new cabin. She had “blind” grille. But head optics is located in the metal bumper. Still the cabin is equipped with a windshield in two parts with a Central bulkhead. Also, do not change the shape of the doors and the roof.

KAMAZ 53212 grain

The Cab of the first sample was well-protected from corrosion. However, the models of last years of release much rust – say the owners. Especially corrosion exposed grille and the lower part of the cabin.

Dimensions, ground clearance

The Total length of the truck is of 8.53 meters. Width-2.5, height-3.8 meters. Clearance – 28 cm. Track width – and 1,85 2,02 meters to the front and rear axis respectively. The dimension of Shin - 9.00R20. High ground clearance – one of the main advantages of this truck. The machine can be used for different types of pavement. Also well suited for the transportation of grain.


The cabin Design is identical to the model 5320, that is, has not changed since the beginning of 1970-ies. The interior is designed for three people, including two passengers. KamAZ-53212 also equipped with a sleeping bag. The driver's seat-sprung, with adjustable length and inclination of the backrest. Compared to other trucks, the KAMAZ cabin in those years was one of the most comfortable and safe (even equipped with belts). But by modern standards, the interior can be described as uncomfortable and not ergonomic.

KAMAZ 53212 cabin

The Wheel dvuhsvetny without adjustment. The front panel is made from metal. On the flap is a pair of gauges and the air pressure sensor in the system. By the way, the last one standing sound detector. When air in the system had little in the cabin heard a distinctive sound.


KAMAZ-53212 in the course of all years of release were equipped with a single engine. It is diesel naturally aspirated eight-cylinder unit KAMAZ-740.10. This V-twin engine with a mechanical injection pump. In volume 10 of 857 cubic centimetres it developed 210 horsepower power. The bore and stroke of the pistons were the same and equal to 120 millimeters. The motor has a 16-valve layout that is each cylinder had two valves (one intake and exhaust). Today, many of the units have already exhausted their resources. It is therefore not surprising that such KAMAZ high oil consumption. As for fuel consumption, stable numbers here. It all depends on the correct configuration of the fuel high-pressure pump, as well as the workload of the vehicle and the availability of the trailer. Thus, the flow rate can be from 30 to 45 liters per 100 kilometers. The resource of the power unit overhaul – 200 thousand kilometers. The engine can be repaired up to four times.

KAMAZ 1987 engine

Cooling System at KAMAZ worked automatically. There is viscous coupling, which independently activates the cooling fan if necessary. In SOD is used antifreeze a-40. The system works onthe closed type and has a few contours with two thermostats. Regarding SOD, the owners have not expressed complaints. It works without problems. The car is not boiling and feels good at low temperatures.


This car had a manual transmission into five stages with two-stage divider. The remote, when using a mechanical drive. For shifting a separate pneumatic actuator. Box as the engine KAMAZ-53212, is not always in good condition. Today's copies have problems at the checkpoint. This deterioration of the synchronizers, and other intermediate shafts.

KAMAZ photo

The driveline on a truck includes 2 tubular shaft. Joints are needle bearings. The latter should be lubricated with a margin for lifetime extension. Transfer of fixed bridges is also a double. However, the gears are different kinds of teeth. The average bridge is equipped with a lockable differential axles.


The car is equipped with a Front dependent suspension. This pivot beam with telescopic shock absorbers and semi-elliptic leaf springs. A rear suspension balancers.

Model 53212: photos, features

The ends of the leaf springs is made on a sliding type. The car was staffed chamber 20-inch radial tires with a standard tread pattern. The wheels on the KAMAZ have no discs and not balanced. And as a stopper used side and a key ring.

The Brakes and steering

Brake system includes several mechanisms:

  • Working.
  • Auxiliary.
  • Parking.
  • Spare.

All wheels are drum mechanisms with a diameter of 420 millimeters. Brakes-pneumatic. With the use of handbrake in the works include spring brake chambers. They blocked the pads on the middle and rear axles of the vehicle. The brake assist system is activated with a special button. Air swings by a compressor and stored in receivers, pre-purged of condensate.

53212 description, features

The Steering box is a gearbox with power steering. The design is very reliable and seldom breaks down. The wheel spins without much effort. But because of age, these Trucks have to be regularly pulled up. The machine is constantly "looking for a road”.


At the moment, KAMAZ-53212 can be purchased on the secondary market. The cost differs because each model has a different body, and sometimes additional equipment (we are talking about the cranes-manipulators).

KAMAZ 1987 front view

So, the simplest version with a Board body affordable 200-350 thousand rubles. KamAZ containers or bodies from trucks-cars cost about 400-500 thousand. But the version with manipulators can be bought for one million rubles.

In conclusion

So, we found out that a KAMAZ-53212. Despite the cessation of production, this machine is still in demand. Basically, buy it for the transport of grain crops, using together with a trailer. For these purposes, the machine is ideal. The truck has a simple device and very maintainable. However, the reliability remains in question, since the average age of the machine – for about 30 years.

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