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The Most famous printers are inkjet and laser devices. Earlier it was also used matrix types. Technology is not standing still. Today, a number of modern technologies that far exceed the familiar and familiar the device.

Such is termochemistry printer. What is this device, what advantages and disadvantages it has, should be considered in more detail. This will allow you to make the right decision on whether to buy this device.


Termochemistry printer (photo provided below) is a development of the last century. In 1986, a similar design was first used by Tektronix. New technology used in printing and publishing.

Device termocomenergo printer

Consumers this printer became available in 1991. He was released by the company, the Phaser III. The cost model was high. Afford the equipment could not every buyer. The price was about 10 thousand dollars. Therefore, to purchase such equipment started printing company. They used it to create proofs.

In the future, the technology improved. On sale there is relatively cheap termocamini printers. This technology was originally developed for color printing. It combines the advantages of inkjet and laser printing. Today, this technology has not yet received proper distribution. However, it is slowly gaining popularity, including in Russia.

Device and the

Device termocomenergo printer is quite simple. This reduces the chance of breakage. The design consists of a drum controller and a printhead. Laser varieties, in contrast, have many details. Breakage due to the complexity of the device happen more often. The simpler the design, the less the probability of failure of its elements.


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Termochemistry the printer and print technology

The Molten dyes are emitted in the form of drops, fall first on the hot metal drum. Only after that the special pigments fall onto the paper. After that, the paint hardens quickly.

This technology allows to achieve high speed printing. The image quality is high. It is close to the offset technique. Feature termocamini printer is easy paper. The carrier can be paper, cardboard, tape, envelope, etc. This distinguishes the device from laser and inkjet printers.


Technology and device termocomenergo printer require the use of special dyes. They are made in the form of small bars. Their composition is wax, essential oil, and special pigments. The bars can be 4 colors. Their combination allows to obtain any color.

Termocandelaria printers and waste-free production

Wax bars can be blue, yellow, purple or black. Moreover, their original colour is significantly different from the net received on the paper print. For example, the dark blue bar after melting system, and causing drops on the paper gives blue color. Purple tone on the paper you get when melting dark brown wax-like mass.

Bars for printers from different manufacturers differ in the shape. Therefore, they cannot be mixed up. In one color container you can put up to 4 bars. Add them at any time. Even in the printing process, you can add a printer in “ink”. It is important to monitor the seal bars. The head bar must be pressed to the ceramic plate, which melts it to a liquid state.

The Process of creating material for print

A number of unique features characterize the printing process termocomenergo printer. Waste-free production is called its scope. Plate wax-based melt and flow into the heated tank. It allows to keep ink liquid in the printhead.

Termochemistry printer, its technology, the device

In the process of ink the plate is activated by melting the bars. When the reservoir is filled, heating is terminated. In this case, the required temperature is maintained only in the tank head. It has 1236 holes which in a certain sequence vybrazhivaet ink. Nozzle while opening and closing.

With this technology it is possible to obtain a resolution of up to 2400 dpi. This provides a slight movement of the head in the horizontal plane. A second printer may throw up to 30 million drops of ink. It provides high printing speed.

The drum on which the dyes are heated less than the container head. At it before printing to apply a layer of oil based on silicone. Ink at lower temperatures are viscous. The drum is formed approximately 1/3 of the image sheet. The device then delivers the sheet towhich ink is transferred. Here the dye is completely freezes. The process is repeated.

Waste production

Technology presents print is called almost zero-waste. Termocamini printers have another node. It is called a tray. This is a mandatory node, all devices of a given type.

Print Technology can be called waste-free only if the printer prints continuously, continuously. Such a process is possible only in large printing houses. In most cases the waste is still there.

Termochemistry the printer and its technology

When the printer is turned off, heating stops. All the ink hardens. When the user wants again to resume the print process, the system will hold a special training device. For 15 minutes is the vacuum cleaning nozzle. Some ink is melted and drained into the waste tray. Here, the mass solidifies. You can just not turn off the printer from the outlet. In this condition, some ink will always be liquid. Otherwise, the material consumption can be significant.


Termochemistry printer, printing technology which is characterized by many advantages, is used today in various print shops. This direction is designed exclusively for color printing. In this case, this technology has many advantages over other types of printers.

Termocandelaria printers, production

Experts call the main advantage of termochemistry devices the simplicity of the design. This increases their reliability, quality image. The printer almost never breaks before the manufacturer installed period.

Also, such structures are easy to maintain. For printing you need a lot less colors. The ink sticks do not stain hands. Simply fill in the appropriate compartments. This task can handle even a child. Also with the printer comes set for maintenance. It should be changed periodically. This procedure also takes a little time.

Positive customer feedback

Print Technology termocamini printers were appreciated by specialists and consumers. They noted the high reliability and functionality of the device. Buyers argue that the print quality from such devices is very high. It does not change during operation of the device. This distinguishes termopechati models from laser, inkjet printers.

Termochemistry color printer

The Colors are bright and the print quality is comparable to the images that create the most expensive models of laser devices. Regardless of the type of paper paint does not spread. This expands the scope of the presented devices. The image is uniform, no streaks, and other defects.

The buyers Also point to the high print speed. Per minute the device produces up to 30 pages. These results can boast of only expensive models of laser printers.


Considering the reviews about termocamini printers that leave the experts, we can note a lot of positive statements. They note that print speed is not only high, but also the most properly developed. So, in laser printers, the printing speed is ensured by the presence in the circuit 2 sheets. Often there are problems with the jam pages. In termochemistry models next sheet is not fed into the tract until it is fully printed will be the previous page. The rate remains high.

Experts note the possibility of printing on different media. You can use both thin and thick paper, film, and other media that do not tolerate high temperatures. The paint is applied to the surface in a warm state. This temperature is unable to harm the polymer films.

In such devices, the material consumption is 90 % less than laser structures. This has a positive effect on the environment and the economic performance of your printer usage.

Disadvantages termocamini devices

Termochemistry color printer has some disadvantages. Technology does not allow will often disable the device. The ink must be maintained in a liquid state. Otherwise prepare to print takes a lot of time. It is therefore recommended to always leave the printer plugged in. In this case, the heat will spend a certain amount of electricity. This increases of your account for the payment of utilities.

Also I should say that after the printer receives the print job, it takes another 4-5 minutes to carry out the procedures. In some cases such a feature is unacceptable.

Negative customer reviews

Termochemistry color printer, according to reviews of experts and customers, has several disadvantages. The main of them is the appearance of images. Ink do not mix, do not spread directly on the paper. In the head with a small number of nozzles. Especially in the light areas, you notice pixel structureimages.

This feature does not allow to use the printer to print photos. Therefore, a qualitative result can be observed only when printing fonts, graphics. Also the fill image should be solid. Fine line drawing should not contain.


The Disadvantage of termochemistry printers, according to experts, is not sufficiently high strength of the image. The paint layer is easily damaged by mechanical action. It can literally damage the nail. So important documents can be laminated. However, when heated in the car, covering the sheet with a film layer, the thin lines are a bit blurred.

In fact, such device can provide high image quality in a narrow range of conditions. Therefore, its scope is limited. The device is used for a narrow range of operations on a large scale production in a printing house.


Production termocamini printers do different, world-class company. This technique is not intended for home use. Many companies prefer not to buy but to lease the devices. They should be used when mass printing, which is carried out on a daily basis.

The cheapest termopechati model, which is now available on the market is the Xerox Phaser 8560. The cost of the printer is around 35 thousand. the purchase of solid ink pack has a price of about 3 thousand. It will be enough for printing thousands of sheets.

Print Speed presented model is 30 pages per minute. It doesn't matter what type of image creates the device.

Having Considered the features of termochemistry printers, it is possible to draw a conclusion on expediency of purchase. These devices are used for a narrow range of operations that are performed in large scale production. For home use these printers are not suitable.

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