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The Italian company, Industrial Vehicles Corporation has long been supplying to the European and Russian roads are their models of trucks under the brand name "Iveco" (IVECO – an abbreviation of the company name). She is one of the world leaders in the production of commercial vehicles. Their models differ in functionality and reliability, which combine perfectly with the price.

trucks "Iveco"

Main series

Trucks "Iveco", a photo of which can be viewed below, can be performed in different bodies, with different types of cabins, chassis and other elements. They are suitable for transportation in the city, and for long haul flights. In accordance with the needs, goals and financial capabilities, you can choose a suitable option. A variety of models allows to do this. The entire range of models divided into several lines, which will be discussed below.

Trucks line “daily”

Commercial vehicles in this series are suitable for use in the city. Their production started in 1978. And is still ongoing. During this time there were five generations of trucks. Unlike its competitors, all trucks “Iveko-deyli” have a frame structure. Because of this, they at smaller sizes have a greater carrying capacity. In addition, this kind of frame allows you to create on its basis the SUV with the wheel formula 4х4х.

Currently, the manufacturer offers three versions:

  • Box;
  • Suspension;
  • SUV with all-wheel drive.

Vans “Iveco daily’ are different the possibility of installing sliding doors on either side, even with two at once. The rear doors are hinged, can be opened at 270 degrees. This design facilitates the process of loading (unloading). Has three configurations, differing in size, weight and carrying capacity. Last, it should be noted, can range from 1310 to 7,000 pounds.

The height of the van may also change due to the air suspension. Installed front independent suspension with shock absorbers and springs. Another option – torsion bar front suspension. Rear suspension pneumatic or spring.

Trucks “Iveco daily’, performed as a van, can be equipped with power units (nine of them in all):

  • With a volume of 2.3 liters and capacity from 106 to 146 horsepower
  • Three-liter, power from 106 to 205 horsepower;
  • Three-liter gas-powered and an outstanding capacity of 136 horsepower.

They are fitted with six-speed transmission, manual or robotic.


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trucks Iveco daily

Chassis “Iveco-daily" also has nine options. Frame has high strength and smooth surface, allowing convenient to place add-ins, or various types of equipment. Often set:

  • Flatbed with awning or without it;
  • Refrigerators
  • Campers.

SUV “Iveko-deyli” has good permeability, giving the possibility to use it in various conditions. This contributes to high ground clearance.

Trucks “the Iveco-Trakker of”

The models of this series are installed on off-road chassis. Suitable for installation mixers, dump trailers, utility vehicles and so on. Different models properly chosen weight distribution on axes. Cars of this series can be used in harsh conditions.

Series “Eurocargo”

Cars of this series are medium variant. Their capacity is from one and a half to ten tons. The most popular from the manufacturer "Iveco" trucks 5 tons, which are typically used for work in the city or region.

Iveco trucks 5 tons

On the chassis of this series can be different, colors, cranes, garbage trucks, sweepers and so on. This greatly extends the field of application of these types of trucks.

Technical parameters - power units with capacity from 170 to 280 horsepower, transmission can also be selected from several options.


The models of this series belong to the class of tractors with a large capacity. Trucks “the Iveco-Stralis” designed for long-distance and international flights. They have a high degree of safety, efficiency and comfort. Power units installed capacity from 420 to 560 horsepower. It is complemented by a transmission with 12 or 16 speeds. Wheel formula is presented in three variants:4x2, 6x2, 6x4. The buyer can choose the suitable modifications.

trucks "Iveco" photo

This line of trucks is represented by three options:

  • AC for international flights. The cabin can be high or low. For recreation there are two berths.
  • At & ndash; long-haul flights, the cabin has one berth for the driver.
  • HELL – to transport goods in the city, the cabin is only suitable for the day's work.

As you can see, trucks "Iveco" presents a wide range of models. In conjunction with good performance and affordable price that makes them leaders in the field of commercial equipment.

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