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In recent years, among the domestic car enthusiasts are getting popular tyres “Next”. The South Korean brand offers high quality products at a very attractive cost. Let us consider some models of rubber, special features and reviews.

About the manufacturer

“Next” is the largest manufacturer of tires in Asia. The company itself was founded back in 1942, but the release of rubber was only established in 1956. Until 1972, the brand has supplied its products only to the domestic market. Setting a good export relationship with Europe, and teaming up with Japanese company OHTSU Tire & Rubber company has been recognized in the world market. The product range was expanded and included not only tires for trucks and cars, but also a variety of technical rubber products and industrial rubber.

Nexen tyres

Tire Manufacturer, “Next” the greatest popularity after collaboration with the Korean branch of the giant tire “Michelin" (1987). Currently, the products of South Korean brand Nexen Tire Corporation is sold in 140 countries. The company produces tires under the brands of “Next” and “Roadstown" (Roadstone).


In the Arsenal of the South Korean brand has vast experience, modern technology and a large staff of professionals who provide high-quality rubber, podhodyashiy for operation in different weather conditions and on any roads. Like most tire manufacturers, the company offers motorists winter and summer tires. The latter is represented as friction and studded models. The most popular include the following models Korean tire “Next" (Nexen):


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  • WinGuard WinSpike.
  • WinGuard Ice.
  • Winguard Sport.
  • WinGuard Ice SUV.
  • Nexen WinGuard.
  • Nexen Eurowin.

For warm winters and moderate climate suitable all-season tires: Nexen Classe Premiere 521, Nexen Roadian A/T Nexen NBlue, 4 Season, Nexen Classe Premiere 662, Nexen Roadian AT II.

next bus manufacturer

High quality grip with dry and wet road surface different tires. Their range are quite common. The greatest demand among drivers use such models as:

  • Nexen N ' Blue:.
  • Nexen Classe Premiere CP 661.
  • Nexen N ' Blue Eco, Nexen N7000.
  • Nexen Roadian H/P SUV.
  • Nexen N’Fera RU1.


The Developers of the Asian tire companies use computer modeling to create each model of tire. This allows the result to obtain the perfect product for all indicators. Manufacturer of tire “Next” also uses only natural rubber in combination with various additives and additives, Such a compound ensures excellent stability on the road surface and low rolling resistance.

Optimized tread found only in the latest models of rubber. He has advanced grooves that contribute to the rapid removal of moisture from the contact patch and prevent the vehicle trajectory even at high speeds.

Bus “Next” WinGuard

Reviews of the tires Nexen WinGuard you can hear a variety, but most of them are positive. The model received from the developers of the V-shaped pattern, which has become a kind of trademark of the brand.

summer tires Nexen

Tread turned directional and intermittent. This greatly improved the handling of the tires on snowy and icy road surface. In addition, a tire with a similar tread much better cleaned from adhering snow porridge. The wavy sipes increase traction and make the car more stable on the pavement. The increased stiffness of the shoulder zone have helped to improve the control accuracy when making a maneuver and cornering.

In the rubber composition is present in natural rubber and silica. The popularity of this “Sparrow” for passenger cars due to a set of good performance at a very affordable price. The minimum price rubber – 2700 rubles.

Reviews on tyres “Next” Wingard from drivers and experts say that this is a pretty good model of winter tyres, the quality of which can compete with more well-known brands. That's why they “shoes” the cars are not only budget, but also the middle class.

Nexen WinGuard Ice

Another popular model "Velcro" from Asian manufacturer – “Next” Wingard ice. Tires suitable for passenger vehicles, which are operated in the harsh winters. Despite the lack of ‘steel teeth" of the tire without difficulty pass on Packed snow and ice.

feedback about the tires Nexen the wingard

High throughput provided by special serrated slats and cutting edges, which densely cover the entire surface of the tyre and crash into the ice. The unique design of the slats provides fast self-cleaning of tires of snow and water in the contact patch. This, in turn, prevents aquaplaning and improves grip.

Non-studded Winter tyres “Next” Wingard ays have the sharp edges of the blocks, increasing the longitudinal and transverse grip. Excellent directional stability rubber got thanks to a strong Central rib. The symmetric blocks that are located in shoulder areas, have greater rigidity, which is good for taking corners at high speed.


“Fastener” have received many positive recommendations from motorists. In addition to the attractive cost, the tyre has excellent performance, ideal for winter driving. Drivers say that budget tyres without problems “row” on the snow drifts and “stick” to the icy road even on the rise.

Be wary to go on this model the friction of the rubber should be at zero temperature. Drivers note that at +5° tyre start “sail” and control the vehicle becomes more difficult, significantly increasing the stopping distance.

Value set “Sparrow” starts from 11,000 rubles (tire size 155/65 R13).

Nexen N ' Blue:

Summer tires ‘Next» N’Blue HD was first presented to the public in 2011. Asymmetrical tires were designed with an emphasis on handling, as evidenced by the letters HD in the title. For the manufacture of tires using a special ecological compound, which has managed to minimize the release of hazardous substances into the environment. Photo of Shin “Next» N’Blue HD is presented below.

Korean tires Nexen

Performance tires promise a phenomenal stability, excellent traction and handling regardless of road conditions. This is the main merit of the asymmetric tread pattern, which has received numerous beveled slats to increase the adhesion. The wide shoulder zone of the tire has improved the directional stability and maneuverability. Three wide Central ribs are responsible for stability and control at high speeds.

The Tire has pleasantly surprised experts in the testing process that earned one of the highest ratings for safety. But on dry pavement the tires the brakes are still a little worse than on a wet road surface.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The South Korean manufacturer has tried to create summer tires, which will meet the needs of any driver. The advantages of these tires include:

  • Low rolling resistance (saves fuel consumption);
  • Excellent traction properties;
  • Short braking distances;
  • Wear;
  • Low noise;
  • A unique rubber compound that includes silicon and polymer compounds;
  • Rapid withdrawal of moisture from the contact patch.

Nexen winguard tires reviews

Another important advantage-price. It is at this point I draw the attention of most drivers when choosing «Slippers». A set of budget tires in size 185/55 R14 will cost the car owner in 12000-13000 rubles.

Tire “Next” in this model, according to experts, have a moderate resistance to aquaplaning. During extreme maneuvers on wet pavement, the car is quite easy to go in the demolition. On dry pavement tires are not distinguished by the rapidity of the response to the command steering.

Nexen N’Fera RU1

Especially for SUVs, the manufacturer offers tires Nexen N’Fera RU1. Asymmetric tread pattern has four circumferential channel, which accelerate the cleaning of the contact patch of water and thereby improve handling and stability transpor...

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