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The Fourth generation vans ‘VW Transporter” first appeared back in 1990. The model has been so successful that mass production has decided not to close. So, auto “VW Transporter T4” was produced until 2003. After that he was replaced by a fifth generation of light-duty trucks. For things like motorists “Transporter T4" photo and review of the car – further in our article.


For the 1990 this car looked very modern. Then in high esteem were sharp chopped forms. The design of the car was not expressive and flowing lines. It is easy working “horse”, which must reliably perform its function – to carry small things and materials. The design was not in the first place, as it is now. The machine was used extensively in urban services in Germany. In old movies, by the way, you can see police and collector "T4".

T4 TransporterAlso note that the car was manufactured in several body versions. Was a short and a long modification (see picture above). Thus, the body length ranged from 4.7 to 5.1 meters, and height – from of 1.94 to 2.43. The width of all modifications was unchanged – 184 cm. In all there are six versions of the car «VW Transporter T4”. The car was offered with double or single cabin, with side body or platform for the installation of different elements. No less demand and passenger vans ‘VW Transporter T4” with panoramic Windows. They are called “Multivan” and was powered by a separate motor, which we will mention in the review.

Body Geometry

In Spite of such angular shape and rectangular optics, the car is very cute and - most importantly – with the lowest drag coefficient. The body geometry is designed so that this parameter does not exceed 0,36 CX. For machines of this class it was some kind of record. Is there a problem with the body of the car “Transporter T4”? Owner reviews notes that the metal is perfectly protected from corrosion. So, the manufacturer has Zinkova bar rotor body and the inner cavity (including thresholds) filled with hot wax, which delayed the onset of corrosion. Transporter T4 specificationsHowever, twenty years later, rust started to appear in places "sandblasting". It's the sills and wheel arches. Also, the corrosion was between the second and third window. However, end-to-end rot is not even on the bottom, and this is a big plus for a machine this age.


The Inner part of the car «VW Transporter T4” has been made simply and without frills. VW Transporter T4Design – typical of the time. Simple angular forms and a minimum of inserts. Owner reviews have noted one peculiarity. Despite the fact that the machine was manufactured in 90-m to year, the ergonomics here at the level of modernity. All the buttons and controls are most convenient for the driver. Also inside are many compartments and drawers. Chairs – moderately hard and with good lateral support. For convenience, these seats are often installed in domestic ‘gazelles” and “earth”. Passenger modification was designed for 9 people including the driver. As for the truck ‘VW Transporter T4”, the characteristics of the load was 1,200 pounds. That was enough for a car of this class. T4 Transporter reviewsWith the transport of goods machine handled “excellent” - mark owners. By the way, in passenger versions, the salon has the possibility of transformation. The seatbacks can be folded into a table. And when transporting bulky things and did remove them from the slide. Fortunately this is done very quickly.


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The Fourth generation of “Transporter” staffed by different engines. Among the petrol was units with capacity from 2 to 2.5 liters. They were given power 84-115 horsepower. But in most cases, “Volkswagen T4 Transporter” came with diesel engines. So, in the basic configuration it was powered by a 68-strong unit with a displacement of 1.9 liters. T4 Transporter photoBut the most successful is a 2.5-liter diesel engine, which developed 110 forces power.


It is worth noting the power unit for the passenger version "of Multivan”. This “Volkswagen T4 Transporter” staffed petrol six-cylinder engine of 2.8 liters. The unit was distinguished by V-shaped placement of the cylinders and developed the power to 204 horsepower. These characteristics is enough for everything, even in modern conditions. To disperse hundreds took 11 and a half seconds. The maximum speed is 194 km / h.


Here we use double wishbone independent suspension. In the back – telescopic dampers and helical springs (not on all versions). Circle disc brakes. Control mechanism – rack, also comes with power steering. Reviews note the presence of weak standsstabilization. Silent blocks and levers sold as a set, and replacing them will cost a round sum (though this should be done once every 200 thousand kilometers). The rest of the suspension is not requires the attention, and pleased with the reliable operation.


Basically “Volkswagen T4 Transporter” was equipped with a five-speed “mechanics”. However, in the line were 4-speed “machine”. How reliable is the drivetrain in the car “Transporter T4”? Repair box (partial) is required after 150 thousand miles. Over time, out of order, fluoropolymer sleeve scenes. Also, on output shaft “cuts” the fifth gear, which damaged the bearings. If the transmission was equipped with the intermediate suspended support, you should pay attention to the omentum. It can flow.Transporter T4 repairAs for the service, according to the manufacturer, the oil in the manual transmission is filled for the whole period of operation. But since the car more than 20 years, motorists are recommended to still replace the grease (better in a hundred thousand). As for auto boxes (which “Carriers” the 4th generation is very small), here oil change should be done every 60 thousand. Otherwise, come out of the torque Converter.


Motorists speak about the car «Volkswagen T4 Transporter” is very positive. Despite its age, the machine continues to please its reliability. Fourth “Transporter” copes in the conditions of Russian winter, does not require frequent repairs, has a sturdy body that does not rot. Through the front drive machine is easily operated, the suspension works well holes and bumps. Insulation performed at a decent level. auto VW T4 TransporterAmong the disadvantages is the lack of new parts. If they manage to find the item, the only disassembly (except consumables). 1.9 liter motor is very weak dynamics. If you buy, it is a 2.5-liter unit. Another problem – it's the damper clutch. Its resource is quite large, but to 300-400 thousand it requires replacement. The price of the damper clutch is 600-800 dollars. Also over 20 years of SAG hinge doors.

Cost car

At the moment the machine is sold on the secondary market for 150-400 thousand rubles. The price depends greatly on condition, modification (as there were short and long versions) and the technical “toppings”. However, after the purchase to prepare for the fact that many items will go under the replacement. Only after qualitative repair this car again will please its (new) owner.


Now, we find out what constitutes “Volkswagen T4 Transporter”. As you can see, this machine is worthy of attention. However, if the budget allows, it is better to purchase the fifth generation of the “Transporter” with an updated range of engines and modern design. This car will be less demanding on maintenance. Also, the owners are skeptical about using automatic transmission. It should not be on a truck.

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