What is the rear hub bearing, how it works and how to replace it?


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Suspension system has many functions, the main of which – ensuring drivability. The machine is maneuverable and safe, it is supplied with a special rotary fist and a wheel hub between the axles. So they have been the most reliable, and includes two of the bearing. Both parts can differ in size and cost, but their design remains unchanged. Front and back detail have a conical shape. Although some motorists argue that the rear hub bearing are easier to operate than the front. To finally figure out the answer to this question in today's article we will discuss all the features of the part.rear hub bearing

First, let's look at the design of this element. As we have seen, the rear bearing has a conical shape. So – it is fastened to the axle with a special nut or thrust washer. The stronger will tighten this item, the denser will snuggle up rollers. This makes it possible to eliminate the possibility of backlash mechanism.how to change the rear hub bearing

So why is the rear hub bearing is more easy to operate?

The design of the front and rear details are very similar to each other, but here are the differences. The fact that the rear hub bearing has no knuckle, so it is more easy to operate. Now cars install some data type components:

  • Radial ball bearings (often with dependent suspension);
  • Conical (for independent).

First different from the second mechanisms that do not have the ability to adjust the degree of pressing rollers to the clips. They are much cheaper, and you can buy them in any town.


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Why the rear bearing goes down?

It Often happens that the part fails due to hit its body the dust of the road. This can happen due to the leaked oil, but most often it happens due to the fact that the hub hits the water. Well, from hitting a puddle no one is immune. It turns out that it is best to have in the trunk a couple of the parts to one day not to go home on the tow truck. But to have a set of new items – that's half the battle. You should also know how to change the rear hub bearing. Therefore, we provide a small instruction on removing and installing this part.replacing the hub bearing rear wheel

Replacement hub bearing rear wheel – step by step process

First remove the protective cap of a nut of fastening of the hub and drop the torque on the wheel bolts and the mechanism. Then take the Jack and raise the car 5-10 centimeters. We should not forget about the additional support. Next, include the first gear and put the underlay under the front wheels. Then, remove the wheel, brake drum and pads. Next, using the puller to dismount the hub from the axle and inner bearing race. The next step will be removing the snap ring and then the bearing. All mechanisms are carefully washed, and the hub pressed into the new part. Rear hub bearing is installed in reverse order.

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