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The article will be discussed about the car that received universal recognition from the people. We are talking about the car KAMAZ-53228, a photo of which is presented in the article. We will talk about the history of the car, and the factory produces it. Analyze all the technical specifications and their features. Tell you about the fuel consumption and end denote the value.

History car and automobile

KAMAZ 53228

Kama automobile plant (production Association «KAMAZ») was founded in the middle of the last century to produce reliable heavy-duty trucks. Release of the first car fell in February 1976. Up to the present time from the Assembly plants of the automobile appeared more than two million cars and nearly three million internal combustion engines. A third of trucks on the territory of the former USSR accounted for the cars of the Kama automobile plant. Among the production cars were (and still are such models), KAMAZ-53228, KAMAZ-4514, and many others. These machines are popular in more than eighty countries around the world.

Large chassis with all-wheel drive

KAMAZ-53228 has a large chassis with all-wheel drive and the wheel formula 6 x 6. The machine is equipped with a cabin a few production versions: with bed, without bed, high and low roof. Accordingly, the chassis, depending on equipment, can be used in different sectors of life, starting with the transportation of agricultural goods, ending the long-distance transportation across the country.


KAMAZ 53228 specifications

For KAMAZ-53228 specifications maximum variations are as follows: increased wheelbase 4,1 m, the length of the front overhang - feet, and the rear is 1.32 meters, regardless of configuration, the maximum length of 8.9 meters, the curb weight is of 8.28 tons. The chassis load capacity is the maximum rate of 16.07 tons with the full weight of 24.5 tons. The load distribution along the axes looks as follows: front axle - not exceeding 6 tons, rear - not more than 18.5 tonnes. The car is equipped with eight-cylinder diesel internal combustion engine with a displacement of about eleven liters and develop capacity to two hundred and forty horsepower. The maximum speed is up to eighty kilometers per hour.


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Fuel Consumption

Nowadays, it is almost the main characteristic of the machine in the conditions of constant growth of prices for fuels and lubricants. According to official statements of the automobile, the fuel consumption of the vehicle KAMAZ-53228 is in average 35 l/100 km In the summer is about 28 l/100 km When operating in winter - 30.8 l/100 km Consumption on the highway is 31 l/100 km, in mixed mode, up to 40 l/100 km.

The Cost of cars

KAMAZ 53228 photo

If you go to dealerships of the automobile, you will notice that the price of KAMAZ-53228, depending on configuration, ranges from three to five million rubles. Purchase vehicles that were already in operation, depending on the year of production, technical condition, equipment, the cost of this car model will be from three hundred and fifty thousand to three-four million rubles.

We would like to remind that KAMAZ-53228 is a really versatile truck, which, depending on equipment, can be useful both in manufacturing and in agriculture. As for conditions on the track and in off-road conditions.

Making the choice in favor of the KAMAZ vehicle, you will receive proven quality, reliability and, with proper handling, a faithful assistant in your production needs. Cars Kama automobile plant for decades is able to compete with foreign manufacturers of multi-ton equipment. Over time, the specialists adopt experience and the best technical solutions from their foreign colleagues, as well as implement our own design.

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