How to repair window regulator on modern cars?


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The Electric Windows on the cars are broken very rarely, can not be said about domestic cars. The last mechanism is very unreliable and can fail at any time. Foreign models all exactly the opposite. However, in any case breakage occurs, and from them nobody is insured. Even the owners of imported cars. So in today's article we will try to tell about all stages of removing and repairing the part.

repair window

How to remove and how to adjust the window regulator VAZ?

For starters, let's discuss a little preparation. Because the repair window requires the intervention of the electrician before you start work, you need to disconnect the negative battery terminal. So you can be sure that when removing the parts in the machine there will be no short circuit.

And now go to work. The first step is to Unscrew the four fixing screws of the gearmotor window. Next you need to remove the cover and remove the counter shaft gear. Then Unscrew the 2 bolts and remove the housing parts from the fixtures. The place of installation of the motor wires is necessary to mark, that during Assembly the parts are not any misunderstandings. Further, the repair window is accompanied by the removal of the part from the pads. After we disconnect the gear case from the motor and knock the to change a lock window For this we need to clamp the shaft in a vise and using a small hammer gently knock the required detail. It is desirable that it was protected by any rubber gasket, as the metal could severely damage the anchor. Next we need to remove the plastic guard, which is located at the end of the shaft. Then treat the rear bushing with a special liquid and remove it with a hammer. This process also should be done carefully.


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If the parts of rust, be sure its correct, so how to change a lock window otherwise we are unlikely. The same applies to the armature shaft. To handle corrosive surface should be in two stages. First, we remove the top layer of rust with sandpaper, and then wipe all of the gasoline. Then you should put repaired the bushing into the housing window. This is done in a similar way – hammer blows through the rubber lining. But the repair window does not end there. Next, push the brushes into the holder and fix them with wires. After that set cleaned of rust anchor in the housing. Then, unrolling the wire and check their contact with the collector. Returned plastic the emphasis in the shaft end. The last item is processed with new grease. how to adjust the window regulator VAZThe Sealant need to move so that the gap between terminals does not exceed 5 centimeters. Further back, connected the wires to the electric motor. Driven gear mounted in the housing and all is closed by a cover. The penultimate step is the connection of the housing of the window motor to the shaft. Now check the operation of the mechanism and the connected pad. All the work is completed.

As you can see, repair the power window can be produced with your own hands, without resorting to the service station.

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