How to brew the differential? The principle of operation of the differential. Wile driving on a welded differential


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The structure of the car suggests the presence of multiple components and mechanisms. One of these is the rear axle. “field” 2121 also equipped with them. So, the master node of the rear axle – differential. What is this item and why is it needed? The principle of the differential, and how to brew it – further in our article.


The Main purpose of the item – the torque transmission and the distribution of forces from the propeller shaft between the axles. Thus, the rear differential is able to rotate the wheels at different angular speeds. It should be noted that this element is not only in rear wheel drive cars. On cars with front-wheel drive this item is located in the transmission. And on off-road vehicles with the wheel formula 4x4, it is located in the transfer case and both axles.

How it works?

There are three modes of operation of the differential. So, his work is focused on movement in the rotation, on the wet road and on a straight-line motion. In the latter case, the wheels of the car have equal resistance. Torque from the propeller shaft (or main gear) is transmitted to the differential case. With him spinning satellites. Last run around the gear axes, and thus transmit torque to the driven two wheels in equal proportions. And since the satellites do not rotate axes, gear axes rotate at the same angular velocity. The rotational speed equal to that available from the driven shaft of the main transmission. welding the differential

A slightly different principle of operation differential Assembly in the case of passing the car turns. So, in this situation, the wheels will rotate at different angular velocity. That is closer to the center of rotation, has a greater resistance than the outer disk. What happens in this case? The differential begins to transfer torque with different stress on the axle shaft. Thus, the frequency of rotations the outer gear increases, and internal – is reduced. The amount of rotations of both gears equal to twice the speed of the driven gear. welded differential


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Now consider the situation when the car is driven on a slippery road. So, on a certain area of one of the wheels starts to slip, encountering greater resistance. Differential gears rotate the second wheel with increasing speed. Surely you are not seen as the stalled car has stalled with just one wheel, when the second is stationary. This is the job of the differential. However, its function is not aimed at the deterioration of the off-road capabilities of the car. Thanks to this element of the machine is more stable cornering. In this case, the tires don't eat up the tread as the wheels rotate the same.

What do you brew it?

So, we got to the most popular question beginner street racing. Welded differential is doing to the machine were easier to skid on a turn. This phenomenon is called drift. Welded differential is often made in the old RWD cars.  rear axle Niva

This is Especially true of old domestic “classics” where there is no blocking. What is differential lock? This feature allows you to change the torque transmission to axle shafts. Thus, when the lock is enabled, the wheels rotate with the same angular velocity. The system acts directly on the rear axle. “Chevrolet Niva” is also equipped with a lock. But this system is quite expensive and significantly affects the value of the car. Therefore, not every machine available. What to do in this case? The only way out was to weld the differential. The procedure is quite simple, and it can be done with your own hands. The only thing you need – this is a good welder and a mask, in order to preserve vision when working with electrodes. the principle of the differential

After striking an electrical arc greatly affects the human eye. So don't forget to wear a mask.

How to brew? Remove the differential from the vehicle

So, go directly to work. To brew the differential, we need to get out. Therefore, first driving the car on a rack or a viewing hole (if there is a lift, it's even better). Next you need to remove the oil from the gearbox. Here is filled with the usual “transmissione”. But “practicing” pouring is not necessary. Once you got a welded differential, you need to fill new oil in the gearbox. Next, you need poddomkratit the rear of the car. Removed wheels and brake drums. Next, using the ratchet to Unscrew the axle shaft on both sides and drawn out (not necessarily completely – you can pull on 20-30 cm). Next, Unscrew the bolts around the circumference of the gear (usually eight) and shoot it out. With a piece of clean rags and gasoline treated gear mechanism. We need the best "sticking".

Welding Technology

So, we have naked the reducer with satellites. How to brew the differential with your hands? It's very simple. Welding machine “catch” the pinion gears inside of the differential housing, as well as among themselves.You can then apply a full bead. It looks as follows.what is the differential lock

To ensure That the quality of the weld (if using semi-automatic apparatus), abbate slag plaque with a hammer and chisel. If the seam is uneven, adjust the location of contact between the satellites again. Now you can collect everything back and put the reducer in its place. The car is fully roadworthy.

Tricks of driving on a welded differential

So, we made satellites, and the car became easier to break traction (since the wheels now rotate at the same angular velocity, regardless of the type of pavement). Is it safe to ride on the “leaves”? Despite the belief of some skeptics that this machine fully suitable for everyday use. However, you need to know some of the subtleties of driving. As the car became easier to break in the Bank, you need to know how to get out of it. As “leaves” are only rear wheel drive, when cornering (if it's not intentional drift), remove foot from accelerator pedal and move strictly "in gear". If it is winter, then switch to “neutral” is strictly prohibited. You risk to get into an emergency situation. It is also advisable to reduce speed before passing the turn. Well, if you deliberately want to enter into a skid, with the passage of the plot you need to increase the engine speed by pressing the foot on the accelerator, and sharply turn the steering wheel in the direction of rotation, and then – in the opposite direction.

rear differential

No "welding" of the machine trying to get out of the drift immediately, as it will slip only one wheel. Thus, the differential welded you can easily enter the controlled drift. To get out of it easy enough. Main – to calculate stress and have a good response.

About contraindications

Before brewing the differential, your car should be fully operational. First of all, it concerns the transmission. In fact it will be borne by all the force of torque. Welded reducer will significantly increase the load on the transmission shafts. As a result, it will quickly fail. Also pay attention to the quality of the weld. If the welding is done poorly, soon the seam will break and the inside of the reducer will be a bunch of metal fragments. tricks of driving on a welded differential

The Situation is not pleasant. Do not be lazy to shoot down the layer “slag” on the newly made seam. The better the job, the longer “leaves”. The particular resource it does not. If done correctly, the “leaves” will last forever. Faster fails the engine itself or rot the body from time to time.


So, we found that such a differential, how it works, and how to brew your own hands. As you can see, the procedure is quite easy. Main – to check the quality of the weld.

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