Tracks for the snowmobile and their application


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Snow motorcycles are an increasingly popular type of technology in our country. In the Northern regions they are used often and in large quantities for a long time. However, in recent years fashion has come to the middle band, as well as the mountainous areas of the South. Snowmobiles no longer be exclusively a vehicle for work purposes, increasingly they are used in excursions for tourists, the forest hunting, winter fishing. Sometimes even sporting events.

The Most essential item - tracks for snowmobiles

caterpillars for snowmobilesThe Quality of adhesion of the vehicle from the ice coating - the most important of its technical characteristics. It depends on the speed of movement, and all its possibilities. Tracks for the snowmobile are in this respect crucial. After extreme races or long journeys on snow-covered road they fail. The bulk of owners are not ready to buy each season's new accessories. After all, the old yet “breathe”. And yet, if the driver needs more traction on slopes, deep snow or treacherous ice, he owes something to buy in a special shop. Not every product is stocked all at once, which is useful in harsh conditions. This is the opinion of Eric VOG - owner of the largest company on production of equipment for mountain sports personally involved in developing, testing and configuring shegolkov. There is an important rule. Tracks for the snowmobile each time should be chosen based on the terrain and travel conditions in the snow. Well-chosen detail fundamentally changes the driving performance of the machine in the direction of greater efficiency.


caterpillar for snowmobile BuranIn our days there are three main types of construction trucks associated with its length and width. Suspension those snowmobilers who climb mountains have a length of 358 inches, and running on the open plains - 412 centimeters. Wide track is needed, where is the deep forest, for example in the hollows. They give stability to the whole unit. Tracks for snowmobiles with narrower size proved themselves on the slopes. On flat terrain handling is radically improved thanks to the reverse indicator. The problem is that then the transport becomes much heavier.


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Today, in many ways demonstrates this trademark. Market analysts have noticed that the ‘steel deer” domestic production is breaking all sales both in Russia and in the CIS countries. Powerful and noisy, it is positioned as the main means of transportation in the far North and Siberia. Stories about the patency of the oldest Russian snowmobile passed from mouth to mouth. Let us talk about the features.

The Caterpillar for snowmobile “storm” has a unidirectional pattern that improves the parameters on the cross. It is enhanced with the use of silicone additives of the cord with a triple margin of safety. It allows you to withstand loads several times exceeding the norm. Unique rubber layer forms the ground end, the second layer prevents stretching of the caterpillar, which in total consists of seven plates. In addition to the silicone this includes fabric and plastic. All this increases the effect of strength. In length the track “storm” has nearly 290 cm, which has a positive effect on its maneuverability, but the track width is almost standard for all countries, the number 40. Snowmobile is in no way inferior to their countrymen “the forest” and “Lynx”.

Club “DIY”

homemade caterpillar for snowmobileHomemade caterpillar for snowmobile is the only way out for poor owners winter vehicle. As time has shown, despite masternet production, it has a decent resource of survival. The simplest version of it - Bush roller chain or conveyor feed.

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