Transport: the volume and capacity of trucks


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In the field of modern cargo transport is one of the most affordable and convenient ways of cargo delivery. The term “rig” comes from the old German name of a large wagon for transporting all kinds of things. In the modern sense of – this is a covered cargo trailer, trailer or semi-trailer for transportation of shipments which are classified by size and capacity. The load capacity of the truck depends on several characteristics such as design, number of axles, dimensions.

lifting trucks

Trailers and semi-Trailers

The Trailer – non-self-propelled vehicle designed for transporting self-propelled vehicle (car-truck). Are divided into three classes: trailers, with number of axes from 1 to 6, semi-trailers without a front axle and the trailer-dissolution for long loads. Depending on the purpose, there are several types of trailers and semi-trailers: covered, open, flatbed, platform, reefer, dump, flatbed, etc.

In General the design of all the trailed vehicle consists of a frame with a body, suspension, brake systems and coupling devices. The attachment of the trailer to the towing device, the towing vehicle is carried out by means of a horizontal lever (the pole) of different shapes. Semi-trailers are transported by special vehicles equipped with the support-coupling towing arrangements (saddles). Hence the name of the vehicle – semi-trailer truck. When the trailer or semi-trailer connected to the car-truck, the entire structure is called a road train (a truck).

maximum load capacity trucks

Main types of trucks and trailers

Volume and load capacity of the truck depends on the type and purpose:

  • Semi-Trailer. The most common type. Suitable for transporting most types of cargo. Depending on the body structure to allow loading and unloading from the top, side and rear. Useful volume: from 60 to 92 m3. Capacity trucks - 20 tons, but depending on the truck, the frame construction and the number of axles can be 25 tons and above.
  • Refrigerator. Semi-trailer for transportation of perishable goods, which require temperature mode. Equipped with a system capable of maintaining a stable temperature in the range of +250C to -250C. In connection with the additional fuel consumption required for the operation of the refrigeration unit, the operation of the semitrailer-the refrigerator is more expensive by 10-25% in comparison with other types of trucks. Interior cargo volume from 60 to 92 m3. The load capacity of the truck-the refrigerator 12-22 t
  • Truck trailer (trailers) – a truck frame with one or more trailers. The useful volume of such a truck-coupling can be from 60 to 160 m3. The hitch is not suitable for transportation of long goods, the advantage is easy loading and unloading. Maximum load of wagon-hitching to 25 tons, but for the most common cubic coupling trains with a volume of 115 to 120 m3 this value is not greater than 18 t in view of design features.
  • Platforms for heavy and oversized cargo, construction and special machinery. Capacity trucks of 40 tons and above. Some types of platforms can withstand a weight of 200 tons.

loading capacity trucks 20 ton

Tilt trailer

Evrotent, cars – tilt trailers, the most practical kind of motor vehicles for the transport of goods. The main advantage of – the versatile design of the body. If necessary, may withdraw the awning frame, the side that allows loading/unloading from the top, the side with the help of cranes and special lifting mechanisms. In restartovani and with the removed frame can be used as an outdoor Playground. Board height 30-50 cm dimensions and shape of the cars is standardized for loading a pallet (pallet loaded) in two rows across the width. A useful volume, depending on the height of the frame, up to 92 m3. Moving eurotrucks, largely due to its versatility, the most popular service freight companies. Capacity trucks up to 25 tons.


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loading capacity truck 40 tons

Isotherms and refrigerators

Designed for the transportation of food, pharmaceutical products and other goods requiring the maintenance of certain temperature conditions, thermal insulation from the external environment. Isotherms and refrigerators can be semi-trailers, trailers and single-frame cars. The load capacity of the truck depends on the design of the trailer (semi-trailer), namely, its own weight and can reach 25 tons.

Insulated semi-trailers do not have their own refrigeration unit, but at the expense of thermal insulation capable of long time to maintain existing inside the cargo compartment temperature. Refrigerated trucks in addition to thermal insulation equipped with their own Autonomous cooling system. In fact, refrigerators – mobile refrigeration (freezing) chamber. Suitable for transport of deep frozen products.

the volume and capacity of the wagon

Truck capacity

Maximum lifting capacity of the truck greatcapacity is lower than standard cars, but much higher useful volume.

These include:

  • Train-the coupling capacity from 110 to 125 m3.
  • Train MEGA semi - trailer with a flat floor and the height (3,0-3,1 m).
  • Semi-Trailer big volume Jumbo. Capacity is increased at the expense of the l-shaped floor. Due to this, the entire distance of the cargo compartment after the supporting wheels of the trolley to be positioned below wheels of smaller diameter. Volume: 96-125 m3, load capacity up to 20 t.

Limitations on size and weight of trucks in the world

The largest allowable length and weight of trucks allowed in the countries of Northern Europe (the first was Finland and Sweden). The options are up to 60 MT curb weight (trailer + load) and up to 25.25 m in length, while the volume reaches 160 m3. In these countries operate trains, comprising a truck, a standard semi-trailer and 2-axle trailer.

The Maximum allowable curb weight of 6-axle road trains in the CIS is 38 tons, in the EU – 44 m. the Length of the semitrailer in the North American countries should not be more of 16.15 m, width – 2,6. Similar constraints on width are in Europe, but the allowable length of no more than 13.6 m.

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