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Model "Mazda РХ7" of the photos that are present in the article represents a legendary sports car, produced between 1978 and 2002, the eponymous Japanese company. In the original version the machine is packaged with two-piece rotary-piston engine, designed by German designer Felix Wakelam.Mazda РХ7

First generation

In 1977, the leaders of the company Mazda has decided to cease production of obsolete in technical and moral terms, modification “РХ3”. Her shift was supposed to match the reality of that time, the car, the test sample which has already passed the test. A year later, the production version of new items, called “Mazda РХ7”. Characteristics of the machine gave the developers all the reasons to count on big sales. In particular, under its hood could be installed two version of the power plant – petrol rotary engines, the volume of which amounted to 1.1 and 1.3 liters. The buyer offers two gear boxes – “automatic” the three-stage and four-speed “mechanics”. New has been produced only in one version of the body – a compartment.

The Japanese company has shared the release of their debut generation car for three series. Each new version differed from the earlier version some of the technical and stylistic nuances. Along with this, all of them were inherent thing in common – a long hood with a retractable head lights.Mazda РХ7 photo

Second generation

In 1986, in serial production was launched a second generation model "Mazda РХ7”. Technical characteristics of the car has changed a bit. More specifically, it is now can be outfitted with a 1.3-liter naturally aspirated or turbocharged power unit. The first version of the motor was intended exclusively for export, and the second – only for domestic market. Exterior news has been mostly the designer of the Japanese company Akio of Uchiyama, which was inspired by the appearance of the Porsche 944. The idea of the production car series is preserved in the second generation.


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In 1988, the model debuted in the back of a convertible. A feature of the roof of this modification is that the design consisted of a metal front and woven back, has a window heated.Mazda РХ7 specifications

Third generation

The Third generation of the car «Mazda РХ7”, which became and last appeared in 1992. The car was built on a platform with a shorter wheelbase. As a result, the novelty became shorter and lower. The style of the model inherent in the previous generations, the designers have kept. However, in the design began to dominate sleek lines that have a positive impact on agility. «Mazda РХ7” has acquired an outstanding forward front spoiler, while the headlamps with rotary signs were combined into one unit. Another interesting innovation in the exterior was the presence of curved rear window that opens with the tailgate.

The Designers a bit of a makeover and the interior of the new model version «Mazda РХ7”. The instrument panel has been hidden under the canopy a rounded shape, due to which it is stylistically teamed up with the center console. Inside, there are numerous inserts under carbon. The cabin was divided in half by a Central tunnel. The front seats even as standard had excellent lumbar and lateral support. As for the back row, it can be called unless the symbolic.

The third generation of “Mazda РХ7” got upgraded 1.3-litre power units whose capacity was 252, 261 or 276 horsepower. Their characteristic feature was the presence of the innovation system sequential turbocharging. Thanks to her, during engine operation at low speed is enabled only one unit, and with a sharp press on the gas pedal aktiviziruyutsya and second. The engine is operated in combination with a manual transmission of five steps, or four ‘machine”.Mazda РХ7 characteristics

End of story

In 1999, the car stopped to be supplied to the European market. Its production and sales in Japan continued for several more years. Finish series had a marked Spirit R, and was produced within one year. Last copy rolled off the Assembly line in 2002. The following spring saw the official debut of the model “РХ8”.

Whatever it was, for 24 years, the production car is "Mazda РХ7” has won millions of fans all over the world. In the story he came as the only sports coupe on the planet, under the hood which is mounted a rotary piston motor.

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