How to set the subwoofer in the car? Stepwise description of the process


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Subwoofer – the dream of many car owners. With this device you can immensely enjoy tones of music and watch the envious eyes of other drivers. But after the purchase and installation of this device should not relax, so how to install a subwoofer in the car – this is half the battle. He sounded good, you need it correctly to to configure the subwoofer in the car

After purchasing this device, almost all motorists are asking “how to set the subwoofer in the car”. The answer you will learn in today's article.

In the first place after you install this tool you need to reset all the settings on the head unit. After that you should choose the position of the LPF on the amplifier filter for the channel, and to set the required frequency (about 50-70 Hz). After this it is necessary to transfer the filter to the front channel to position HPF. The mechanism is on the amplifier. Channel frequency must not be less than 70 and not more than 90 Hertz.

If you use passive division, at this stage, the question “how to set the subwoofer in the car” for you to be completed. However, if you use per-channel amplification, ahead of you will do a lot more work, because, in addition to the amplifier, have to separately configure the speakers. In this case, set the filter channel to position HPF and tuning it to a frequency of 2500 Hz.

Then you configure the sensitivity of the speakers. For this resettable frequency of the amplifier to zero, and the volume of the sound is brought to the maximum. Then turn the sensitivity control upwards. If after these settings you notice that the sound is distorted, reduce the value of the to install a subwoofer in the car

After all that check the quality of the work. Ideally, the sound should come from the subwoofer without any distortion and interference. But even if the music sounds good, the question “how to set the subwoofer in the car” has not been exhausted. Pay special attention to the moment of switching off the audio system. If you hear a foreign sound in the form of POPs or clicks, know the speakers is a hindrance for the signal. To resolve this problem, check the wiring of the entire system. Remember that you need not only to be able to set up speakers, but also correctly install a subwoofer with their hands in the car. If necessary, move the wires to another location. If in the back of there basses, and this should not be, connect the device in opposite phase to the amplifier. To do this, you have to turn 180 degree phase switch located on the subwoofer. If you do not have such, you can simply switch between wire connections speakers “+” and “-”. Then you will emerge with a feeling that music comes not from behind, and from the middle of the cabin. No noise and distorted sounds from the subwoofer will not be reached.subwoofer with their hands in the car

This adjustment speakers can be considered completed. After performing these steps, you'll no longer wonder “how to set the subwoofer in the car”.

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